Life For 84 Sikh Genocide Convict But Been On Bail For 3 Months

NEW DELHI, India—A retired officer of Indian navy Captain Bhagmal, who was delivered a life sentence in a case pertaining to the murder of five members of a family during 1984 Sikh genocide, was reportedly granted bail by the Delhi High Court on medical grounds. Captain Bhagmal has been granted bail until July 4 to undergo surgery despite the fact that he has already been out since March 24.

A Vacation Bench of Justice Manmohan and Justice Yogesh Khanna granted him relief until July 4, instead of three months sought by the convict, so that the bench hearing the riots cases could make a final decision on his plea.

Sikh24 has learnt that the retired Indian navy officer Captain Bhagmal has been asked to not to get in touch with any witness or the legal heirs of the deceased. Captain Bhagmal has been also directed to not to leave the national capital territory of Delhi without its permission.

Captain Bhagmal, former Congress councilor Balwan Khokhar, and Girdhari Lal were sentenced to life in a case pertaining to the murder of five members of a family in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantonment on November 1, 1984. In May 2013, they had challenged their conviction and the sentence awarded by the trial court.



  1. Sikh have never Killed any one in 1980-90 in PUNJAB.
    It must be some SUPARI KILLERS hired by the EMPIRES Friends in India to LABEL the SIKHS as


    to Justify the Genocide -84 and Extra Judicial Killings of SIKHS.
    Our Leaders of that time were simple minded and did not understand the WORLD POLITICS.
    They were used as pawns to transform a PEACEFUL and PROSPEROUS PUNJAB into CHAOS and CIVIL WAR like situation.
    BEWARE OF EMPIRES MEN who live among us.
    They will again try to BURN PUNJAB on ground of
    1) Fanaticsm
    2) Fascism
    3) Fascism
    4) Casteism
    5) Hyper Nationalism
    6) Imperialism.

  2. What type of judicial system is this, this person killed 5 innocent members of a family without any reason, after 33 years convicted and again on bail. No justice. Some Hindus are heartless. The people who killed hindus in panjab were members of third agency of Indira and police cats not the innocent Sikhs whom the police killed for money and ranks and labeled them terrorist. All the terror was created by Gov. and police not the Sikhs.

  3. There should be trial on khali jihadis , dal Khalsa who has killed so many Hindus in Punjab . Taking them out of buses and shooting , looting their property , taking their lands and make them live a life of refugee in their own land

    • you really need to read your own history. these attacks were staged by your Hindu caste overlords. This was all designed to malign the Sikhs. And you fell for it….not too clever are you? Then again, you’re a lower caste to them, so you are keeping the status quo and not questioning them.. Jai Hind!! As long as there are people like you who perpetuate the caste system, your government will persist


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