Apple Video Uses Sikh Rapper To Welcome in Canada’s 150th Year

CANADA—Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday anniversary, technology giant Apple took to the front page of YouTube with a Sikh personality as the centerpiece and using his voice over for the clip.

Humble the Poet aka Kanwer Singh from Toronto is a known Sikh rapper and YouTube channel presenter and is the selected face for Apple’s tribute video for Canada.

Shot on iPhone — A Portrait of Canada — Apple
Watch this video on YouTube.

Sikhs are widely accepted and applauded in Canada. Their representation in population, politics and in business combined is second to no other country in the world – including India. Hence the choice made by Apple to feature a turbaned and bearded Singh as their face and mouthpiece is fine nod at this acceptance of Sikh appearance and contribution.

Happy 150th Canada!



  1. HMV of RSS is jealous, God is always with truth not shaitan, Sikhs are progressing in every field of life with the blessings of God.


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