Jagmeet Singh Leadership Run Continues To Gain Momentum


MISSISSAUGA, Canada—With tremendous momentum and energy during his travels across the country, Jagmeet Singh will be returning home for dinner and entertainment with supporters in Mississauga, Ontario, this evening. Jagmeet Singh has drawn large crowds across Canada generating a great deal of excitement.

“Mississauga is home, it’s where we started this historic journey as a community,” said Singh.

“In every corner of Canada, I’ve been proud to share our story with Canadians and now, we have an opportunity to write another chapter in Canadian history.”

His recent Tweet thread has turned a lot of heads as he shared some personal truths that resonated with a lot of Canadians.

An Evening with Jagmeet Singh fundraising dinner will be on Thursday, June 29, 2017 at Verdi Convention Centre, 3550 Derry Rd. E, Mississauga, Ontario, L4T 3V7.   

Doors will open at 6:00pm.

Tickets for Jagmeet Singh’s Fundraising dinner are available online. His campaign office can be reached by phone at 905-399-0272.



  1. jagmeet is dating a girl who is 14 years younger then him… her name is gina sidhu and she is on instagram, she posts pictures all day and she drinks and goes clubbing and jagmeet is a baptized sikh… a very unusucal couple and she does not seem to be smart

  2. We wish best of luck to S. Jagmeet Singh in his endeavours. Keep up the good work. As for Sharma’s of this world just ignore them.

  3. Mr harish sharma.
    u said that khalistani rape women in Golden temple in your post. This is your govt propaganda,
    If you a time go and read the book of general brar the commander of indian govt at blue star operation in which he state that the “women raped by sikh in golden temple” was rumor by indian govt. so that soldier can be prepared for attack at golden temple to free women. There was nothing going on inside like this.

    I hope you belive your Indian commander who was on duty during operation blue star in Golden temple.

  4. I have seen so many times Sikhs are praising themselves . Most of Sikhs are self praising people . I hardy see any other community praise them , but always say we did this , we did that

  5. only hindus satisfy lust, greed etc in place of worship…Sikhs would not be the lions we are if we have any 5 evils…Sant Ji and His Lion Sikh supporters SAVED HONOR OF HIND WOMEN FROM DOWRY GREEDY, DAUGHTER IN LAW TORTURING HINDS

  6. KHALISTAN IS SIMPLY KHALSA (PURE SOULS)…LISTAN IS ALMOST LISTEN!! and remember, you ungrateful harish sharma, descendent of greedy deceiving gangu, have you forgotten sacrifise of Guru Teg Bahadur for your brahmin hinds?! To accuse us Sikhs of being jihadists, so as to defame nobility and bravery of Sikhs, with bloodshedding muslims, WHEN WE DO NOT KILL INNOCENT, DO NOT KILL NO ONE, WE ARE NOT MUSLIM OR ISLAM…OR GREEDY LIKE HIND GANGUS!

  7. Extremism is asis (as is when put as one word) harish sharma aka (also known as) extremists rss hind; manipulating and envious of not only Sikhs but all who do not support hinduism world dictatorship.

  8. What about finding of dead bodies of young girls find in golden temple in operation blue star . Which khali jihadis used to rape

  9. When RSS kills Sikhs and Dalits . We are trying to all the Hindus to join against jihadis khalistanis . We love Dalits , but India is country of Hindus and will remain Hindus . I am seeing another operation blue star in nearby future . This time we will not resist

    • You love Dalits don’t make me laugh. you’ve kept them as slaves starved millions raped their women throughout your evil cast system history. India is not country for Hindus AND it will never remain as such, as much as you want to wish.

      RSS is pure evil and needs to be wiped out quickly – How many Muslims have you killed over a cow recently.

  10. World loves the philosophy of Sikhism, Sikhs believe in one God & believe all the human beings are brothers & sisters. We always stand with truth, justice & equality. World knows which one is number one terrorist group in India, RSS who killed & still killing Muslims, dalits, Christians & joined hands with congress to kill Sikhs in Delhi & other parts of India.
    God is with sikhs & they are progressing in every field & some people just feel jealous & give negative comments.

  11. Harish we haven’t done anything to Canada. The Sikhs love Canada as a country due to all the rights they are given. First get rid of Al Qaeda and Isis before you take about Khalistanis

  12. Khalistanis are biggest threat to world peace . World should join hands to eliminate this evil force from the face of the earth

  13. Sikh’s are loved not only in Canada but in the UK and anywhere else they have moved you to – do you understand this ‘Harish’ We will not disappear we have stronger now than ever before. We have new friends, We are fighters for the truth.
    India is corrupted by your rss lies…

  14. Harish you thought we would disappear after the GENOCIDE -84 .
    But GOD has his ways and he got Sikhs to a beautiful land called CANADA where they are loved .

  15. Canada is becoming another country who is nurturing khalistanis jihadists in their country . God give some wisdom to Canadian people

  16. harish,
    God save the world from forever envious of Sikhs troublemaking liars like you.
    The world need to beware of rss demons like you!

  17. Mr. Harish Sharma I don’t know why you act like a racist or may be you jealous.
    you don’t need to decide he is extremist or not for Canada.
    Let their government , law and security department decided who he is?
    you just sit down and read news like a decent guy.
    I don’t know why illiterate people comment when they don’t know how to react.

    • Jealousy of Harish .
      After the GENOCIDE -84 and extra Judicial Killings of Sikhs
      Harish thought that Sikhs would disappear from the face of EARTH.
      Sikhs how ever found that they also have friends out side India .


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