Solar Energy at Harmandar Sahib To Steam Cook Langar

Photo: Kay Maeritz

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—In an attempt to control air pollution in Sri Harmandar Sahib complex, the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) has approached the SGPC suggesting that it resort to the use of solar energy. As per information available from reliable sources, a Mumbai-based private firm ‘Enpar Group’ has already expressed a wish to donate their solar energy system, worth Rs. 15 million (250k USD) .

Primary reports reveal that the solar panel system will be installed in the newly constructed portion of the world’s largest community kitchen.

Director of the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) S. Balour Singh said that the steam that the system will generate will be used for preparing food. He was accompanied by the other two members of the team included SGPC additional secretary, Sukhdev Singh Bhoora Kohna and Golden Temple manager Sulakhan Singh.

Former PEDA chairman and SGPC member Bhai Manjit Singh said that with the new system, the consumption of wood and LPG will decrease, thereby reducing air pollution in the area. 

The SGPC has already introduced a system at Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj in Amritsar where food is prepared with the use of steam, but it is not generated by solar energy.

In the Sri Harmandar Sahib’s community kitchen, an average of 100,000 devotees take langar in the community kitchen daily. The number becomes almost double on Gurpurb occasions like Diwali. On average, 100 quintal wheat flour, 25 quintal cereals, 10 quintal rice, 5000 Ltr milk, 10 quintal sugar, 5 quintal pure ghee, are used in just one day. Nearly 100 LPG cylinders are used to prepare the meals. Hundreds of employees and devotees render their services to the kitchen.


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