SGPC Threatens Punjab Govt on Bhai Roopa Incident

ROPAR, Punjab—The SGPC has issued a warning to the Congress led Punjab government to take strict action against the Congress leaders who have illegally acquired land of historical Gurdwara Bhai Roopa. The SGPC has made it clear that if the Punjab government doesn’t take action then the SGPC will be forced to take action at its own.

In an executive meet at Gurdwara Bhatha Sahib in Ropar, the SGPC also resolved to take actions against removal of Punjabi from syllabus by Jammu & Kashmir government.

Interacting with media, SGPC president Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar said that the SGPC had raked up the issue of illegal possession of land by Congress leaders in village Bhai Roopa with the Governor of Punjab, Chief Minister of Punjab and Director General of Police. He added that until date, no action has been taken by the Punjab government in this matter.

Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar informed that the Supreme Court of India had given its verdict in favor of SGPC in this land dispute but Congress leaders have illegally taken over this land, acting as hooligans of Punjab.



  1. SGPC needs to focus on

    1) Education : Increase the number of Schools ,Colleges ,Universities ,Medical schools ,Law Colleges ,Engineering Colleges ,MBA schools
    2) Financial status : Open Banks , Open Cities and Metropolises
    3) Job Creation : By setting up Industries
    4) Space Exploration : Building Telescopes , Space Stations and Space Ships

    It should charter a GROWTH CHART for it self.

  2. Be careful of Congress party .
    It is an EMPIRES Party given the task of administering India on its behalf.
    It is capable of doing all things like it did before by falsely labeling us as


    It will provoke us by using PAID GROUPS to do

    1) Killings of innocent Sikhs
    2) Desecration of our Guru Granth Sahib
    3) Defiling our Golden Temples and other Gurudwaras

    When we get angry and Violent it will put and label on us of Khalistanis and Terrorists.
    It will then carry out Blue Stars -2 and Genocides-4


  3. Congress gift to Punjab from 1947

    1) 1947 :– Division of Punjab between India and Pakistan
    2) 1966 : Trifurcation of Punjab
    3) 1975 :– Emergency
    4) Denial of state Capital
    5) 1982 :– SYL canal inauguration
    6) 1984 :– Blue star, Genocide :84 and extra judicial killings during Sikh insurgency.

    The story is not over yet.

  4. The undeclared aim of congress, BJP & RSS, the fight between good & bad, between equality & jaat- paat, between justice & injustices since the creation of Sikh religion by Guru Sahib with the grace of God.


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