SGPC Expresses Concern Over Punjabi Language Neglect By Secondary Schools

Photo by: Aimee Katz

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—The president the SGPC Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar has expressed concern over the step-motherly treatment being shown by CBSE affiliated schools in Punjab, towards the mother tongue of Punjabi. He has said that the CBSE affiliated schools were delivering an injustice to the upcoming generations of Punjab by keeping them apart from their mother tongue Punjabi.

In a press note shared with Sikh24, Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar has said that he has taken up the matter with CM Captain Amarinder Singh. He added that he has written a letter to the Chief Minister’s principal secretary, Suresh Kumar, seeking adequate arrangements to ensure use of Punjabi for verbal communication in state-wide CBSE schools.

He added that it was very unfortunate that the CBSE affiliated schools were leaning more towards Hindi or English by ignoring Punjabi. He added that it was the duty of Punjab government to ensure imposition of the Punjabi language in all classes of school.

In a majority of CBSE affiliated schools in Punjab, students and teachers are forced to communicate in Hindi or English. In addition to this, the CBSE affiliated schools don’t provide a Punjabi language subject in senior years.



  1. SGPC needs to set up Schools ,Colleges and Universities in PARALLEL UNIVERSES for the Survival of PUNJABI Language.

  2. It is better late than never.SGPC should start by cleaning its own house. In Khalsa schools punjabi is not the first language. Have you heard the so called leaders of punjab speaking at public forums . Do you know which language they speak? I give credit to all the leaders of the south they will not be caught speaking hindi when talking to masses. If Punjab is a punjabi speaking state then why the chief minister doesn’t do all the business in Punjabi.The level of ignorance is so high in punjab that they have forgotten punjabi is one of the national languages of the country and hindi is just another language and not national language.

  3. Link Punjabi language to

    1) Science and Technology
    2) Jobs
    3) Share market
    4) Internet and social media
    5) Legal work
    6) Entertainment
    7) Punjabi PRIDE
    8) Translation of all world knowledge to Punjabi

    and see the language flower.


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