178th Anniversary of the Sher-e-Punjab

FEROZEPUR, Punjab—In spite being refused clearance from the Indian government, the DSGMC and the Bhai Mardana Memorial Committee (Ferozepur) is going to send a jatha (party) of Sikh pilgrims to mark 178th death anniversary of Sher-e-Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, in Lahore (Pakistan).  A Sikh jatha of about 300 devotees will depart for Dehra Sahib (Lahore, Pakistan) tomorrow via Attari railway station.

The Indian government refused clearance for the pilgrimage citing security reasons. However, the Delhi based Pakistan High Commission had granted visas for the pilgrimage whilst ensuring robust security arrangements for the jatha. However, the Indian government had told the permission seeking authorities (SGPC) that the organizers were free to send pilgrims at their own risk.

President of Bhai Mardana Memorial Committee S. Harpal Singh Bhullar said that the jatha will depart for Pakistan on June 28 from the Attari railway station. He shared that the Pakistan railway will send a special train to commute the Sikh jatha to it’s destination in Dehra Sahib.  

The Samadhi (memorial) of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, situated in Lahore, marks the place where his mortal remains were cremated. The central hall has a marble monument that once had carved marble knobs commemorating the Maharaja’s funeral pyre. These knobs were recently removed and are now locked in a storeroom.



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  3. This Sharma is totally ignorant about sikh history, he just talks about imaginary things which are far away from reality. Everyone knows Guru Sahib went to south with Bahadur shah because he requested for help.
    We write about what is written in Ramayana, if these people don’t want to know about truth or God, it’s OK.

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  6. I don’t want to discuss nothing to any non Hindus about our God . It is feelings about God . Not need to explain to you adharamis like you about our God . You people don’t understand our feelings . We did not believe in Sikhism . Your Granth sahib is copy paste from Hindu granths

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  7. Nobody could dare to insult women in Maharaja Ranjit Singh ‘s raj, the woman may be from any religion even the women from enemy side.

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  10. It is good for the members of the sikh community to go to Pakistan and visit all our historic places.Safety is not the issue As far these two H’s are concerned we should just ignore them.

    • Ordinary king what are you talking about he kept the British at bay till his death.
      Considering you state that your a Punjabi, you don’t know much about your history.

  11. Harish you have no knowledge or are you pretending to ignore the only Maharajah Ranjit that ruled for 50 years in Punjab, Kashmir, Afghanistan and the beyond. In his raaj all from different races, religions were treated equally showing true Sikh beliefs. Of course like Harpdeep says those who worship animals and stones what they know about history…….

    • he’s deliberately causing trouble on this site…along with the ever-changing face of ‘Harinder’.

      I find it enjoyable engaging with him – he’s learning a lot about Sikhi and ithiaas on this site.

  12. Those who worship methology, can’t learn history. Maharaja Ranjit Singh who gave a secular raj. Who built a strong wall of sikh raj to stop the Muslim invaders forever. If the gadaars were not there, British could never rule panjab.

  13. @harish Sharma he was the Maha Raja of Punjab, looks like you don’t know your history on Punjab yet on the other post you’re so quick to belittle Sikhs. Lol you’re just another brainwashed hindu.

    • ha ha… funny guy. Hindus DON’T want to know about him.

      He was the last ‘indian ruler’ to be conquered by the British. They could not defeat him in open battle, so resorted to underhand, treacherous methods. The Hindu rulers all rolled over and were easily conquered.

    • Who had won j&k and then gifted to dogras ,dogras annexed j&k with india.do you know who is babar akbar aurangzeb
      .what were they doing ?why guru Gobind singh come in the world?if you do not know these things its not your fault,it is the fault of indian education ministers.who was the kashmiri pandit?who martyred himself for the kashmifi pandit?


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