Over £4,000 of Drinks Served Free by Sikhs in Nottingham UK

Over £4,000 worth of drinks were given out for free by the Sikh community

The free beverages were handed out at St Peter’s Square in Listergate and thirsty shoppers were more than happy to take a drink and find out more about why they received them.

The charitable gesture has been carried out by the Sikh Community and Youth Service in Nottingham for more than 10 years, as part of a tradition to remember a tortured Guru.

Volunteer Gurjeet Singh, 28, of Bestwood Village said: “This happens in India every year too. All the Sikhs around the world do this on the same day.

“We want to promote positivity, especially after what has been going on recently. People want to find out why we are giving drinks away for free and we are more than happy to tell them about the history and tradition behind it.

“The trying on of the turban has been very popular this year as well.”

In June each year Sikhs across the world hand out cold drinks in remembrance of how the fifth Guru Arjan Dev Ji gave his life standing up for freedom of religion.

In 1606, he refused to convert to Islam and was tortured with hot sand and made to sit on a red hot plate.

Krystal Tooker, 23, from Kingston-on-Soar thought the event was a good idea.

She said: “I think it is a lovely thing to do. People don’t get taught about the minority groups that much and it is important that people realise that British history isn’t just white and Christian, it is full of a lot of other areas too.”



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