Sikh Community Protests Outside Indian PM Modi’s Business Event in USA

“DON’T INVEST IN MODI” chants and placards as business event takes places in Virginia USA

WASHINGTON DC, USA—While the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a select gathering at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner earlier today, hundreds of Sikh rights activists were present displaying placards reading “Don’t Invest in India”, outside the hotel.  The rally focused on the atrocities of the Modi administration, whose practices have killed Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and other minorities living in India.

“Since religious freedom functions at the core of American values, we have asked the members of the Congress to stand against the persecution of Sikhs under Modi regime,” said attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor to SFJ. “Sikhs in India are targeted for campaigning to restore their separate religious identity and their inalienable rights to self-determination.”

Further awareness rallies will take place, particularly today, when Modi meets POTUS Trump at a summit at the White House.
Last week, SFJ representatives met with dozens of U.S. Congressmen, Senators and their staffs in an effort to urge the establishment of a Congressional delegation visit to Punjab to assess, report and apprise the U.S. Congress of the recent spate of human rights violations against the Sikh community.  In support of efforts to establish such a delegation, SFJ issued a full memorandum to every member of Congress.



  1. I can’t blame you, there is increased number of lynching in Modi govt but its not that only minorities are affected, there is increased numbers of lynching by crowd of Hindus also.
    And the way to stop or decrease it by giving employment, as now 7% population is unemployed and way to do that is increasing investment in India and generating jobs. And protesters of Usa are doing just opposite of what they are demanding.

  2. Hindus must love sikhs , so much that they love interfering in sikh affairs. Hey just maybe every time a hindu looks into the mirror, a hindu sees himself as a coward rat wearing diapers and are totally jealous of how far the sikhs have gone .
    we now have a sikh defence minister in canada and sikhs are now getting into politics all over in the west countries, while hindu sit and watch bollywood or cricket matchs. in india with shit hole toilets. Damn hindus still are working on building Hindu toilets and we are living in a tech world lol ha ha.
    Hey hindu diapers work on your courage , sikhs are not your body guards. In time khalistian will magically appear wither u hindu diapers or sikh hindu boot lickers like it or not.

    Times are changing and the young sikh men / women are more stronger in leadership more motivated and more articulate . Thats just my opinion .

  3. In India the rule is of different parties, not the constitution. The so called elected leaders think they are kings or rulers & don’t care about the people who elected them.

  4. We know how the world politics & Indian politics works, but we are fighting how it should work. The political leaders work for their selfish interests & greed, we are fighting that they should work for humanity, justice & equality. This greed, lust for power, & selfishness is killing & will kill more people than any atomic bombs.

  5. Harinder! Don’t try to create any fear in the mind of a sikh. Indian government had killed thousands of my brothers & sisters, life of Hardeep Singh doesn’t matter. We will fight for justice & freedom for everyone without thinking about their religion, race or color.

  6. Our Guru Sahib stood with Hindus when the Muslim king was killing them, now the Sikhs stand with Muslims when they are being killed with the direction of Hindu leaders. We love all human beings, without thinking about their religion or color, we stand with justice & equality.

  7. And India are clearly not the aggressors right???? of course they aren’t! India are whiter than white…well at least that’s what they want to be…..they felt ashamed the white man left them…so they rush after him, saying ‘look we bleach our skin and wear suits like you’….’please, please accept us’

    • That even Pakistan goes to US requesting them for money and arm’s.
      US is after all the EMPIRE of the world.
      All Nations in world listen to its DIKATS.

  8. Muslims of Pakistan broke of from the Indian ancestry in 1947.
    They have already attacked there ancestrol land 4 times in 1947 ,1965 ,1971 ,Kargil and regularly Terrorists are pushed into India.

  9. Muslims has made their separate country . So they should be thankful to us that we still let them live in our country .

    • Tell me ….because you still haven’t answered me…..where does all the religious hate come from?
      Does Hinduism teach you this? perhaps your caste? maybe your country?

    • Hindus made a seperate country. Hindus should be thankful Sikhs let them live in our country. Hindus are and always be a slave nation, and now, of slaves and beggars ruling the country under the guise of “democracy”

  10. Be careful of EMPIRES party The Congress
    They will hurt you if you mess with them like they did in 1980-90 by Genocide -84 or Blue star.
    You will be evicted from remaining Punjab also if you don’t behave your self.

  11. Hardeep Singh I could not have put it better myself and all those who will read this know underneath that this is the truth but they will quite easily sweep it under the carpet!

  12. “RSS, India ‘s top. terror group” Mumbai police officer, & Modi is one of them, who became PM on the dead bodies of thousands of Muslims, that was the message to whole world. India should learn to live like a civilized country. Just to please the majority community & getting their votes is the only motto by killing Sikhs by congress & Muslims by RSS,BJP.

    • Hardeep you don’t understand world politics.
      I suggest you see world news to understand the
      The whole planet is ruled by EMPIRE and no where does RSS fit in the whole picture except in India.
      In India also the Congress the EMPIRES party keeps RSS under Check.
      You need to get out of your shell and see the bigger picture beyond what our ancestors saw and experienced.
      There is no RSS in USA , UK or Europe ,Africa or Australia.

      • RSS is so weak in India that it can’t even build a RAM Temple in last 70 years of independence.
        It has to go to courts which are also not obliging them.

      • What does new world order have to do with human rights? You just want to bend over and take whatever the nwo gives you? Do you have any sense of manhood?

      • Alive people have manhood.
        Killed people are Ghosts or are put on wall with garlands.
        No Glory in DEATH.

  13. Live happily where ever you live Pannu.
    Imagine Punjab being turned into Syria or Iraq and you its residents.
    Chemical bombs,Aerial bombardments ,Drones ,Car bombs,IED will be part of your life.

    • Oogldy boogldy boo. The monster’s gona get you!!! Run for you lives. Save yourseves. Dont worry about your parents kids and family. They are already dead. Save yourself. Hide under the bed. Hide in the basement. Dont speak any truth and dont you dare ask for basic human rights.

      – composed by harinder

      • The intention of EMPIRE is not good for us .
        It has already destroyed so much of our homeland over last 150 years

        The Sikh kingdom of Ranjit Singh has gradually decayed over TIME hastened by the EMPIRE

        1) 1845: –Anglo–Sikh war and king is deposed by British Empire.
        2) 1919 :– Jallianwala Bagh massacre by British Empire
        3) 1947 :– Punjab bifurcated and divided between two new Nations called Pakistan and India .
        4) 1966 :– Punjab again divided into Haryana ,Himachal and Chandigarh by Congress
        5) 1982 :– SYL canal is started to rob Punjab of its water by Congress.
        6) 1984 :– Punjab heaped with Blue Star and a Genocide by the Congress.
        7) 2000-2017 :- The remaining Punjab is now flooded with Drugs ,Debts .

        The story is not over as yet.

  14. We need to understand SFJ that the Sikh kingdom in Punjab was Dismantled by the Empire in in Anglo–Sikh wars of 1845 and 1848.
    Even if you set up an Nation it will be again dismantled or turned into a vassal state.
    Creation and destruction of NATIONS are favourite past times of EMPIRES in pursuit of IMPERIALISM.
    So just forget about a Nation it will be destroyed in no Time and you will be a sitting Duck.

    • ha ha haaaaaa. Desperate aren’t you Harish? What is they are real? Oh no, what if Modi is what they say he is? Never mind, you’re probably a lower caste than him and you’ll just accept whatever he does is right.


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