Canada To Honour Late Sikh MP By Opening Park In His Name

“Nice to Manmeet you” – a slogan of Manmeet Singh’s

CALGARY, Canada—Honoring the memory of Manmeet Singh Bhullar, it was announced yesterday that a park is to be constructed and named Manmeet Singh Bhullar Park in the memory of the Sikh MP who was killed in a tragic accident whilst helping out a stranded motorist during the winter months of 2015.

There is already a school named in his memory due to the positive, progressive and outreaching demeanor that Manmeet Singh was widely known to have.

Manmeet Singh was a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. At 28 years of age, he became the youngest member elected to Alberta’s 27th legislature, in 2008. He was also the youngest politician to serve as a parliamentary assistant or secretary in Canada at the time. He later became a Cabinet Minister in 2011.

A strong advocate for fairness in business and social justice, Manmeet was recognized for his contributions to the community and it’s due to his campaign for green, that the park’s go ahead was granted in the first place.

Sheila Taylor, the Parks Foundation Calgary foundation executive director  said, “It was with Manmeet’s support that the project really took hold. In fact, without his direct support, the Greenway project would not be where it is today.”

The park should be ready for members of the public to enjoy by late 2018.



  1. Will have to put a request to Canada to highlight low level rats like you as well and displays it to the world – that would suit you more.

  2. Dream on Sharma – you cannot stand anyone else’s success can you – and what a shame you cannot stop Canada or indeed any other country for recognising Sikhs just because RSS are too damn thick to recognise the goods of other humans…….
    Great Man recognised by great people – his memory will always touch us all!

  3. Sharma Ji needs to know that inspite of India’s best efforts even 1/3rd of Sri Lanka could not be split to form Tamil Eelam. India could not even bring down Sri Lanka. All these are lines drawn by British and policed by UNO. No body including India has the power to redraw these lines. If British and US decide these lines will get redrawn otherwise Sharma Ji and his masters should remain with the boundaries set by western world.

  4. Not only India , but nowadays Pakistan , Nepal , Bangladesh , srilanka , Bhutan , Indonesia , Afghanistan will be part of India . Akhand Bharat is our goal

    • Akhand Bharat?? You seem be high on something, or may be
      you have been watching too many Bajrangbali movies, lately. wake up.

  5. It is great to see the services of a bright young man recognised whose life was cut short by a tragic accident. To Harish Sharma’s of this world nothing you say is going to hurt people who believe in truth and human rights.

    • Seriously sikh24 why do you allow this troll who works for the Indian government to be making such derogatory comments against an amazing man who passed away while trying to help someone?? I suggest you guys start monitoring the comments section


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