Canada’s 150th Birthday With Sikh Turban Tying

File Photo of Turban tying in Toronto – Image: Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star

CALGARY, Canada—Canada Day will see the World Sikh Organization hosting a turban tying stall on the first day of Calgary’s celebrations for Canada’s 150th birthday.

July 1st will see a whole host of events kicking off across the length and breadth of Canada as the extra long holiday weekend is filled with a variety of functions marking the mid-centenary celebration.

In Calgary, as with other districts, Sikhs will be playing an active part in representing the community’s well wishes towards remembering the founding of Canada.

Sikh volunteers along with the WSO will be running the turban tying event with cloths of typical Canadian colors of red and white cloth on the Peace Bridge, between 10am and 6pm.

The WSO said they wanted to demystify the turban in the western hemisphere through visual and personal interaction and education.



  1. Dastar / Turban value should be kept, it is not for any body who can wear it. When clean shaven wear patka / turban in the indian tv / films then it hurts everybody. please keep its value there are many other ways of doing awarness instead of tying it on any body u found on the street.


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