Icon of Khalistan Movement Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh Passes Away

Dr Gurmit Singh Aulakh passes away earlier today

WASHINGTON DC, USA—Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh breathed his last earlier today. He struggled with the effects of old age over the last few years and had been bed ridden.

Once a research scientist at Boston Medical School ,Dr. Aulakh was known for raising the issues of Sikh Human Rights and the community’s struggle for freedom on an international scale.  He was renowned for his relations with US elected Government officials.  For quite some time, Dr. Aulakh had become less active due to his old age and ailing health, however, he continued to strive to politically propagate an independent Sikh State.

Dr. Aulakh had made efforts to lobby politicians in the United States. On October 7, 1987, Aulakh and his associates officially declared Khalistan’s independence from India, a sovereign Sikh nation, where he was declared the President by the Panthik Committee (Sarbat Khalsa – Khalsa Panth).

He was a successful lobbyist for Khalistan at Capital Hill , Washington DC. He made headway in cutting US aid to India as a result of his lobbying. He was a very well known face for Congressmen and Senators. As the movement of Khalistan was sabotaged by the Indian government in Punjab, his office was closed and he continued to operate from home.

In a video interview with Living History 1984, Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh appealed to the Sikh youth to continue the struggle for self-determination and sovereignty.

Gurmit Singh Aulakh
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Dr. Aulakh explained the coordination between human rights activists in Punjab and abroad, and the importance of international pressure against impunity in India since the 80s and 90s. In his latter years, he continued to run his office in DC, “…answering the phone day or night, and thus, the movement for independence is alive”, he said.



  1. Dr Aulakh: Sant Bhindranwale: Two Sikhs who spoke and lived the truth and could not be bought. 100% selfless service. They will forever be lovingly remembered in our hearts and they will forever be a shadow for the Indian/Hindu/Hindutva/Hindi/Rss terrosits who have and continue to propagate terror in all its forms to wipe out Sikh religion.

    If Hindus can get freedom after abject slavery under Muslim rule, surely we Sikhs have plenty of time. If Sikhs can get freedom and hand it on a plate to Hindus, surely Sikhs are capable of getting it for themselves. Sikhs are under no misconception that someone will hand it to them on a plate – the Indian Governments’s ongoing murderous campaign to wipe out Sikhs is doing wonders in waking us up to the reality. Geographical lines are drawn and re-drawn over time, CURRENT India’s geographical lines are no exception. Hail Khalistan, where people of all religions will once again be allowed to live peacefully.

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    • Please read Punjab History and you will understand lot of things .

      Punjab was an independent Nation before the Britishers dismantled it after the Anglo–Sikh wars in 1845 and 1848.
      They then divided Punjab between two new Nations they built in 1947 that is India and Pakistan.
      Sikhs ,Hindus , Muslims and Christians use to peacefully and happily co exist with each other in the Ranjit Singh’s Punjab.
      He was the man who tried and failed to RESURRECT the Kingdom of RANJIT’S SINGH after it was stolen from the SIKHS.
      Sikhs have today reconciled to the new reality of India as they Know that Nations creations and destruction are the function of the EMPIRES.

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  7. May waheguru provide his soul peace and give strength to his family and all of us who support his views to accept waheguru’s will.


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