Dal Khalsa calls for Amritsar Shutdown on 33rd anniversary of 1984 Attack on Darbar Sahib

File Photo: Punjab Bandh in 2014

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—On the 33rd anniversary of attack on Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar, the Dal Khalsa has given the call for “Amritsar shutdown” on June 6.  Dal Khalsa is also seeking independent international inquiry into June 1984 attack that also resulted in killings of hundreds of innocent pilgrims and destruction of edifice of the Akal Takht- the highest temporal seat.

Addressing press conferences at the party office, Dal Khalsa leadership led by its president Harpal Singh Cheema and spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh urged the people of the holy city to shut the work places on June 6. 

They said the motive to give the call for Amritsar Bandh was to protest against the killings of hundreds of innocent pilgrims, the denial of the Union government to return the invaluable holy books, manuscripts and arte-facts looted from the Sikh Reference Library and to recall and relive the pain and agony of the heinous attack besides paying tributes to all martyrs and innocent persons killed in the dastardly inhuman action of the Indian state. 

They assured that the bandh would be peaceful and that citizens of the city have been supporting the shutdown call since 2014. Justifying the call, they said since Amritsar was a battleground we had decided to give the call for Amritsar bandh.

Urging the people to observe a peaceful bandh, they clarified that the call was only for business and educational institutions and there would be no stoppage of transportation.

 The hardliner leaders appealed to Hindus, Muslims and Christians of Amritsar to share the pain of the community and express solidarity by closing their business premises. “It is time for the Hindu community to show that they are with the Sikhs.”

 On the eve of the operation blue star on June 5, Kanwar Pal Singh said their group along with its allied groups would take out Genocide Remembrance Parade starting from Gurdwara Ranjit Avenue and culminating at Akal Takht.

He said their groups Malwa unit would take out similar March on June 4 starting from village Sadhanwala up to Rode village- the native place of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale in Faridkot district.

Party’s senior members Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib, Ranbir Singh, Nobeljit Singh, Avtar Singh, members of Sikh Youth of Punjab led by its head Paramjit Singh Tanda were present during the meeting.


  1. You cannot create THEOCRATIC states in modern times.
    Democracy with its principle of equality are best form of governance.

  2. This will not help Dal Khalsa.
    Even if you manage to set up an SIKH THEOCRATIC state in Punjab under the Indian Union .
    It will be bombed out of existence by forces of Nation and Empire.
    Just remember that creation and destruction of Nations are an function of EMPIRES..

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