1984 Sikh Massacres: Jathedar Hawara Issues Directive; Hails SGPC’s Initiative to Mark Event with Unity

NEW DELHI—Sarbat Khalsa appointed Akal Takht Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara has hailed the initiative of SGPC President Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar to mark the 33rd anniversary of 1984’s holocaust in unity with all Sikh bodies.

In a statement shared with Sikh24, Jathedar Hawara stated that unity was the need of the hour and he appreciated the SGPC for taking efforts for initiating talks with other Sikh organizations.  He especially hailed efforts by Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar.

SGPC president Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar underwent meetings with president of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) S. Simranjit Singh Mann and Dal Khalsa’s spokesperson S. Kanwarpal Singh to peacefully mark the event.  He invited both organizations to attend the anniversary programs at Akal Takht Sahib on June 6.  Both of these organizations are also planning to carry out protest marches in Amritsar that will end at Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

In his statement, Jathedar Hawara said that the incidents of violence in past had denigrated the image of Sikhs, and the SGPC needs to work hard to fail every conspiracy of miscreants to torpedo event.

File Photo: Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara

Three years ago, a clash took place inside the premises of Akal Takht Sahib and the SGPC Task Force had to forcibly oust Sikh sangat from the premises.  In process, both sides clashed and several were injured.  After Giani Gurbachan Singh delivered his message, Sikhs started to raise Jaikara (cheers) of “Khalistan Zindabad”, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale—Jindabad”, Bhindranwale Babbar Shera—Poora Krange Supna Tera”, Bhindranwalea Teri Soch te—Pehra Deange Thok ke”, “Go Back—India” etc. The cheering resounded through the entire Sri Darbar Sahib Complex. Cheering Jaikara slogans in favour of Khalistan lasted for almost an hour so that it became difficult for Simranjit Singh Mann to address the Sangat.

The Samagam was spoiled when the clash between Sikh youths and SGPC task force began over the issue of a microphone. When Mann began to address the Sangat, he could not be heard by everyone as Sikhs were cheering uncontrollably. Several of the cheerers demanded microphones from employees of SGPC stationed at Sri Akal Takht Sahib, however they refused the demand.  Furious over the refusal the attempted to snatch the microphone from the hands of a employee resulting in a clash. The SGPC force assaulted  a youth who attempted snatching the mic. After learning of the incident other Sikh youth with swords protested the attack by SGPC and a clash began between them.


  1. Dear Harish every body cannot become an Sikh
    Sikhism is more than 5 K.
    Sikhs are rather an

    1) CHOSEN people
    2) EXCEPTIONAL People

  2. Hindus can light candle and we are not stopping them and as Sikhs we respect others, but Sikhs will do way our Guru Ji has blessed us with.

  3. Everything happens in the will of God. If we all proclaim to have faith in our dharam, which basically means you have love for God, then let us remember God in all our spoken and written words, and thoughts. Bless you all.

    • Sir ….. you can not be 1 also . Who have no respect for the protectors of there Mothers n Daughters …. we love all religions and respect all beliefs . Wahe guru ji d’s KHALSA..wahe guru ji di Fateh.

  4. We need to remember our dead in 1980–90 Genocide and extra judicial killings in our prayers ,lighting lamp in homes and telling​ the PM of India of our pain and suffering..

    We need to forgive all those who did this to us and move on with our lives.

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