Manchester Sikhs Open Gurdwara Doors to Victims of Terror Attack

MANCHESTER, UK—After the devastating terror attack in Manchester last night, Sikhs throughout Manchester have openly voiced solidarity and support for victims of the attacks. Gurdwara Sahib across the city have opened their doors to victims and their families to provide food and shelter.

Other proactive Sikhs have extended a helping hand in other ways, as a Sikh from Manchester offered his taxi services for free for those affected by the tragedy.

The Sikh Council UK released the following statement, “Sikh Council UK condemns the suspected terrorist atrocity in Manchester. It was a cowardly and barbaric act to target innocent victims including young children at a music concert and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

“The Sikh community stands in solidarity with the people of Manchester at this difficult time and we are heartened to read the stories of Sikhs assisting the victims and their families during this atrocity such as the Sikh taxi driver AJ Singh running his taxi service for free overnight as communities come together to support the victims. We encourage all Sikh Gurdwara managements to arrange prayers for the victims and their families and to attend community initiatives to show solidarity at this time.”

Sikhism teaches that the whole of mankind is one brotherhood and that a Sikh should assist and aid all equally when needed.



  1. Oustanding remarkable achievement by the Sikhs shown in Manchester. We are very proud of you, and the young taxi driver Ajay Singh we need others to follow your example – keep up the Sikhi Spirit as said above.


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