Drop Beadbi Law Proposal Or Include All Religious Scriptures Says Nanda

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Advocate General of Punjab Mr. Atul Nanda has requested the Punjab government to either drop the proposed amendment to section 295 of the Indian Penal Code of inserting a new section (295-AA), meting out life sentences for culprits committing sacrileges of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji or make it more inclusive to cover scriptures of all religions. Currently, the section 295-A specifies a jail term of upto 3 years for anyone found guilty of hurting or insulting religious sentiments.

The Advocate General was asked to file his legal opinion after the Indian Penal Code (Punjab Amendment) Bill-2016 was returned by the union government of India in March this year. The union government had said that it would be a violation of the secular ethos of the Indian Constitution to increase jail terms for committers of religious sacrilege belonging to a particular religion.

Following a series of sacrilege incidents across Punjab in October 2015, the Shiromani Akali Dal led Punjab government was forced to pass an Indian Penal Code (Punjab Amendment) Bill 2016, to help stem accusations of inaction. Legal experts at that time had also clarified that the bill will not be approved as law as it was only concerned with the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

It may be recalled here that a bill seeking an amendment to section 295 of the IPC was passed by the Badal led Punjab government in 2016. It was passed in the Punjab assembly in March 2016 and was approved by the Punjab government in April after which, it was sent for the Centre’s approval. 

The President’s approval is necessary for a bill to be implemented as law. The union government refused to forward the ammendment to President Pranab Mukherjee citing the Bill was found violating secular ethos enshrined in the Indian Constitution. 



  1. We all need to prevent Punjab sliding back to back to 1980-90 period
    Live as one happy family

    1) Jai Sri Ram and Ramayana
    2) Jai Sri Kishan and Geeta
    3) Jai Wahe Guru and Guru Granth Sahib

  2. This sacrileges is an TRAP

    1) Do sacrileges
    2) Sikhs get angry and Violent
    3) Label Sikhs as TERRORISTS
    4) Then carryout Genocide-4 and Extra Judicial Killings

    Be careful of the TRAP of EMPIRE and its Friends.

  3. Yes we need to have an strong and independent Police force which is able to ensure that India is a


    To improve police efficiency we need to make our Police men feel honorable ,loved and respectable.

  4. There should be law to punish law enforcement agencies if they are not doing their duties well or working with the direction of politicians not as per judiciary & the law should be equal for ruling parties & common people.

  5. True this is the way forward.
    Hope it will stop Beadabi of Guru Granth Sahib which is happening at a unusual frequency.
    This is a plot to hurt Sikhs sentiments and physically harm them by mysterious forces.


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