Sikh MPP Jagmeet Singh Officially Announces Run For Federal Leadership in Canada

The Sikh Politician Refused Entry Into India For Being An Outspoken Human Rights Activist, Is Running For Leadership Role In Canadian Politics

TORONTO, Canada—Bowing to public demand, Jagmeet Singh, MPP of Ontario, has officially announced to run for leader of the NDP party last night at a gala in Brampton, Ontario.

Jagmeet Singh is currently the deputy leader of the regional NDP of Ontario but after proving himself as a genuine people’s person and formidable politician, he formally announced what many have been campaigning for – a run for the leadership position for the federal NDP.

Hundreds of supporters attended the event, at which it became clear that if successful, Jagmeet Singh would be the first non-white person to hold the highest position of a federal party.

“People are hungry for new leadership in our country,” Jagmeet Singh shared. “They are hungry for new leadership in our party… That is what drives me to be your new leader; that is what drives me to be your prime minister.”

Voting for the leadership position takes place this October, and if won, sees Jagmeet Singh as being a step away from being the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Politics in Canada just got a whole lot more interesting.

He has an up-hill battle in winning over other states in Canada, as his reputation extends only within the borders of Ontario currently. He and his party colleagues are confident, however, of his ability to unite and appeal to the common sense of progression and equality in Canada.




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