We Are Sikhs: Million Dollar Ad Campaign to Launch Tomorrow

WASHINGTON DC, USA—Following number of hate crime incidents in the country, the National Sikh Campaign project will launch tomorrow on CNN.  The campaign focuses on highlighting Sikh identity.

Exclusive ad coverage will air Friday, April 14, on CNN between 6:00-9:00 am EST.

Dr. Rajwant Singh and Gurwin Ahuja are the founders of the National Sikh Campaign.  Both have traveled exclusive over the country to raise funds for the projects.  Last year, the National Sikh Campaign project hired AKPD to work changing the narrative around Sikhs in the country.  AKPD had ran a successful campaign for President Barrack Obama in the past.

Speaking with Sikh24 about the project, Dr. Rajwant Singh explained, “So far, the narrative (around Sikhs) has been focused on bullying and hate crimes.  This can be changed. We are working with the organization that was able to put a man with the middle name Hussain in the White House.  This is the same group that has now developed ads for the Sikhs.”

Dr. Rajwant Singh said that National Sikh Campaign, along with other leading Sikh organizations, completed research, and based on the results, AKPD designed ads that can raise awareness of Sikhs in America.

Last year, the National Sikh Campaign (NSC) led a coalition of nonprofit organizations to launch an innovative project titled “Know Your Neighbor” (KYN) and participated in a White House convening on religious pluralism.  The KYN project, created by NSC Executive Director Gurwin Singh Ahuja, conducted extensive research about how much Americans know about their Sikh neighbors.  The ad project “We are Sikhs” was launched based on KYN research.

Since 9/11, Sikhs have faced many incidents of violence and prejudice due to ignorance about their faith.


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