1984 Sikh Genocide: Delhi Court defers Tytler’s Lie Detection Test

NEW DELHI—Giving excuse of busy schedule, the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Shivali Sharma has deferred the hearing on CBI’s plea seeking lie detection test (Polygraph Test) of Jagdish Tytler onto March 30. The Magistrate has said that she has to go for a meeting due to which the hearing has been postponed to March 30. The CBI has been directed to present its status report about the case on March 30.

File Photo: Sajjan Kumar with Jagdish Tytler

It may be recalled here that in the last hearing the Court had ordered the Congress leader Jagdish Tytler and an arms dealer Abhishek Verma to under lie detection test (Polygraph). But now the sudden postponing of hearing by the Court is telling some different story. The justice for the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide has once again starts appearing like a distant dream.

It is noteworthy here that in a case pertaining to killings of three innocent Sikhs namely Badal Singh, Thakur Singh and Gurcharan Singh in Pulbangash area of North Delhi by Hindu mob during 1984 Sikh genocide, the probing agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had earlier sought permission from the Court to conduct lie detection test on Jagdish Tytler. But Jagdish Tytler had refused to undergo ‘Lie Detection Test’ arguing before the court that there was no reason for him to undergo a lie detection test.  He had filed an application before the Court stating that the CBI plea for lie detection test was a “gross misuse of law”.  He had further blamed the CBI for filing such pleas with “malafide intention”.

It is also pertinent to note here that the CBI had already submitted a closure report regarding the case three times and had even given a clean chit to Jagdish Tytler. Later, an arms dealer Abhishek Verma had deposed before the Court that Tytler had bribed the prime witness of the case by transferring a huge ransom on the name of Narinder Singh (son of Chief witness) to Canada via Hawala. The Court had ordered the CBI on December 4, 2015 to re-probe the case.


What is a Polygraph Test?

A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions.

A polygraph machine records the body’s involuntary responses to an examiner’s questions in order to ascertain deceptive behaviour. The test measures physiological data from three or more systems of the human body-generally the respiratory, cardiovascular, and sweat gland systems-but not the voice.

Are lie detector test accurate?

The accuracy of polygraph testing has long been controversial. An underlying problem is theoretical: There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest person may be non-anxious.

How does a lie detector test work?

If you’re like most people, lying makes your heart race. It makes you pant. It drives up your blood pressure and makes you drip sweat. A polygraph machine detects lies by looking for signs of these physiological changes.

Testing Procedure:

The examiner typically begins polygraph test sessions with a pre-test interview to gain some preliminary information which will later be used to develop diagnostic questions. Then the tester will explain how the polygraph is supposed to work, emphasizing that it can detect lies and that it is important to answer truthfully. Then a “stim test” is often conducted: the subject is asked to deliberately lie and then the tester reports that he was able to detect this lie. Guilty subjects are likely to become more anxious when they are reminded of the test’s validity. However, there are risks of innocent subjects being equally or more anxious than the guilty. Then the actual test starts. Some of the questions asked are “irrelevant” or IR (“Is your name Fred?”), others are “diagnostic” questions, and the remainder are the “relevant questions”, or RQ, that the tester is really interested in. The different types of questions alternate. The test is passed if the physiological responses to the diagnostic questions are larger than those during the relevant questions (RQ).


  1. Empire harms people who don’t listen to its orders or rebel against its established world order.
    More nation states in world are vassal states administered by “CC” that is the Nation’s constitution and a client army
    In India in addition there is the 3 rd “C” the Congress party by which Empire rules India.

  2. & this earth will feel some lighter, because this earth feel burden of those who kill innocents & people who helped them in the past.

  3. Jagdish Kapoor is an Empires man.
    Even a Lie detector test will not make any difference to him
    Empires men are under Empires law and are above Nation’s laws.
    They enjoy immunity when acting on orders of Empire in a Nation state which includes India.

  4. Killers of minorities are rewarded with higher posts from ministers to prime ministers. Minorities won’t get justice in India, they should find other ways of getting justice instead of crying for justice. All minorities & people who think justice should be given to every human being equally, should unite their hands so that everyone can live with peace on this land. If the soch of majority is s same as their leaders this land will be hell one day for minorities where human life’s is not more than a vote.


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