Connecticut Sikhs Ask Officials to Increase Awareness Programs to End Hate Crimes

HAMDEN, CT, USA—A presentation on Sikhs was arranged by U.S. Attorney Office (State of Connecticut) in Hamden Police Station to create awareness about the Sikh religion.

John Sereno a former FBI agent and Sarala Nagala the Assistant US attorney were the organizers of this event.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, Member Commission of City plan Norwich and President of Sikh Sewak Society International (USA) provided key informatino on the Sikh religion.  He also made the attendees aware that recently due to new political scenario, their has been increase in hate crimes on Sikhs.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa mentioned that recently, a Sikh men was shot in Kent and one Indian doctor in Kansas also lost his life.

Manmohan Singh Bharara, President of Hamden Gurdwara Sahib, also attended the presentation and also decided to join Department of Justice outreach program as a Presenter.

Speaking with Sikh24, Swaranjit Singh Khalsa said that he has sent a note to Deirdre Daly, the U.S. Attorney, who resigned on Friday at the request of President Trump.  Swaranjit Singh wished her good luck for her future endeavors and also made a remarks that while she was in the office, she always pushed outreach and awareness program for Sikhs and other religious groups.

Swaranjit Singh told Sikh24 that he has requested the Department of Justice to increase awareness programs to these hate crimes to a halt in the country.



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