Jathedar Surjit Singh Kalaboola: Ruling SAD and Congress always acted against Sikhs

Surjit Singh Kalaboola

DHURI, Punjab—Addressing an election meeting in Dhuri assembly constituency, Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar’s candidate Jathedar Surjit Singh Kalaboola said that the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress always acted against Sikhs whenever they come to power.  It is notable here that Surjit Singh Kalaboola is an SGPC member and holds position in 15 member executive committee.

Raising the issue of political Sikh prisoners on January 27, Jathedar Kalaboola said that the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal and Congress never supported the cause of Sikh detainees despite of the fact that they have served mandatory terms of their sentences. He added that the political Sikh prisoners deserve immediate release as they have already served more time in prison than the one addressed to them.

Jathedar Kalaboola further said that the ruling SAD and Congress were bound by the instruction from Nagpur based RSS Chief. He added that the RSS bound parties can never deliver in interests of Punjab and Sikhs.

Baba Harbans Singh Jainpur, Baba Bahadur Singh Bhasod, Jathedar Amarjit Singh Badshahpur, Sher Singh Dohla, Jagtar Singh, Jaswinder Singh Didargarh, Satgur Singh, Mandeep Singh Kalaboola, Soni Kalaboola, Kulwinder Singh Kalera, Harnek Singh Pedhni etc. were present on this occasion.



  1. Any true person, be a sikh, hindu, muslim shouldn’t vote for a party or parties who have only shown self intrest. In the days of the British Raj at least they had law and order to a point. Any sikh who assumes the current SAD party is a panthic party are so misguided. False beards and turbans, just like a snake sheds it’s skin these people are exactly the same. For Congress party, your founder father’s sowed the seeds to cause even more distrust, hatred and divisions between all the people who call India there home.
    Truth always prevails, be today, tomorrow or in a 100 years.


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