WAKE UP: “Punjab’s Leaders Are Fake Sikhs Wearing ‘Pags’ And Beards”


The state of India has fine-tuned Sikh infiltration to an art. It’s so easy. Grow a beard, wear a turban, learn the lingo. Get paid gigantual figures for dedicating your life to the state… to infiltrate and dissolve this community from within.

Parkash Badal and cohorts, countless other politicians and religious institutions who wear the garb but not only lack the qualities of a humble yet, astute, Guru Nanak’s Sikh but, go as far as displaying every nasty and downright evil and greedy trait under the Sun.

THIS… is our leadership at the moment. 

In the video below, Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh vale gives a short no-holds-barred reality check on Badal and his anti-Sikh contributions.

He comments on the shoe that smacked Badal’s face… “They wear Guru Sahib’s daari (beard), they wear Guru’s pag (turban), wear kirpan, act religious, but hoist up people like the Sirsa Sadh in front of us. The show that hit Badal… didn’t hit Guru’s dastar (turban), nor Guru Sahib’s daari but, instead struck straight onto his eye… Guru Sahib struck his eye to ask why his eye is not witness the multiple sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, the youth dying from drugs, corruption, murders, rape, police excesses. You filthy sinner (to badal), you wore the garb of the Sikh but you lived for those who wish to finish off the Sikhs”.

Such hard hitting words from a parcharak who has been banned by the SGPC for speaking harsh truths.

TRUTH: Badal and Shoe to the Face
Watch this video on YouTube.



    • And monkeys can fly and talk and go on rescue missions to save princesses from multi headed demons. You live in an upside down world of delusion Harish / Harinder and like the very powerful and the very stupid your world view is formed not by fitting to the facts but by having the facts fit your world view.

      • Pot calling kettle black. You believe supernatural deity also. Have respect for other faiths as Sikhism teaches, may be you are fake Sikh planted by RSS to make Sikhs appear bad saying such nasty things.

  1. Hinduvata Empire will never be…… they are trying their hardest after being freed by the Sikhs – remember what happened when the Mughals were ruling you bodi wale came running to our Guru Ji Teg Bahadur followed by the Khalsa showing Ahmed Shah Abdalli where to go and set you dhoti wales free!!! now you want to oppress us – RAJ KAREGA KHALSA not RSS.

    • “Miss” Surinder Kaur Ji, have you read porno sections of Dasam Granth Guru Gobind also authored? What you think of such things? Waho Gobind Singh! Gobind had many wife, may be you can find Sikh man who will take second wife to help you.

      • The Dasam Granth’s authenticity is doubted exactly because people like you wish to attribute such things to our Gurus. There is no historical mention of Dasam Granth until the 19th century when the Britishers suddenly ‘found’ a copy. None of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s writings are contained within Guru Granth Sahib upon whom he conferred full and ultimate Guruship on. Since when Guru Gobind SIngh Ji had ‘many wives’?! Tell me what were their names then? Again you reveal your total ignorance and hatred towards the SIkhs by just putting down lies and expecting them to be accepted as truth. The most powerful and the most stupid (like you) cannot alter their world view to fit the facts but rather make up ‘alternative’ facts to fit their world view.

      • The Dasam Granth is said to have been ‘compiled’ by Bhai Mani Singh Ji, a companion and disciple of the Guru, AFTER the tenth Guru’s death incorporating Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s utterances in regards to Jaap Sahib, Tvye Prasad Sawaiye (Amrit Savaiye) and Benti Chaupai. HISTORICAL FACT. It is understood that Bhai Mani Singh spent nine years at this task, by getting copies from other disciples and filling in some of the gaps by memory. HISTORICAL FACT. This means Bhai Mani SIngh has compiled Dasam Granth without endorsement and approval of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and has attributed a significant amount to the 10th Guru which just cannot be verified as they don’t appear in other sources of SIkh scriptural material. There are then a number of supposed compilations after Mani Singh’s death including the Britishers version which contain heresies and contradictory teachings which again have no root in other Sikh scriptural or indeed historical record. HISTORICAL FACT. That is why the Dasam Granth is not reliable and certainly DOES NOT have the seal of authentic approval that Guru Granth Sahib has at the very hands of Guru Gobind SIngh Ji. You like the Britishers before you with their promotion of heretic cults like the Namdaris (who Congress also used during the 1970s here in Punjab) are just looking to use the Dasam as a means of dividing and ruling the Sikhs. And you are not even a Sikh, Harish but like your RSS alter ego Rajugopal Krishnan just ignorant and antipathetic to the Sikhs.

      • Jito, Sundari, Sahib, now talk please. Why you deny Guru having multiple wife, this embarrassment for you? Not only Gobind, another Sikh Guru also have multiple wife. This comes as big shock to Moron Singh. Moron Singh unaware even this much, haha. Moron Singh, so many Sikhs following Dasam Granth. You may teach them your conspiracy theory but they will not agree. They have “faith” in Dasam Granth, you must respect this faith as you wish respect your own misguided faith.

      • You really need to heed my advice about knowing history before you try to pervert it. Okay I explain again why your anti Sikh narrative falls apart again just with simple analysis of historical facts. Listen and learn. In Punjab, there are two and sometimes three big functions connected with marriage, i.e., engagement (Karmaee), Wedding, and Muklawa. A big often festive gathering with “gana bajana” (singing and dancing) is held at all three of these functions. A big function, befitting the Guru and other joyful activities were held at Anandpur sahib, according to custom, at the time of the engagement of the Guru. The bride, Mata Jeeto Ji, resided at Lahore, which was the capital of the Mughal rulers who were not, at that time, on good terms with the Guru.
        When the time for the marriage ceremony came, it was not considered advisable for the Guru to go to Lahore, along with the armed Sikhs in large numbers. Furthermore, it would involve a lot of travelling and huge expenses, in addition to the inconvenience it would cause the Sangat, especially the younger and older members, who wished to witness the marriage of the Guru.
        Therefore Lahore was ‘brought’ to Anandpur sahib for the marriage instead of the Guru going to Lahore. A scenic place a couple of miles to the north of Anandpur was developed into a nice camp for the marriage. This place was named Guru Ka Lahore. The bride Mata Jeeto Ji was brought to this place by her parents and the marriage was celebrated with a very huge gathering attending the ceremony. The two elaborate functions, one at the time of engagement and the other at the time of the marriage of the Guru, gives outside observers unfamiliar with Punjabi wedding customs the impression of two marriages. After the marriage, there is a custom in the Panjab of giving a new affectionate name to the bride by her inlaws. Mata Jeeto Ji, because of her fine features and good looks, was named Sundari (beautiful) by the Guru’s mother. The two names and two functions gave a basis for outsiders to believe that the Guru had two wives when in fact, the Guru had only one wife with two names as explained above. In addition in 1699, Guru Gobind SIngh Ji asked a follower Mata Sahib Kaur to put pataasas (puffed sugar) in the water for preparing Amrit when he founded the Khalsa Panth. Whereas Guru Gobind Singh ji is recognised as the spiritual father of the Khalsa, Mata Sahib Kaur ji is recognized as the spiritual mother of the Khalsa. People not conversant with the Amrit ceremony mistakenly assume that Mata Sahib Kaur ji was the wife of Guru Gobind Singh ji so I have added this for clarification and your education on simple historical facts. I know this comes as big shock to you as you still don’t accept or know that Shiva (fictional mythological character) bore a trident trishul and not a holy sword khanda even though I have told you that many times. Now we come to Dasam Granth and again the simple historical facts. Not a single word of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is included in the Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib. He could have added without any problem as he was compiling the Adi Granth and conferred Guruship on it to make it sole and supreme Guru of the Sikhs. HISTORICAL FACTS. The Dasam Granth is said to have been ‘compiled’ by Bhai Mani Singh Ji, a companion and disciple of the Guru, AFTER the tenth Guru’s death incorporating Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s utterances in regards to Jaap Sahib, Tvye Prasad Sawaiye (Amrit Savaiye) and Benti Chaupai. HISTORICAL FACT. It is understood that Bhai Mani Singh spent nine years at this task, by getting copies from other disciples and filling in some of the gaps by memory. HISTORICAL FACT. This means Bhai Mani SIngh has compiled Dasam Granth without endorsement and approval of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and has attributed a significant amount to the 10th Guru which just cannot be verified as they don’t appear in other sources of SIkh scriptural material. There are then a number of supposed compilations after Mani Singh’s death including the Britishers version which contain heresies and contradictory teachings which again have no root in other Sikh scriptural or indeed historical record. HISTORICAL FACT. That is why the Dasam Granth is not reliable and certainly DOES NOT have the seal of authentic approval that Guru Granth Sahib has at the very hands of Guru Gobind SIngh Ji. You like the Britishers before you with their promotion of heretic cults like the Namdaris (who Congress also used during the 1970s here in Punjab) are just looking to use the Dasam as a means of dividing and ruling the Sikhs.

  2. Please remember
    We all are Space- Time travellers in this infinite universe with all the planets,galaxies and parallel universes in it.

  3. We have had this Empire nonsense before – empires come and go like the Mughals and British. Yes Hardeep Singh hindus still following thousand years foolish worshiping of stones – From Guru Nanak Ji times despite trying to educate they still follow the sheep or better still worship sheep or any other animal and stones….. let it be for these so called elite organisation….. and fool who believes this.

    • Sikhs worship book, wrapping book in silks and doing fly whisk over book, carrying book on head and having parade behind book on streets causing traffic blockage, everybody wondering what nonsense this is? Sikhs think they are very smart, other faiths they condemn. If book page got torn major beadbi time for Sikh riot and protest, may be even people get killed as has happened at Sikh hands due to torn paper.

  4. Devide & rule, evil system of empire, Hindus started 2300 years back & practicing till now & fooling even educated Indians those who understand everything but still following them like sheeps.

    • But Rajagopal, your RSS fellow traveller, has made it explicitly clear that your foreign existential foreign empire is actually just Hinduvta Empire and the vigilantes troops used are RSS. As I said he is completely pulling your veil aside.

      • Moron Singh, “foreign existential foreign empire”, this does not make you look smart, Hindu nation is not foreign foreign empire, Hindu nation is pride of all Indians, fake Indians such as Western Khalistani agents as yourself and also Pakistan trained terrorists try to make shame but cannot. Hindus are very proud. RSS is very large organization growing quickly in Punjab, many Sikhs are in RSS now and have been in past also and do daily training with us. RSS is on upswing in Punjab because more people including Sikhs want to join RSS in Punjab. RSS is being reformed and will be ever better in future, for this purpose we wish to include Sikhs as brothers so your big conspiracy enemy RSS can be your friend and we can reach mutual understanding. On Social Media RSS is very popular, you should check some excellent social media pages made by RSS and educate yourself. You may come join us, you are welcome, although you are located in West you can become part of fundraising operation and give funds for development of Indian projects which will benefit all Hindu people including Sikhs who we embrace in united Hindu nation so we may become a Super Power and show strength of Sikhs and Hindus both to the whole of the world.

      • If Sikhs do not wish to join RSS, they have no need to do so. RSS is elite organization, this is invitation only but no force of such things should be done. There are many Hindus who are not in RSS and they are full Indian citizens and we love them. But Sikh separatists who want to separate from the humanity of Indian nation, Western Khalistanis, Pakistani backed terrorists, Sikh thugs and criminals, corrupt Sikh politicians, and other malevolent Sikh interests, these are not acceptable to Hindustan and are threat to peace and security of everyone especially Sikhs themselves. Important point is to organize Hindustan society so everyone is united and not fighting all the time, Sikhs always fighting and dividing others, even themselves they call each other fake Sikhs, each other they are always insulting leave aside proud Hindus.

      • Even Hindus outside of RSS has done killings of Sikhs, 84 riots organized by Congress party. So not RSS blame only. Bad Sikh elements rather should not be allowed in RSS as we should not allow pollution of RSS by rogue elements. Moron Singh may be terrorist, we will have to do a vetting first and check each thing his background what he is hiding on computer that he said must put the encryption on, he may be engaged in bomb plot or other terrorist action. We cannot allow such influences into RSS as this has caused the tarnishing of RSS images by misguided Sikhs. We RSS did not do Air India Flight 182 bombing, if Moron Singh is there people will be scared to get on plane as he may hijack plane as Sikhs have history of doing, not bombing only. Western Khalistani terrorist “Miss” Kaur, when I told her of Sikhs doing Air India bombing, her response was, Air India is trash airline. Even if trash airline, these fake Sikhs are condoning the terrorism. They love Sikh terrorism and they love killing innocent people. Then they say Hindus are bad. Hindus are very powerful, if Hindus did as Sikhs were doing imagine how many Sikhs get killed.

      • There are no bad Sikhs or bad Hindus just people who have criminal mind. Any person purporting to be a Sikh who has caused abuse or killing of innocent people – doesn’t matter if they are Hindu victims or any other religion – is not a Sikh as he contravened the code of ethical conduct Sikhism demands of its followers. Misguided people – whether they be of Sikh or Hindu or Muslim background – can say and do stupid things but when they hurt other innocent people they have crossed the line into criminality and should be called what they are in accordance to their crime – looter, rapist, murderer, mass murderer, terrorist. This applies to everybody including SIkhs and your RSS and the Congress goons who no longer saw common humanity in the Indians they were committing crimes against humanity upon. It is people like you Rajajgopal who are sowing the seeds for communal discord in my country when you start to see fellow Indians citizens as being the other. I would never join the RSS as you have expressed the view that you say is common to RSS thinking that it justified to rape and murder peoples of other religious minorities in the name of some kind of nationalist ‘pacification’ and ‘liquidation’ and I do not associate with criminally minded people like that no matter if they call themselves Hindus, Mussalman, Hindus or even atheist Hindus because such people are just criminals.

  5. All Indians of all denominations are slaves of the
    Men may be born equal but power makes them unequal in this worldly life.

      • You are not Indian, nice try. ;-) No one is fooled. Slave is someone who does not have rights, who can be taken at any time or killed even. Khalistani terrorists in India are slaves. Example I will give, if Indian Army wishes to enter Golden Temple home of Sikhs they may do so at any time. Even General Dyer, after he massacred Sikhs (and Hindus also, let us not forget mention of brave and important Hindus), he entered Golden Temple and Sikhs even gave him saropa. This you give as example of Sikh superiority over Hindus, Jallianwala Bagh incident. Shows ignorance of Moron Singh of Indian history. Who is currently supreme leader of Sikhs. Many claim it as Hawara. Where is Hawara. He is literal in chains, even he cannot step foot in wrong direction he may be given a smack by the Hindu guards. Hindus could have killed by now but we do not have malevolence to Sikhs as some Sikhs (not all, many are worshiping in Hindu temples also) have shown to brave and proud Hindus.

      • It is you who are not Indian as you demonstrate again total lack of historical and theological knowledge that at least every Punjabi knows. Don’t you know the history of the Darbar Sahib – how many times it has been sacked and sacriledged in the time of the Moghul and what happened after that as inspiration for Sikhs? Let me give you clue so you can go away and google it, look up the words Banda Singh Bahadur, Baba Deep SIngh Ji and Sikh Misls. Sikhs live in Chardi Kala when it comes to times of adversity and do not get get scared or demoralised as you would as we know the arc of history is long but ultimately bends towards justice. As for General Dyer it is good you have at least gone away and looked up Jallianwala Bagh after that horrendous mistake of holding up Nepalese Gurkhas as your ideal Hindu warriors when they committed that slaughter of innocent Indians although you fail to mention them now. Let me educate you more, the massacre was avenged by a SIkh called Udham SIngh who went to England and assassinated the Governor General of Punjab Sir Micheal O’Dwyer who had sent Dyer to Amritsar to teach Punjabis a lesson – the kind of fascist behaviour you heartily approve of as you have stated above your callous desire to treat even prisoners with brutality in direct contravention of their human rights and civil liberties even under Indian penal code. Udham SIngh – a Sikh – never faltered even though he knew it would cost him his life just as the example set by his mentor Bhagat SIngh – another SIngh – who in turn had similarly been inspired by the self sacrifice of Kartar SIngh Sarabha – another SIkh – for Indian independence struggle. You begin to see the pattern with SIkhs? We do not fear imprisonment or death because we are on the side of righteousness. Here ends your lesson for today.

      • Again terrorism, first Udham Singh had cut hairs which you consider fake Sikh, now fake Sikhs again you believe are real Sikhs when convenient for you, please decide on this. Moron Singh fake beliefs change on minute by minute basis. Secondly, assassinating unarmed people outside of war time is a terrorism and should not be condoned, how you can condone this terrorist action? If injustice was done then Court system should be used to address and Police or Government forces used for order restoration. Thirdly, why Sikhs give Siropa to bad person after Jallianwala Bagh then blame Hindus for Jallianwala Bagh? Have shame. Gurkhas following martial orders as instructed as soldiers do all over the globe, not giving Siropa and even converting General Dyer to Sikhism which is not martial order, this is abomination done by Sikhs who have no shame on this. Should apologize to Hindus for this on annual basis. This not single time, many times Sikhs have done these bad things, you can look up the history of bad people Sikhs have given Siropa and even terrorists they are praising in sacred holy place Hari Mandar Sahib.

      • Udham Singh was raised as a Sikh in a Sikh orphanage in Sikh city of Amritsar. He was baptised as a Sikh and was present at jallianwala Bagh when the massacre was done by your Hindu Gurhka friends. Outraged by this and inspired by Bhagat SIngh (who was in turn inspired by Kartar SIngh Sarabha) who was also a Sikh and raised with Sikh principles he decided to avenge the massacre and travelled to England cutting his hair so as to be able to move around more freely without drawing undue attention to himself. When he was in England he did not frequent mandirs but the Sinclair Road Gurdwara in London and even in prison he asked for and received Sikh scriptural material for reading and solace from the SIkh granthi from Sinclair Road Gurdwara. ‘Secondly, assassinating unarmed people outside of war time is a terrorism and should not be condoned, how you can condone this terrorist action?’ There was no war when Bhagat SIngh and Udham SIngh acted against the oppression of the British overlords. Both were and are still considered today by Britishers as being terrorists and you yourself have gleefully gloated and reveleled in the murder and rape of Sikh civilians on this website like the ignorant hypocrite you are. ‘If injustice was done then Court system should be used to address and Police or Government forces used for order restoration’. Yes, the SIkhs of Delhi 1984 should be just a little more patient as Sajjan Kumar given bail again after 32 YEARS! ‘Thirdly, why Sikhs give Siropa to bad person after Jallianwala Bagh then blame Hindus for Jallianwala Bagh?’ The siropa was given by the mahants in control of Darbar Sahib and this act of awarding Dyer led directly to the SIngh Sabha reform movement to oust them and formation of the SGPC to replace all such appeasing mahants and their stranglehold on Gurdwara golaks. The SGPC has unfortunately now become the modern equivalent of the mahants of old. Know the history before you try to pervert it. ‘Gurkhas following martial orders as instructed as soldiers do all over the globe’ – is the defence Nazi war criminals used at Nuremburg and was rejected as a defence by the civilised world. No solider can use the defence I committed crimes against humanity because I was ordered to do it. Know history before you try to pervert it.

    • We Sikhs? Still trying to pretend and pass yourself off as a SIkh. Nobody here believes that. As for we cannot dictate terms about inequality to others? What? You suggest we ignore our teachings and just stand blindly aside and look on as our neighbours are treated like dirt and do not lift a finger or our voice to say that is not right, that is not fair? I think you are mistaking Sikhs for your own people who could not lift even their eyes to look upon the Afghan taking away your daughters on the backs of their horses. Sikhs are obliged to stand up against injustice. That is why Guru Tegh Bahadur went to Chandi Chowk in Delhi to face the Moghul Emperor on behalf of the Kashmiri Pandits right to practise their Hindu religion. ANother history lesson there for your RSS comrade Rajagopal.

      • Afghans have long gone .
        As for injustice standing up let me remind you of our genocide-3.
        We cannot redeem our own injustice in spite host of our friends.
        You sense of Justice is different from the justice definition of Empire.

      • Er, have you not heard of the taliban which is still there and seeks to spread its islamist hegemony just as much your wish to spread Hinduvta hegemony on other peoples? I don’t have a ‘sense’ of justice or injustice – those concepts don’t change according to who is speaking of them. If you rape, torture, kidnap, kill an innocent person – regardless of what religion – that is an injustice and crime and justice needs to be given to that victim and the the criminal – regardless of what religion either purport to belong to including ‘atheist Hindus’ like your blood thirsty friend Rajagopal.

      • I think in a garbled way you are trying to say that we should excuse the rape, murder and looting of SIkhs that your perverted friend Rajagopal so relishes because rape, murder and looting go on in other societies also? You are actually trying to excuse human rights abuses and crimes against humanity by saying it is okay because other criminals do it. It is not okay. Ever. Anywhere. That is why we have the international criminal court in the Hague and laws forbidding crimes against humanity no matter if regimes practice such crimes upon their own populations.

  6. Equality? Brahman starting from Manu devided Indians with caste system & treating women & dalits like slaves. Attacking all other religions who don’t believe in caste system.

  7. Certainly equality is something that the Hindus are set against, which makes go against the Sikhs. Taunting innocents is their quality as their belief is certainly in animals and murtis which no one can compete with. And as for the two RSS agents who keeps coming and sticking their nose in others business have no knowledge as to what Sikhi is and trolls keep rolling around………

    • Some hindus support the equality, some do not support the equality. Equality is not Sikh innovation. Sikhs are not innocents, let us reflect on Air India Bombing Flight 182, sadness for the whole of humanity. Let us not return to the dark days of Sikh control of Punjab. Strong Indian Government with full control of Punjab situation lead to peaceful situation and less violence and killings of Sikhs even. Some killings of Sikhs necessary to control Sikhs but much less than conflict if Sikhs had control over Punjab. Then killings would be daily many.

      • ‘Some hindus support the equality, some do not support the equality.’ and ‘Some killings of Sikhs necessary to control Sikhs’. What more needs to be said about your depravity and degeneracy. Evil just cannot help itself.

      • This is truth only, even sikh gurus said good and evil do not exist you totally ignore your own beliefs, then how will you gain wisdom from others? Answer is you will not.

      • Again you are trying to twist the words of the Sikh Gurus to suit your agenda. They never said that evil and good do not exist but rather that Sikhs must treat good times and bad times both with equanimity. This is revealed in the concept of Chardi Kala which is to treat even adversity with positive, buoyant and optimistic attitude. Always be in “high spirits”, “ever progressive”, “always cheerful” it reflects an eternally evergreen & blissful mental state of a Sikh. Evil certainly exists in the world (you are living proof of that with your lust for rape and murder of innocent people) and it is a duty of a Sikh to stand up against injustice rather than close one’s ears, eyes and mouth to it three monkeys style.

      • Mr Raja-Gopala and Krishnana,who ever you are,before you open you dirty and filthy mouth,have some knowledge,i will send you one book,which will increase your knowledge over all,you will look like genius after reading that book,SOFT Target (Intelligence service and its role in The Air India Disaster,written by Zuhair Kashmeri and Brian Mcandrew,let me know,I can send you free Copy,

    • All men are born equal .
      But all men do not achieve equality.
      That is why some become PM and some become beggars.
      Wether it is destiny or hard work or brilliance no one can answer that question.

      • The point is to give them equal opportunity to fulfil their potential such as it is. No point you saying you born equal but because of caste system bigotry you will not be allowed to have this job.

      • It is only in India that one has reservations based on caste.
        In USA there is no reservation of African descent.
        In south Africa you don’t have reservation for white people.
        In India we have reverse discrimination against those of upper caste.
        What Sin have they done not to be given equal opportunity.
        That is the reason why people of upper caste migrate to countries of equal opportunities where you can express your talent not constrained by CASTE RESERVATION.

      • What idiocy you are talking. If you are born in upper classes in a coety which says upper classes are to have privileges and opportunties because of that accident to birth you are NOT disadvantaged or discriminated in any way by the upsetting of that artificial and unfair status quo by insisting same chances are given to ‘low classes’. You are levelling the playing field so that those of merit can advance and succeed not just those who have all the inbuilt advantages of position (and indeed money as that position has been ruthlessly exploited for hundreds of years). I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to African Americans who also faced tremendous disparity and discrimination based on the colour of their skin for hundreds of years before the civil rights movement made it illegal to discriminate against them because they were not born white Americans. Same with SOuth AFrica unless of course you are now fighting for the rights of white south Afrikanners to be back in a supremacist position in their society? Indians of all class backgrounds migrate to the west for better life and there is no such thing as caste except in your mind.

  8. Perhaps we are talking to those people whom no body taught the meaning of religion which is way of life to be one with God. Love, equality, justice & welfare of humanity are basics of religion. We are talking with people who misuse & misguide people in the name of religion.

  9. You have not gone through the 1980-1990 Indira -Bhindranwale Punjab.
    You were never sure in that time if you would come back alive or not every day.
    Mr Badal rule is so much more peaceful compared to those days.

    • Tell that to the two Sikhs shot dead for protesting in street by police the beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib and whose killers in uniform have still not faced any prosecution for their cold blood blooded murder, tell that to Bapu Surat Singh who is regularly kidnapped from his own house and forced fed and then presented a bill for the abuse of his human rights, tell it to Sikhs who arbitraliy arrested and taken into ‘protective custody’ for daring to express their democratic right to dissent.

      • Police world over unfortunately commit excesses during maintaining of law and order even in USA.
        It should be addressesed in Police reforms and by amending laws of Nation on how to deal with peaceful protests.
        My advise would be to be law abiding citizens in any Nation and avoid getting into a confrontation with law enforcing agencies.
        Don’t go for mass gathering rather use social media to get your point across.

      • Police excesses involving shooting dead of unarmed peacefully protesting civilians in other civilised democratic countries leads to the immediate suspension of police officers and an investigation leading to their prosecution. IN Punjab it leads to the officers being fully protected by the Government and Sukhbir Badal going to the victims houses and offering them government jobs as blood money to keep quiet and not make a fuss so the whole matter can just blow over. In Punjab when we have an investigation led by a Judge (Katju) which finds the police culpable of murder the Government simply ignores the findings and sets up alternative investigation which speedily finds the opposite! As for this’suggestion’ that Sikhs not be allowed to exercise their democratic and religious right to free assembly, free association and free expression and instead just accept that as Sikhs their civil liberties guaranteed under the constitution will be curtailed by being arbitraily shot dead by police or arrested under false charges (‘protective custody’ is the illegal detention euphemism) that really shows how much antipathy you have towards the Sikh kaum that has made such sacrifices to allow you to enjoy the fruits of liberty. And why do wish us to be ‘heard’ but not ‘seen’ by making us only exercise our civil liberties on social media? Well, it would stop those television pictures showing such large crowds all united to express dissent in direct contrast to the pitifully small, paid for and bussed in crowds the Badals might arrange for their rallies? Could it be that you know only SIkhs with internet access could participate, that you can control what is being said (censorship) and actually collect together a database of those who talk too loudly for your tastes? Sikhs are democrats and believe in meritocrisy by nature whilst you and your RSS compatriots like Rajagopal are demagogues and believe in autocracy – that is why you continue to defend the indefensible and are the real enemy within to India’s democratic future.

      • M. Singh, why you paranoid of database? Database everyone has it, not just Hindus. You are doing encryption, VPN, everything this that way, relax. Thanks to the strong police actions Punjab now at peace, you are living in past times which has not happened in many years, large majority Sikhs now cutting hairs fully integrated going Hindu Sikh temples both, everyone enjoying, only few extremists left to be dealt by Indian state as we are doing then pacification will be complete.

      • Why I am paranoid of you holding a database of Sikhs? Well because you do not know anything about Indian history (you praise the Gurkha murderers of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and do not even know that SHiva bore a trishul and not a ‘khanda’ (sic)) I have to teach you another lesson. A database of Sikh names on electoral roll was used by Delhi police on behalf of Hinduvta mobs and Congress Politicians to go door to door in Delhi in 1984 of Sikh addresses and ensure they were disarmed before mobs turned up to loot, burn, rape and murder Sikhs en masse. It is called facilitating genocide. I use another IP address exactly to ensure that I can speak freely in India and am not rounded up for just exercising my right to free speech just as your compatriot RSS Harinder calls for Sikhs to be denied free assembly and free association which again are the religious and constitutional right. Your ‘pacification’ is recognised as genocidal pogrom but as you are a member and supporter of fascist RSS you believe in, relish and want to engage in cold blooded murder and rape (you have held up your hero KPS Gill convicted sex offender as champion of your values).

      • Two Sikhs is not large number. During militancy era, Sikh terrorists killed thousands of people. Majority they killed were other Sikhs, not Hindus. They claimed like you those are not real sikhs. They claimed those sikhs working for RSS or have fake beliefs. Mostly Sikhs were killed during the militancy. Hindus also did liquidation of Sikhs to restore order and stop bigger problem. Had Hindus not intervene Punjab would be ISIS situation in 90s. We saved our Sikh brothers from worse problem caused by crazy people like M Singh who believe things of zero evidence.

      • In SIkhism even the murder of one innocent person is too much. You seem to think killing Sikhs is no big deal and its okay for the police (who are supposed to protect the public) to do the cold blooded extra judicial killing! You even use the Nazi term ‘liquidation’ to describe the mass murder of a religious minority! You ‘saved’ the Sikhs by raping, kidnapping and murdering them in extra judicial slaughter just as Himmmler ‘saved’ Europe from the Jews. But it is good you reveal yourself and Hindutvta taliban depraved thought because it completely undermines RSS Harinder’s more sly contentions.

      • M Singh we need to remember we are all Slaves of Empire.
        Any time we rebel against the laws enacted by the Empire as enshrined in our Indian Constitution.
        The Empire will strike back with vengeance.

      • As I was just telling your raving lunatic RSS compatriot Rajagopal his rants are just undermining your more sly contentions of EMPIRE and slavery.

    • ‘Too much religion’? Too much? What is the point of religion at all if you are not going to follow its principles. You want to turn Sikhism into irrelevant and impotent faith so that we have followers like your RSS compatriot Rajagopal Krishnan who calls himself oxymoronic ‘Atheist Hindu’. You want us to have ‘Atheist Sikhs’?

      • For you a fanatic and extremists Sikh is one who bears the baptismal five kakkars and actually behaves with the egalitarian principles those kakkars represent. You want to castrate Sikhs to make them impotent both politically and spiritually so your RSS compatriots like Ramgopal Krishnan can uses as nothing more than tourist donkeys. Talking of your friend Ramgopal tell me is he being fanatic and extremist when he gloats with relish over the murder and rape of men, women and children and gleefully says the RSS will continue to murder and rape Sikhs with impugnity? I now you felt completely beleaguered with your propaganda mantra falling flat with the ease which I could point out the inherent hypocrisy and sheer factual errors in your diatribes but you made another mistake calling in someone like Ramgopal to help you as he knows nothing of Indian history and religion (praises Gurkhas who did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and doesn’t even know Shiva bears a trishul and not a ‘khanda’ for goodness sake!) let alone Sikh history and religion. Your mask slips once in a while to reveal your face when you bless the genociders of Sikhs but your bloodthirtsy RSS compadre Ramgopal has torn his mask completely off to reveal his leering goggle-eyed face foaming at the mouth like some rabid dog as he stupidly undermines your nuanced propaganda by openly and proudly confessing the RSS owns the Badals and systematically wishes to murder and rape Sikhs out of existence. The irony is that for all his lies, ignorance and hypocrisy at least he is honest in his fanatical extremism.

      • Typo correction I meant Rajagopal rather than Ramgopal but I doubt he will mind as that RSS thug (thuggee is another bit of Indian history someone will need to explain to him) is an ‘atheist Hindu’ so can believe in two different things at the same time.

      • India is run by an constitution and a law.
        No one can threaten any one with murder or Rape.
        It is an offence and any one can be booked for such an statement.

      • Your RSS compadre Rajagopal Krishnan has revelled and gloated in the rape and murder of Sikhs and made it explicitly clear that this policy is approved by the RSS of which he is a supporter and member and will be used against Sikhs again. As member of RSS he will not be booked for his hate speech but has just been asked by the RSS and you to tone down his rhetoric as his hubris has unwittingly undone all your work to present RSS as cuddly cultural organisation that does good works. As for law and constitution – under constitution as well as international riparian law the waters of the Punjab belong to the people of Punjab and cannot be freely looted but the Supreme Court under political pressure rules never mind that, go ahead and take the water regardless. The same Supreme Court issues an order based on the law finding against the Tamil peoples stating that they are not allowed to continue torturing bulls in their Jalli-kattu ‘sport’ but the Government sidesteps the law and says okay, the Tamils do not need to obey the law or the Supreme Court or PETA. Why they are allowed to break the law to carry on torturing bovine animals – which in their religion are supposed to be sacred – whilst Sikhs must keep within the law and lose the water that gives life and livelihood to humans in Punjab?
        India is run by an constitution and a law.
        No one can threaten any one with murder or Rape.
        It is an offence and any one can be booked for such an statement.

      • RSS is certainly humanitarian organization, RSS has done good works and preventing break up of nation into extremist mini states is a good work as well. Khalistanis must remember saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” RSS are very tolerant good people, best in the world and make life better for all, even many Sikhs are in RSS. Sikhs and RSS very often are one and same or helping each other, as in Babri Mosque incident when many Sikhs were there and you have given as example of RSS bad thing, Sikh bad thing you do not mention. Sikhs and RSS not separate as extremists want, we all are united under hindu nation. Jai Hind.

      • Former Maharastraa Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif termed the BJP’s ideological mentor RSS as India’s top terrorist organisation in November 2015. He claims that RSS activists have been indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India. “RSS activists have been charge sheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX explosives has been used. IF organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into account then the number of such cases goes up to 17””, said Mushrif.“The RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on this” said Mushrif, referring to the 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among others. “The RSS as a terror organisation has nopthing to do with political power. IT is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that is working, it’s the Brahminical system. And when I say Brahminical, it doesn’t mean the Brahmin, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate and oppress” he said.

  10. Who is not sikh? Anybody who don’t believe in one God & don’t believe in the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib is not a sikh. Badal? Sikh? He is worst than Indira Gandhi & RSS. Sikhs don’t want Panjab or any place in the world like syria or Iraq. Sikhs don’t kill innocents, they love God’s creation. But if somebody countinouly attacking our Gurdwaras & religion; Guru Sahib created Khalsa as sant sipahi, we need only five Gursikhs like Satwant Singh, Beant Singh, Sukha, Jinda & Dilawer Singh to change the history.

  11. R Gopal, if you worship God to this extent that you’re one with God & you see God in every human being & you serve them, as you’re serving God then you will realize who is sikh. Sikhs believe in one God & Guru Granth Sahib, at this time they don’t have any leader, but still are fighting, when they will find a leader, everything will be settled in right way.

    • May be you are right. Ego dissolution could cause this seeing all people as one humanity as you have mentioned. May be ego destruction causes delusion or may be it is the reality and normal life is the delusion. One day I hope sikhs choose their miracle leader and good things happen for all.

  12. I remember case not long ago where Gurdwara Rakab Ganj, Delhi High Court said demolish it to make the room for new Indian businesses. Everybody knew of this except Sikhs. Suddenly all Delhi police and tractor come and blew away portion of Gurdwara with bulldozer. But as this was free drinking water service for hindus, Sikhs immediately rebuilt within few hours. Hindus very happy at humiliation of Sikhs and still free water. Why Sikhs did this? Should tell hindus suck the fluid from the bull and give no free water. Or make hindus pay and only Sikhs free. Hindus should pay at least building cost as they demolished. As hindu I do not understand this Sikh stupidity. Hindus do not do this way. Easy answer is to show the identification, if not Sikh then cannot go inside the Sikh temple without payment. No other religion in world does langar for obvious reason. Also Muslim terrorist may come and do shooting inside Gurdwara as no identification is checked. Very easy Muslim can kill everybody as Sikhs have no weapons. This happened in West when white man went inside Gurdwara, all Sikhs got killed until Western police arrived.

    • You clearly do not understand the Sikh concept of seva – service to all humanity without monetary reward. I suppose it must be alien to you to just do good for the sake of doing good but Sikhs are taught to see all people whether they are Hindus, grateful or not, as fellow human beings and worthy of respect and love as they are part of humanity. Compassion and decency are not as you see it weakness but a great strength which stops immoral and unethical behaviour. If your heroes the Gurkhas had a compassion and common humanity in their