Poll: Who Should Win The Punjab Elections?

Which party in Punjab will make the most difference Punjab? Vote now in our poll.

The Punjab Elections of 2017 takes place on Saturday February 4. The people of Punjab will have a choice of releasing themselves from the shackles of repeated misrule. For decades, the people have been misled and bribed into voting for parties that have done harm to Punjab and not protected it’s people.

This time a new party has joined the ranks to bring a fresh perspective. How will this influence Punjab politics?

Time for a change? Vote now!



  1. Punjab can also decide to have a absolutely new Party with a dynamic and charismatic leader which will be

    1) By the People
    2) For the People
    3) Of the People

    • But you always insist that Sikhs are nothing more than ‘slaves’ and yet you are now quoting Abraham Lincoln with your desperate ‘By the People, for the People and of the People’ refrain fearing perhaps your Badals are now a busted flush. You do know Lincoln made this Gettysburg Address at the end of a civil war which freed the slaves? I have told you many times history is not your strong point and you should refrain from using any of it to try and back up your hypocritical arguments.

      • Harinder knowledge of Western history may be not as strong as yours or may be much stronger but Harinder knowledge of India definitely infinitely higher than your zero. Should Sikhs lie? M Singh does.

      • Oh, dear it seems I have provoked you. Truth hurts, eh? But it is nice you defend your friend as he has been knocked over again and again with views which are so easily dismantled by historical facts or just simple common sense. As for my knowledge of India is zero atleast I know the Gurkas which you proposed as preeminent martial Hindu race here actually come from Nepal and pulled the triggers which killed a thousand Indians at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre (this happened in Sikh city of Amritsar in 1919 – just thought I would educate you a little bit about something which every Indian schoolchild knows as you are not from India) and to this day continue to fight for the Britishers army. Also that horrendous slip you made with Shiva bearing the ‘khanda’ was very embarrassing for you; at least make the effort to know the doctrine and culture you claim is superior.

  2. We need to elect a good CM for Punjab who will make Punjab into an Utopian state.
    We also need to make our Nation where ever we stay into an Utopian Nations .

    • I wouldn’t worry about the Sikhs exercising their democratic right to vote as we will only be the tipping point when the Dalits have all converted to Christianity (cannot blame them in 21st Century abandoning pagan beliefs for a theology of One God).

      • Hindu have been handling Christian for long time, do not worry. Problem above Sikh weight class, RSS is handling. Sikh should worry themselves. Beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib in Punjab all being done by Christians. Now Sardarji want more Christians, want Christians to rescue Sikhs haha.

      • As a Sikh I have zero problem with Christians converting either people form Sikh or Hindu backgrounds to a monotheistic belief in One God. You apparently are so confident in your religion that you are prepared to use force to stop anyone leaving to join another. I think the Muslims also have such a prohibition and respond with violence to any that think of leaving their ranks. All the braggadocio of your RSS (what part they ever played in Independence struggle exactly – zero role other than to assassinate the father of the nation after independence) won’t stop Hindus seeking enlightenment from the Christians anymore than their equally impotent forefathers could stop my Hindu forbears abandoning Hinduism to become Sikhs.

      • Many Sikhs and Christians becoming Hindus again also. Hindu population did not become 1 billion+ by everyone leaving Hinduism. In Muslim country Sikh population would be annihilated as has been shown in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hindus only killing terrorist Khalistani Sikhs as sponsored by Pakistan. Good Sikhs who respect the hindus we keep them.

      • ‘Many Sikhs and Christians becoming Hindus again also.’ By force, wer are well aware of the reindoctrination programmes of ghar wapsi. No one in their right mind in 21st century is going to go back to stone age religion which preaches that man is born into lowly position and must stay there no matter what. IN Tamil Nadu we have the complete hyprocrisy of your people laid bare; on the one hand they say the cow is holy animal yet the other they insist on the right to abuse bulls. Hindu population is not 1 billion+ because you are including in that figure over 250 million Muslims as weall as other religions like the Christians and Sikhs.

      • Everyone agrees hindus over 1 billion, even you do not know what real number of hindus is. Now I see why you are confused. You can check many different surveys show this number, not just me telling. Because you are Western Khalistani terrorist you know nothing of hindu culture and just guessing at very basic facts like population number. How much more basic factual error can you have on hindus? Even after I taught you you are still wrong. Large numbers of people including famous people from many different religions have become hindus. I am surprised you do not even know this much.

      • I am an Indian Sikh living here in Punjab which is Sikh homeland and heartland. I can tolerate your hate speech because I am a democrat whilst you are a fascist. Which surveys are you using to claim there are over 1 billion Hindus living in India. Tell me the names. Also whilst you are at it give me the names of these large numbers of famous people who have converted to Hinduism.

      • No way you are Indian Sikh. You are obviously Western Khalistani terrorist. You can pretend but fact is you know nothing at all, not even basics. Firstly, never claimed 1 billion Hindus living IN INDIA. This you made up because you know you are wrong. Secondly, not my job to be your tutor. This should have been done from very young age and need full time effort. If you want survey result you can see from Google search of “hindu population”, will show many survey results. If you want famous people you can do list of converts to hinduism. You know none of this because you are Western. Even basics you do not know, but not worth time as you will deny regardless.

      • I am only concerned with Hindus in India because I live in India but it is telling that you cannot come up with any census statements or famous Hindu converts and just rely on your blind prejudice. You are probably a NRI Hindu with all the silly ill-informed and rather hysterical views you have posted when I come to think of it. You delight in the murder and rape of Indian citizens, instead of proposing Rajputs or the Maharattas as Hindu martial races as an Indian instinctively would you don’t seem to know that the Gurkhas are Nepalese and not Indians and have indeed blood on their trigger fingers for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, proudly declare to being a parasite for eating ‘free food’ in Gurdwara langar when any Indian Hindu would never think that lowly and even have said The Hindus have fooled the world into thinking they are a peaceful religion – no Indian Hindu thinks they have ‘fooled’ the world but believe sincerely their religion is peaceful. You have even claimed the Sikh ‘khanda’ is a sword of Shiva which shows you don’t even know that ‘khanda’ is not a sword at all but military emblem of the Sikhs (two symbolic kirpans and the circular chakkar). Maybe you have seen it on a Nishan Sahib outside the Gurdwara where you to get free food? You were probably thinking of the word ‘kirpan’ which an Indian Hindu would readily know, certainly a Punjabi Hindu, but even then you are mistakingly putting this into the hand of Shiva who as any real Indian Hindu would know does not wield a sword at all but carries a trishul! You were probably thinking of Kali and the tulwars she carries in her many hands as that Goddess is depicted in western films where you live. Indiana Jones and temple of doom was banned here in India you know but you obviously got to see it in Canada, Uk or wherever you are from. Certainly you are from west with your rabid hatred towards Sikhs which is not common feature of the Hindus who live side by side with me here in India who hates corruption, nepotism and communalism as much as me. I think it is difficult for you to openly come out of cupboard in the west as Hindu because gora would make fun of your worshipping of animals, gods, goddesses, demons, stone idols, astrology and caste as those are pagan beliefs that western culture has abandoned. That is why I think you tell people you are atheist so you can be more accepted there but it causes conflict in you as you don’t have courage like the NRI Sikhs to proudly declare their faith no matter what. Is that why you resent the Sikhs, that they continue to do what you can’t and shame your inferiority complex? You then try to compensate by hating that which you secretly admire behind overblown superiority complex even though you are ignorant of Hindu religion and history from the ‘homeland’. There I have saved you lot dollars for psychological therapy you desperately need and educated you too. Remember Shiva = trishul. Sikhs = kirpan.

      “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument” definition of an online troll… an example is HARINDER AND HIS BFF RAJGOBLIN KRISNAN THE INDIAN AGENT TROLL ?????

  3. A Simple rule to know your leader is this
    If he is good for you then he should be your leader .
    If not then just dump him and be your own leader and master of your own destiny.
    Trust your own brain more than any bodies else.
    You are the best person to protect and give meaning to it.

    • ‘If he is good for you then he should be your leader’. By that reckoning you are now advocating for Badals to be removed form office immediately! If they find out you are suggesting this blasphemy they will certainly have the RSS stop your online trolling payments.

  4. We respect Mr Maan, he resigned from service in protest against the attack on Darbar Sahib. He is good person, good administrator but not not a good politician, because a good politician is that who is liar but presents like a gentleman like Badal & Modi. We wish a raj which gives justice, equality, freedom of religion to everyone without any discrimination Just because of his religion, class or status which is the basic concept of sikh raj. But this is India where you can just wish.

  5. No don’t follow any leaders blindly .
    Use your own brain and survival instinct God gave you for survival purposes.
    Pray Punjab gets a GOOD CM who will lead the people of Punjab out of the mess of

    1) Drugs
    2) Debt
    3) De Industrialization
    4) Pollution by Carcinogen and heavy metals in Punjab’s water
    5) Five Dangerous ideologies of Imperialism ,Fanaticism ,Racism , Hyper nationalism and Fascism.

    • 6) comes after 5) even though you couldn’t think of anything. That’s what happens when you blindly follow leaders like Badals and their Hinduvta masters, end up with no thoughts of your own.

  6. Badal and Congress are an automatic NO.
    But Sardar Mann is kind of a shady character as well. He seems a little self serving, only deals with people, jathebandis, and issues he chooses based on his friendships.

    • he seems self serving? he left a good career to become a voice for sikhs, how is this man self serving? he has been arrested over 100 times by the corrupt indian government for no reason, illegally detained god knows how many times…random joginder you bullshit a lot

      • He’s right, Mann is a bit shady. Remember how sarbat khalsa 2015 went down? There was no vote by the sarbat khalsa but instead it was influenced by Mann.

      • well then who knows what has happened to him after all those years of being arrested and tortured, regardless, sikhs REALLY need a great new young leader so youth of punjab reading this it is TIME TO RISE UP! educate yourselves know your REAL history and world history and the history of your corrupt ugly indian government, study your oppressors and RALLY your friends and be SMART and become LEADERS! LISTEN TO EVERYTHING SANT JARNAIL SINGH KHALSA BHINDRANWALE SAID and LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF PAST WEAK MINDED SIKH LEADERS! :) BE BRAVE AND SMART AND FEARLESS

  7. Mr SS Mann is a good candidate to be the Chief minister of Indian Punjab.
    However any one in Punjab who love the people of Punjab will be also a Great choice.

      “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument” definition of an online troll… an example is HARINDER THE INDIAN AGENT TROLL ?????

      • Harinder is looking to be very peaceful proud good person, does not do insults like egomaniac Miss Kaur, even username has Miss already in name. Sikh use title Sardarni, Miss is Western title. You are Western Khalistani agent. “Miss” mean one who could not find husband.

      • ‘ “Miss” mean one who could not find husband.’ Really? Is that how justify attacking single young women on buses then? The title miss actually just denotes single female. They are allowed to be single you know. Shock, horror, some even get ‘married’ but get divorced when their husbands abuse them and readopt the title ‘miss’. You disapprove of that too? Come on, have some guts and just be open about your relationship with RSS Harinder. Oh, sorry, that might have sounded as if you two fellow travellers have some ‘inappropriate’ intimacy between you too and with your Bharat Aryan ‘purity’ philosophy you’re bound to have some violent, irrational reactionary prejudice against those ‘kind of people’ as well, eh?

      • LMAO your comments are so pathetic!!!!! Why are you even here reading about the affairs of Sikhs??? Ohhh yeah maybe because your A TROLL Writing comments from the Indian embassy!

      • “Miss” Kaur want only Khalistani terrorist in comments section because cannot handle opposing opinion. Welcome to real world where most people agree with the hindus. I relate to my friends and coworker as Sardarji jokes what most recent comment of Western Khalistani Agent “Miss” Kaur has stated and all laugh. Actually this is sardarniji joke, not sardarji joke. If you have problem with Indian embassy you can write them directly and they will explain to you or maybe also trash your e-mail in spam filter.

  8. I vote for MANN but why this poll only work via twitter!? I don’t use twitter… MISS KAUR votes for mann, count my vote sikh24


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