2 Years of Revolution: Message from Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa on Sangarsh and the Fall of Badals

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, January 16, 2017

LUDHIANA, Punjab—On January 16, 2017, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa completed two years of a hunger protest for the release of Sikh political prisoners.  Since he initiated the struggle in 2015, almost a dozen Sikhs have been released from prison. Bapu Surat Singh has endured severe physical pain and mental anguish, including the loss of his son-in-law in Chicago.  However, at the same time, he has continued to earn respect by the Sikh sangat worldwide.

Bapu Surat Singh is currently kept confined at the DMC Hero Heart Hospital in Ludhiana where he is being force fed.  The following message by him is being shared with Sikh24 readers –

Two years ago, this old aged man – away from the luxuries of family life, initiated a hunger protest for the release of Sikh warriors incarcerated in Indian jails.  The past two years were full of both depressing and exalting experiences.

I witnessed how cruel and devious the State can be.  Based on my personal experiences, I learned that through contemptible ways, the State possesses the might to crush struggles by common men.  Even when my body did not have strength, doctors and police continued to mount immense torture on me.  All of this was witnessed by me alone in isolated custody.

[Despite trying their best], the Badal Government was not able to break my resolve.  This is when they injected drugs and forced me to eat.  I later found out that a video was recorded by the Government to malign the struggle and to break the growing support by Sangat.  During this struggle, some so-called Panthik leaders also attempted to sabotage the struggle under  Badal’s orders.  I, however, remained firm in my resolve and committed to my pledge.  In time, these disguised Panthik leaders will be exposed due to their own insincerity.

Some people question how I have managed to survive for so long.  To these people, I can only say that the Badal Government was able to prolong my death by putting me under very tight supervision.  I have no desire to live, but I do wish to put this mortal body to use for the Panthik struggle.

I am convinced that the Badals will be taught a lesson by the people.  I have full faith that this time the Government will change.  I will continue to stand firmly in my resolve.  Individuals may choose not to stand by me, however, I ask everyone to keep in mind the cases of Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s sacrilege and to never vote for the Badal Government.  It is important that you remain aware of anti-Panthik efforts and find new methods to continue Panthik struggles.  I pray that the upcoming times are not unpleasant for Sikhs.  May Waheguru keep the Panth in rising spirits.


Surat Singh Khalsa


  1. Bapu ji’s struggle will bring ever shining light for the Sikhs and other minorities we are so indebted to bapu ji and his family waheguru will always keep u in chard I kala and Khalsa raj will come . As for India the disgusting barbaric hypocracy will end nothing lasts for ever only akal purakh who has created Khalsa to rule. Badals you will pay for this your days are almost up and after you will burn in hell very slowly . Baku ji great martyr .

  2. ***** when will this evil Indian regime ever STOP killing its own citizens…
    okay I need to clearly WatchOut for autocorrect and edit my comments before posting ? Sorry folks but you know what I mean.. I won’t correct everything

  3. SURAT SINGH KHALSA IS AMAZING! Sikhs can have hunger strikes but still mainstream India doesn’t give a damn about Sikhs and Sikh struggles! India and Indian government has been so inhumane towards Sikhs and minorities in India that words can’t even describe how Babaric the actions of the state of India has been towards its own citizens …
    Why hasn’t any real world super power invaded this monster Babaric India that openly allows child labourers and millions and millions of people to live in slums and invades so many states with its disgusting army and viciously kills so many innocent souls …. from Kashmir to Punjab to the Maoist regions to Assam to god knows where else, how many thousands and hundreds of
    Thousands of lives has this INDIAN state terrorized and imprisoned and tortured and raped and killed? How many? How much longer will the Sikhs and Muslims and low castes and untouchables in this barbaric land callled India, how long will these evil Indian rulers continue to kill members of certain religions and castes and ethnicities? When will this evil Indian regime ever start killing its own critizens? When will this be Bol regime stop rewarding mass murderers like evil cops and evil politicians and evil army soldiers? When?? Who can answer my question when will all this BLOODSHED caused and SPILLED by the GOVERNMENT OF EVIL INDIA EVER STOP!!!????!!! Perhaps when the TRUE KHALSA will shine and the flag of the Khalsa will shine over these barbaric lands of India! Never stop fighting against tyrants! Never forget 1984! Never forget guru nanak! Never forget what mother of India indira Gandhi and her family did! Never forget the children working as slaves in India! Never forget the lies and crap that comes out of Indian government like diaherria, constantly shit coming out of Indian government, LIES LIES LIES LIES, truth is very powerful and we must always search for the truth and fight against corruption and LIES or crap coming out of India!


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