Captain Helps Badal By Running In Lambi – A Vote Split For Jarnail Singh AAP

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee head, Captain Amarinder Singh announced he would contest the assembly polls from Lambi constituency against Chief Minister Parkash Badal. Lambi is home constituency of the current CM.

It will be first time in history that a former Chief Minister will contest the presiding one, and that too on his home turf. Captain Amarinder Singh is also contesting the election from his home ground of Patiala.

Some political analysts are commenting that the Captain is aiding CM Badal as he is likely to sorely lose against the fresh faced Jarnail Singh of the AAP. The Captain stepping into the foray is helping to split the vote bank for Jarnail Singh, which may make it harder for the AAP to win outright.

“I want to fight the CM on his home turf to defeat top Akali leaders responsible for destroying the state their drugs, mafia and goonda raj, and guilty of ruining its trade, industry and agriculture. It would free Punjab from vicious and destructive rules of Badals”, Captain said on January 14.

Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal has welcomed the Captain Amarinder Singh’s decision to contest election from Lambi constituency. But he also had a dig that he ought to wait for a nod from his high command in Delhi.




  1. We must set up a absolutely new party in Punjab having a clean break from past which will be.

    1) By the People
    2) For the People
    3) Of the People
    All parties need to work sincerely for the well being of People of Punjab.

    • You always insist that Sikhs are nothing more than ‘slaves’ and yet you are now quoting Abraham Lincoln with your desperate ‘By the People, for the People and of the People’ refrain fearing perhaps your Badals are now a busted flush. You do know Lincoln made this Gettysburg Address at the end of a civil war which freed the slaves? I have told you many times history is not your strong point and you should refrain from using any of it to try and back up your hypocritical arguments.

    • Deeply suspicious move designed to split the opposition vote to Badal. Amarinder doing a favour to his supposed rival when both are working for the same boss in Delhi. How can you stand in TWO seats for election? It is a farce to ensure the status quo because both BJP-Akali Badal and Congress fear a third party in Punjab and are not prepare to defeat such a rival with just the strength of their argument but dirty tricks instead. With the brutal beating up of a constituent for just daring to ask a question at a Akali Badal husting I despair for democracy in my Punjab when such cynical things are done so brazenly.

      “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument” definition of an online troll… an example is HARINDER THE INDIAN AGENT TROLL ?????

  2. Fat amrinder the congress goon look at your own self and own party!!! Congress has killed over 100,000 Sikhs and yes badal raj is evil but so is your dirty congress raj so stop acting like you’re morally better then badal a because you’re not!! Same evil old evil people try to get powers in their hands and ruin Sikhi and Punjab…. same old shit!


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