Dhandriawale VIDEO: What’s The Logic In Burning Food At Lohri


…all Sikh parents MUST understand their children belong to God, parents have simply been given the duty to raise them – thank Waheguru by deciding to bring them up as Sikhs, not by partying on Lohri! | ਲੋਹੜੀ ਤੇ ਕੁਝ ਵੀ ਅੱਗ ਤੇ ਨਾ ਸੁਟੋ |

Many are unable to digest the essence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They do not have valid answers to the indisputable questions Guru Sahib Ji raises. Those who practise falsehood cannot give answers as they have no answers to logic, so instead they commit ‘Beadbi’ – they go and tear the limbs of Guru Sahib Ji. Some others attempt to kill anyone who is promoting the message of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. A temperamental person resorts to raising his fist when unable to legitimately answer questions about his wrongdoings. Similarly, these people can only fire bullets when they are unable to answer the indisputable questions raised by Guru Sahib Ji.

One day in the January of each year is that unfortunate time when many Sikh households erroneously choose to celebrate the non-Sikh festival known as “Lohri”, gathering around a bonfire at night to perform ‘Bhangra’ and ‘Gidda’, sing songs and throw food into fire (e.g. Peanuts, Rewri, Gachak, Popcorn etc). This is quite often for the birth of a newborn child, specifically a male child. Sometimes it is celebrated when a marriage has taken place in the elapsed year, specifically the marriage of a son. Gurmat?

Is it within Gurmat to throw food items made for consumption into a fire? Is food supposed to be for eating or for burning?

Guru Granth Sahib Ji challenges such rituals with solid reasoning, but it is unfortunate we Sikhs have not made the effort to listen to what Guru Sahib Ji is trying to telling us.

A Sikh should be grateful to the Creator Lord for being blessed with a child. Crucially, the Sikh parents must realise life is given to the child by the Creator, He is the one who makes the heart beat, who makes the body function – it is not the parents who do this. Therefore, the parents must firmly accept the child belongs to the Creator, and He has blessed the parents with a duty to raise the child into adulthood. The parents have simply been given the responsibility to raise the child that belongs to the Creator, and they must fulfil this responsibility correctly to the best of their abilities, strictly with guidance from Gurmat, to bring up the child as a true Sikh. Sikh parents must implant this into their conscience and then raise their children with this fact constantly in mind.

The parents are obliged to thank the Creator for being honoured with such a task, but does that ever happen? Their mind will say “my son” or “my daughter”. Some may even arrogantly think, “I will raise my child how I want”. Instead of thanking Waheguru by raising the child as a Sikh, many will instead celebrate Lohri by partying, dancing, drinking alcohol and on most occasions, throwing food into fires!


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  1. Rss agent once again u r told to read history Ahmed shah abd ali was taking Hindu girls and selling them on market where we’re cow dung worshipping Hindus hiding in dhotis it was Khalsa though in few numbers sent abdalli packing home . It is guru Nanak get it right ! He refused to wear the Janju and showed true way of life . U really are without any knowledge about sikhi go and talk about monkey worshipping rss.

    • RSS does not need agent, majority population of India is RSS. RSS have many times entire population of Sikhs. You are Khalistan agent.

      • There were many millions of Nazis in Germany once. They too thought their reich would last a thousand years under a fluttering swastika. They were wrong just as their fascist RSS counterparts are but not only because they are on the wrong side of history, humanity and righteousness but also because the RSS are just a bunch of mob mentality losers. As you support their criminality and religious intolerance then clearly you are an agent of fascism.

        • I support RSS when RSS engaged in stopping the terrorism or in the war, and also RSS in the peace time do many good things providing charity to many groups including Sikh beggars. We have given free protection to Sikhs who were being converted to Christianity in Punjab. Sikhs told us they want to handle so RSS left to Sikhs, then beadbi movement began. Now Sikhs upset, want Indian Government crack down. Sikhs always upset one excuse or the other. After beadbi started Sikhs murdered some Christians in revenge of beadbi. Had RSS handled all this Sikh-Christian violence could have been avoided.

          • What Christians committed beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib? What evidence you got for this kind of outrageous slur? And why would SIkhs object to Christians converting Sikhs to Christianity? Both believe in monotheistic God and Sikhism does not care if a Sikh abandons his religion for another? As for Sikhs relying on RSS to ‘protect’ them? Wow! That is astonishing upside down view not just of history but reality itself. You never heard of the Khalsa? You know the ones who were fighting the Moghuls when your RSS forefathers were hiding as their daughters were being carried off on the back of Afghan horses? The RSS is deliberately modelled on the SS of Hitler’s Nazi party because Indians don’t comprehend the full horror of subscribing to where ultra nationalism leads. The Nazi’s called themselves National Socialists, prided themselves as being the so called ‘true patriots of their country, real Germanic peoples who loved the fatherland, true Aryans of pure blood, and who were best placed to decide who was and who was not entitled to see themselves as their fellow countrymen’ – swap out the references to Germany and it is the exact same rhetoric the RSS uses to drum up their politics of hate. In the Nazi instance they decided to persecute the Jews. In the instance of the RSS you have decided to persecute other minorities such as the Muslims and the Sikhs for ‘not being true Indians or not being Indian enough’ with that reactionary claptrap about being ‘anti national’ – the same evil reasoning the SS and Nazis used to discriminate and ultimately try to eliminate ‘anti-nationals’ / ‘undesirables’ from their blessed pure Reich / Bharat. In a democracy one has the right and duty to criticise one’s governance and Sikhs certainly cannot be expected to be subservient as their religious psyche and history of resistance to tyranny amply demonstrates so don’t try to tell us to keep quiet and know our place just to save our lives. Sikhs would rather die on their feet rather than live on their knees as you seem to be intimating we should do.
            The RSS shares not only share the Nazi’s nationalism but also its means of indoctrinating its ideology into the young Indian (revising school text books to rewrite history is a perfect example) with their rallies – hell even their uniforms are modelled on the Hitler Youth. The Nazis only started invading other people’s countries after they had spent a decade brutally persecuting their own people (effectively anybody who didn’t think like them or had the audacity to stand up against their tyranny was disappeared, tortured and put to death – sound familiar when you talk of ‘Punjab is at peace’?). That is why a Sikh cannot be a member of the RSS or keep silent when it persecutes other Indians (whether they be Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or Christian – all are equal in the Sikh’s mind and equally deserving of life, respect, dignity) because Sikhs are taught to be the staunch defenders of both their and others civil and human rights to practise whatever religion they want without fear or favour.
            Take a good hard look at what the RSS actually stands for (its murder of the father of the nation clearly demonstrates its intolerant supremiscist doctrine from the start and where the hell was the RSS anyway in India’s fight for independence, Sikhs were at the forefront with the formation of the Ghadr party and the NLA as well as avenging the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre) and remember that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Former Maharastraa Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif termed the BJP’s ideological mentor RSS as India’s top terrorist organisation in November 2015. He claims that RSS activists have been indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India. “RSS activists have been charge sheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX explosives has been used. IF organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into account then the number of such cases goes up to 17””, said Mushrif.“The RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on this” said Mushrif, referring to the 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among others. “The RSS as a terror organisation has nopthing to do with political power. IT is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that is working, it’s the Brahminical system. And when I say Brahminical, it doesn’t mean the Brahmin, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate and oppress” he said. RSS is a clear and present danger not only to the Sikhs (with its agenda of embracing Sikhism into the fold of Hinduism) but to all other religious minorities in India. Their beliefs are akin to the Moghul belief of hegemony and dominance over other peoples in the subcontinent and as such the Khalsa’s response must be the same – to resist such despotism. IN the RSS case it is also currently the militant woing of the ruling BJP which gives it enormous power and influence to use the apparatus of a nation state against peoples it does not consider to be pure. One only has to look at its programme of rewriting unfavourable (to its image) history in school text books in India and its abominal Ghar Wapsi initiative to see the danger. I have previously and at length explained to you its obvious parallels to the Nazi SS’s notions of national purity and just as the Sikhs fought against those fascists in north Africa and Italy we will fight them here in India too for the sake of not just our own liberty but those of other vulnerable minorities (whether they be Christian, Muslim or even Hindu so that the Dalit is free to choose what station in life he wishes to attain and break those shackles of caste the RSS is intent upon maintaining).

  2. Sikhs keep saying they have saved hindus from Mughals. Sikhs did good job, they were elite fighters. But did you know hindus fought Mughals also? Yes it is true. Bulk of soldiers fighting Muslims were hindus, not Sikhs. Sikhs were like a small special forces but without the large hindu forces as a support they would have been wiped by Mughal armies. Sikhs and hindus fought each other very much also and is complicated but do not be fooled to think Sikhs deserve all credit for saving India from Mughals. This is not true. Hindu and Muslim forces were giants and Sikhs served as tipping factor. Sikhs played important but partial role. Same with British. Sikhs did most the sacrifice but hindus also played role. Hindus also deserve some credit. Sikhs even helped British against hindus sometimes. Hindus did massacres of Sikhs in 80s but Sikhs also did killing of few innocent people. Most of blame lies on hindus but Sikhs also did some bad things. hindus have caste system. But hindus also have reserved seats to help low castes. Sikhs do not have caste system. But Sikhs also use Jatt labels and follow caste marriage rituals. Again Sikhs are leading way to get rid of the caste but it is not complete black and white as Sikhs pretend. You are little bit better quality than hindus but also very weak in numbers compared to hindus. Pakistan is your friend now, to make Khalistan. But if Hindustan was not there, then do you think Pakistan would still be friendly with Sikhs? No. They would have killed you all for glory of Islam same way ISIS does. When ant tells elephant it has saved elephant from danger, elephant is thankful but ant should not think it is now boss of elephant. Elephant still the boss. You must listen to what hindus say because hindus control all everything you own in Punjab. We can cause big troubles for you if you make problem for us. We want a good discipline for our slaves but we will not be as bad as ISIS or Taliban.

    • Complete nonsense and rewriting of history form you as you proudly display your ignorance. If Hindus were fighting so successfully the Mughals why would they need the support of Sikhs at all? And which Hindus were doing all this magnificent fight against the invading and oppressive Islamist regime? The Rajputs and Punjabi Hill Chief Rajas were all in collaboration with the Mughals in return for being allowed to remain satellite states. The Maharattas were indeed putting up great resistance but that was in the south of the subcontinent, are you seriously trying to claim they saved the northern Hindus from subjugation. Can’t remember Maharattas riding after the Afghan to save Hindu girls being kidnapped. I can understand why you want to airbrush Sikhs out of history and play down their heroics because both put into sharp relief what your people will doing (or not doing) in opposing Islamist tyranny but to push the tissue thin lie that the Sikhs were somehow just an elite shocktroop regiment of the Hindu armies is absurd. Don’t you know the Singhs were only created in 1699 and that Sikhs prior to this were fighting alongside Guru Hargobind more than fifty years before. That means you had at least fifty years (and it is more than than that when you consider that SIkhism was created by Guru Nanak nearly two hundred years before this) to oust the Moghul – why then is there a tipping point when you also say the Sikhs were tiny number? Truth is Punjab could do nothing against the onslaught of not just the Moghul and the Afghan but also the Persian and even Alexander the Great before them until the Sikhs emerged and slammed shut the door at the Khyber Pass. The Afghan king in Kabul paid tribute to the Sikh Empire in return for Hari Singh Nalwa staying out of Afghanistan. As for you being elephant (lumbering, short sighted, full of massive amounts of excrement, largely docile and subservient to the whip) it is better to think of the Sikh with his persistent sting as being the mosquito who can bring it crashing down to its knees. Moghul, Britisher or you, doesn’t matter because outcome will be the same as Sikhs refuse to be slaves and no matter how much you say we are until that moment a slave actually says it and let alone believes it they are free. You are blind to history and to what is coming with even the Dalit turning to Christianity – you cannot keep people in dark ages.

      • RSS has saved Sikhs from the Christian converts many times. I know the thanks will not be given but you are welcome for this service. Sikhs are not the only special forces of the hindus. We have many other special forces, Gurkhas even better than the Sikhs, Kshatriya also which Sikhs are type of Kshatriya which is type of Hindu. Sikh are sub-type of sub-type of Hindu, not as important as thought. If hindus were helpless then tell why Sikhs are forced in hindustan today lost 80s war.

        • RSS has ‘saved’ Sikhs from Christianity? How do you work that out? Both Sikhism and Christianity believe in One Almighty God that has created all men equal and Sikhsim also preaches that we do not have a monopoly on this monetheistic truth. There is prohibition against Sikhs converting to other religions and indeed Sikhs are encouraged to seek other spiritual paths if they cannot seem to find enlightenment walking Sikhi’s. You need to understand that to be ‘saved’ one must first be in position of needing saving. You know like the Kashmir Pandits who begged the Sikhs to save their faith from the Moghul Emperor of when Hindu girls were being abducted on the backs of Afghan horses and their Kshatriya brothers were too impotent to save them and had to rely on the Khalsa to recover their honour. As for Gurkhas are better than Sikhs are you referring to the ones who committed massacred at Jallianwala Bagh or the ones who now fight amongst themselves even today to get into the army of their former colonial masters, the British? Yes, what honour and self respect they had and have for you to admire. If Kshatriya were so noble and effective warriors why they couldn’t throw off the yoke of both Mughal and Britisher rule for centuries? Because they just like you are all preening talk. As for Sikhs losing war in the 1980s, what ‘war’ you are referring to exactly? A few hundred defenders in the Darbar Sahib holding off entire Indian army or the state sponsored genocidal pogrom against unharmed Sikhs or the human rights abuses and extra judicial fake encounters, disappearances and murders of Sikh jawans in the fifteen years that followed?

          • Type correction – There is NO prohibition in Sikhism from converting from Sikhi to another faith although obviously we would expect a sideways move to another monotheistic religion rather than retrograde backwards move to stone age belief system of animal worship.

          • Thank you for accepting with open arms the hindu monotheists. M Singh total ignorance of basics of Hinduism and India fully revealed.

        • The concept of Hindu monotheism is not the same as either Jewish or Islamic or Sikh monotheism because when it eliptically talks of One God’ it still says this One God is divided into three – the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, and of course accepts they have been immanent in human form upon the earth. Hindu ‘monotheists’ still believe in the practice of animal worship, idolotary, astrology and casteism. The fact that there are Hindus fumbling to grasp the reality that there is only One God is great and has been recognised in Sikhism for centuries because we read and accepted the utterances of some Hindu bhagats who had come to this conclusion (minus the ritualistic astrology, caste and animal / stone worshipping) and their enlightened words are contained within the Gurbani of Guru Granth Sahib. You are trying to create an emnity between the SIkh and the Hindu when it is possible and has been possible for most of our history to live alongside each other respecting our different theologies. That is the history you should learn.

  3. Nanak said do not wear Janju so everyone agree ritual is bad, now Sikhs all wear turban. Same thing. Hindus celebrate Diwali. Sikhs want celebrate on exact same day but need excuse so invented Bandi Chhor Divas which convenient is on same exact day. It is same thing. Baisakhi is ancient hindu harvest festival we have been celebrating long time, Sikhs wanted celebration on same exact day, so Guru Gobind Singh claimed this as now it is Sikh new year. The Sikh kirtan, hindus have been doing already for long time. Same thing, same instruments also. Sikh Guru name is “Ram Das” this means “Slave of Hindu God Ram,” very correct name for a Sikh. Ram is not name of God that Sikhs invented. Ram is Hindu god name long before Sikhs. Golden Temple called Har Mandir, Har is Hindu God name, Mandir is word invented by Hindus for temple, stolen by Sikhs. Guru is word invented by Hindus, stolen by Sikhs. If you want separate religion then give back all the terminologies and festivals stolen from Hindus and create your own new ones. Remove Guru Granth Sahib portions written by hindus. Leave nation of hindustan. Otherwise you are still part hindu and should show the respect and deference to mother hinduism. Even Nanak born to hindu mother, respect the elders. Always Sikhs saying bad things of hindus. Sikhs say worship stone idol is bad, now they worship book. Book is dead, does not need any silk cloths or fly whisks or bowing. You are doing same thing as hindus with stone idols. Sikhs probably better than hindus but big room for improvement still. Atheism is future.

    • I have often told your friend RSS Harinder about keeping his mouth shut and allowing others to think him a fool rather than opening it and proving it to be so and I give you the same advice. You must at least know the facts before you try to distort and pervert them to fit your narrative. Sikhs do not wear ‘turbans’ they wear Dastaars. You obviously do not understand let alone appreciate the distinction. Unlike folktale Diwali Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chorr Divas because of a real historical event – the release from Gwalior fort of Guru Hargobind by the Moghul Emperor Jahangir which is verified not just by Sikh and Hindu sources but by the surviving documents of the Moghul Court, East India Company and Catholic missionaries at the time. Both the release and the Sixth Guru’s return to Amritsar were purposefully timed to coincide with the Hindu festival of Diwali for maximum effect on the public. Same with Baisakhi which was a Punjabi harvest festival. Guru Gobind SIngh Jiu called his Sikhs togther at Anandpur Sahib at Baisakhi because it would have been the ideal time to gather them together as the harvest had already been gathered in and they could leave their farms to attend. We call this moment Vaisakhi because we are no longer celebrating harvest festival but the inauguration of the Khalsa which was done on this date again for maximum public effect. Guru Gobind Singh Ji also stopped SIkhs from celebrating Holi because he found the frolicking at a time when Siukhs were being hunted down by the Moghul State highly offensive and created alternative festival for his SIkhs of Hola Mohalla where they could instead of throwing powder practise martial skills. All these events are historically verified because they happened less than 350 years ago and we have the documents of Moghul Court, East india Company and missionaries. Can you say that about flying talking monkey kings on rescue missions to save princess from multi headed demon? The Sikh Gurus as well as their early followeres were indeed descended form Hindu families because majority population of Indian subcontinent was Hindu before Islam arrived but your point is nonsensical as the same applies to early Christians in that they too including Jesus came from Jewish families. When you understand that basic fact then the logic of Hindu words being used is blindingly obvious. If you are preaching to a largely Hindu population then you have to use terminology and frames of reference that that audience can identify with. That is why sanctorum at Darbar Sahib is called Harimandir Sahib so that everyone could readily understand what the building was for. We don;t call it that because we believe in Hindu Gods Ram. And again you would have early Sikhs having Hindu names in the same way early Christians (who would be from Jewish background rather than gentiles) would have Jewish names – think of Jesus and his apoostles they all have Jewish names. Can you tell me where Nanak’s name appears in Hindu deity pantheon? Or the second Guru, Angad? Or the third, Amar? Or perhaps more poignantly for you the ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur? And what do you mean by nation of Hindustan? Nation of Hindustan was created in 1947. The Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit SIngh’s SIkh Empire predates it. India itself only came into being when East India Company did what the Moghul Empire started by unifying the independant sovereign states in the Indian subcontinent under their central rule (even then they didn’t get all of Inida as the Portuguese ruled Goa for example all the way up to 1947) and the Sikh Empire was the very last to be annexed and appended to their rule. Also we don’t worship Guru Granth Sahib, we revere it and the Gurbani contained within. We only worship Waheguru. To you it is just book but to us it is Guru because Guru Gobind Singh Ji decreed it so and we will take his word over yours thank you very much. The Guru Granth Sahib contains hymns of all saints whose conceptualisation of God agrees with the SIkh Gurus comprehension of him – that is why we have some Hindu Bhagat’s writings and some Sufi Saints writing alongside the compositions of our Gurus. Very odd that you want to ‘repatriate’ these Bhagats writings when they are too describing the Oneness of God and rejecting Hindu conception of multiple deities. Hinduism to a Sikh is the same thing as Judaism is to a Christian and we have and can still live with that familial bond but under no circumstances will we do so as you suggest as some kind of lesser deferential relative particularly when we compare and contrast your beliefs and historical achievements against ours. You may consider yourself our elders in the same way Windows 95 is to Windows 10 but by same token you cannot consider yourself our betters.

      • Dastaar and turban is same thing different language, no difference. You are making fool of yourself trying to find distinction, some hindus other than sikhs also wear turban, we used first and still use. Hindus had many nations before British not only one like Sikhs. Now hindu have one mega nation Sikh have zero. British gave your half nation to Muslim and half nation to hindu, you no longer have any nation. You are worship book and say you worship bani it contain, same way hindu worship the god not stone found in field. Same thing. You have admit there is familial bond, deference is there in the reality whether you deny or accept. You are living in the hindustan and hindus have the power. Hindu are the linux, there are many type of linux not only one type as for windows Sikhs that are victims of the hackers like Badal and KPS Gill and many other famous Sikhs. KPS Gill Supercop very respected in hindustan we are proud to have this Powerful Sikh. Molestation he did was done by Sikh. Badal also Powerful Sikh. Hindus not only older than Sikhs but also more popular today than Sikhs and growing faster than Sikhs. Easy to grow when starting from zero like Sikhs, but Sikhs still growing very much slower than hindus already over a billion. Soon in Punjab Sikh will be minority again. Punjab made smaller and smaller to keep artificial Sikh majority, now there also you will be minority. After we finish Kashmir by that time Punjab will be ready and next we will do the cleaning in Punjab.

        • No, you ignoramus, turban and dastaar are NOT the same thing. Take a look at the turbans worn by Hindus and compare with dastaar of Sikhs which holds reverential position as a crown topping the head of a man who is considered to be sovereign. No Hindu went into battle in first and second world war wearing his turban but every Sikh did. Also we do not ‘worship’ Guru Granth Sahib – the clue is in the title Guru – but revere the Gurbani contained within which helps us to commune and worship the One God. A Hindu however does believe that spiritual deity does reside in stone idol he is worshipping. And what can I say that you are so proud of KPS Gill who is a murderer and a convicted sex offender. That kind of hero worship says so much about your depraved character. Sikhs have Bhagat Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur, Maharajah Ranjit Singh et al and you have KPS Gill. As for Hindus have linux, well the most of the world uses Windows so you are stuck using a minor software ignored by most of the world as being eccentric and irrelevant.

          • Turbaned Sikhs are not sovereign and it is not crown. Sikhs are not ruler of any place. This ended when British Raj defeated you and split up Sikh Empire. If Sikhs so powerful, why did you lose? You know nothing whatsoever of hinduism. Nothing at all. Did you know some hindus are atheists even? I have been explaining to you all this time that I am hindu atheist but did not sink into head, maybe turban blocked it. You insist hindu believe in deity in stone idol, you insist monotheism better than the hindus. Many hindu polytheists, but also many hindu monotheists as well and hindu atheists like myself. Rejection of polytheism was not innovation of Sikh religion as you falsely and ignorantly claim. This was already done by hindus long before Nanak existed. Hindus much larger and much more diverse religion than puny and pathetic Sikhs.

        • The dastaar is a crown and that is why Sikhs wear it proudly even in battle. It is a sign of sovereignty (in ancient times only those of royal lineage would dare to tie a turban as it was recognised as a sign of nobility) which is a constant reminder / thorn in your side that Sikhs are unbowed no matter what. As for why did the Sikh empire become annexed? I thought I had explained this in detail to your firend RSS Harinder and that he might mention it to you so that you would not try to raise it as a subject. But I will educate you again. The Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit Singh met its end by the treachery of the Kashmiri Hindu Dogra brothers Dhian Singh (Vizier) and Gholab Singh (rewarded for his traitorous collaboration by the East India Company by being given the Rajaship of Kashmir which has led to the anomaly of a Hindu Raja overlording a predominantly Muslim state). These two Hindu Dogra traitors may have also hastened Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s death (there is a suggestion that he was poisoned) and acted on the behalf of the EIC promising the co-operation of their commanders in the field and all battle plans recruiting two particular Dogra generals Tej Singh & Lal Singh to betray the Sikh Empire and working their way through Ranjit’s successors (Maharajah Kharak Singh was probably also poisoned and Dhian’s Singh hand is bloodstained with the murder of the grandson Nau Nihal Singh in particular). Their treachery was absolutely vital in the loss of the first Anglo Sikh War when EIC’s General Gough was on the point of defeat at the battle of Mudki (and was in the midst of burning all his papers in his tent so convinced was he of defeat) when the Dogras, Tej and Lal Singh withheld supplies and refrained from joining the attack. The lesson to be learned is that the ‘Empire’ did not win by annexation but by the infiltration of traitors and collaborators within the Sikh Empire – sound familiar today? As for I know nothing of Hinduism? ‘Nothing at all.’ Pot calling kettle black my friend when you have stated on this website that ‘khanda’ is just a holy sword used by Shiva when ‘Khanda’ is not a sword at all but Sikh military emblem (featuring two kirpans and a chakkar) and Shiva does not brandish a sword either but rather a trishul! And how can you be both a Hindu and an atheists – believe in multiple Gods and at the same believe in none of them? That is like saying it is possible to be both pregnant and not pregnant at exactly the same time. Nonsensical and evidence of a confused mind but as you say may be typical of Hindus in general if they have no real convictions or principles but just sway with the wind and their own personal peccadilloes. And I never said rejection of polytheism was innovation of Sikh religion; I was rather making the point that Sikhism’s rejection of polytheist thought coincides remarkably with the monotheistic conclusions reached by the Abrahamic faiths over a thousand miles away in the middle east. If two experts in their respective fields reach the same conclusions independently then one has to accept that the conclusion is correct.


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