THOUGHTS: Lies Vs Truth

It’s easy to speak the truth. Its ever so slightly easier to lie, however, and so, we do

…but the trouble it causes to our conscience, our ego, our friends and loved ones often leads to distrust, disharmony and on a wider scale, unjust wars and massacres.

Maintaining an unsoiled conscience, held since the early times of one’s innocent years of childhood, is a difficult thing. As each and every transgression slowly begins to pollute our perceptions and tolerances levels, the shape of our whole being slowly begins to transform. That innocent, angelic, loving young human being can slowly begin to morph into a power-hungry materialist who may step over, or even through, any and all to achieve his self-satisfying aims.

Aligning oneself with truth, however, in all circumstances, may prove difficult and arduous, but the stainless soul is them able to yield a potentially ripe field for implanting the seeds of spiritual growth and a honing and heightening of a person’s existing intuitive virtues.

Measure of a Man

Throughout the ages, a man’s character has been judged by his word. A leader’s strength built upon his integrity and honesty. 

Deception, theft, pillage and wars have been avoided through trust and honesty. Civilizations have thrived and flourished through altruistic and honest leaders who have benefited their people with prosperity through, fair, just and transparent governing.

A Different World

If leaders and governments were able to adopt honesty as a primary virtue, especially in this age of media, where the face currently openly misleads it’s people while engaging in underhanded behaviour with it’s arms and legs, the world would truly be a happier and prosperous place.

Change Comes From Within

Vaheguru jee reaches out to every individual to inspire the adoption and nurturing of these values to help create a more wholesome human being. His accepting students then bask in the warm and fulfilling embrace of His advice and care, like a child in it’s father’s laps.

Each and every human that imbibes these values become a shining beacon of hope and inspiration for the rest of us. The potential lies in every single man, woman and child, no matter what station, origin or background. The light of a new day continuously brings forth a new beginning, to launch forward with a new approach and mentality.

Grasping HIS hand along the way grants us the required extra strength and guidance to help maintain this firm and unwavering attachment to truth. To keep away from falsehood and lies like the opposing poles of a magnet – resulting in an emergence of the clarity, conviction and energy required to become the foundation stones of an achievable, eutopic existence. Fluffy talk? No, a very tangible reality.

The Time is Now

The limited time-frame of our existing mortal frame grants us but a limited window of opportunity to truly appreciate this. Our ingrained behaviours have time to be reshaped over the anvil of change by submitting to the hammer of spiritual wisdom.

This transformation itself eventually becomes a stepping stone towards the soul being allowed to rise up towards it’s original source – the primal soul behind existence itself.

By true actions, this body is obtained & the inner door to the Beloved’s Mansion, is found.
Guramukh Man Samajhaaeeai Aatham Raam Beechaar ||2||
The Gurmukhs train their minds to contemplate the Lord, the Supreme Soul. ||2||



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