I’m in awe of him but I can never imagine anyone being in his shoes.

I can’t imagine a nine-year-old holding the head of his father in his hand and consoling the other people that it’s okay.

I can’t imagine anyone leading the followers of a whole religion at that young age, creating an army of the pious ones and having a character so amazing that they can be inspired to change themselves.

I can’t imagine anyone standing on a stage and having the valor to ask the heads of five people and expecting them to willingly surrender.
After that, have the humility to create a whole new page and revolution and honor them to be the leaders.

I can’t imagine anyone being in a battlefield, knowing his young son is going into the battle the next day and never come back, put the armor on his teenage son and pat him on his back and say “may you fight well…” (I can never forget the tears I couldn’t control watching that scene in the movie).

I can’t imagine anyone still standing on his feet after hearing the news that his two young boys had been bricked alive and his mother had been killed and yet continue on a mission that his ancestors had started.

But when I say and that I am in awe of Guru Gobind Singh ji, I don’t mean you should stop living and you owe your life to him.
No. I don’t think he would have wanted that.
He was too generous a person to ever want anybody to stop living for him.

But I wish that when people talk about him, their heads should be held high with the thought that in their lineage there was such a man who was so brave that you can’t even imagine anybody in the history of mankind ever being like him.

That sense of Pride would be good enough for you to be able to carry yourself through this life and say “I was lucky to be born in the family that had ancestors who were somehow connected to Guru Gobind Singh ji.”

It’s an honor to even be mentioned that we are the followers of such a brave man, such a visionary, such a father, such a leader, such a son.
He was a complete human being.

We wish all the people celebrating his 350 years of his birth a beautiful journey ahead.
We all should be proud that we are a part of a legacy of Guru Gobind Singh.⁠⁠⁠⁠

☬ ☬ ☬ ☬ ☬

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