Dhumma Group Given Langar Sewa at Takht Sri Patna Sahib

PATNA SAHIB, Bihar, India—The service of the main Langar (free community kitchen) at Takht Sri Harmandir Patna Sahib has been allotted to the Harnam Singh Dhumma led sect Damdami Taksal. The Chowk Mehta based Taksal Chief on December 31 commenced the Langar service by serving himself.

Speaking to Sikh24, Harnam Singh said that the service will continue until January 7 in which food prepared with Desi Ghee (purified butter) would be served among the Sikh devotees. He added that man power of nearly 800 dedicated helpers will accomplish the tasks of serving Langar daily.  

Offering thanks to the management board of Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Harnam Singh said that the service of main Langar at here was also assigned to Damdami Taksal in 1967, when marking the 300th anniversary of tenth Sikh master. He added that then Damdami Taksal Chief, Sant Kartar Singh, completed the service assigned at that time.

Appreciating arrangements made by the Nitish Kumar led Bihar government, he said that Nitish Kumar has played an immense role for Sikh devotees in the commemoratory programs.



  1. Celebrating 350th anniversarry of Guru Gobind Singh ji is the function of the sikhs and should be celebrated by the sikhs as they see it fit.By accepting the help from the Indian Govt the organisers have sold their soul.Do they understand how much damage this function will do to our religion. I am at a loss that the sikhs don’t see the hidden RSS agenda.By doing this these people want to wipe all the sins they have committed against sikhs during the past 34 plus years( actually it started right after 1947 partition) and show it to the world how great they are?. To top it all they have invited a known human rights violator Modi as their chief guest. Which is against all the norms of our religion we don’t honour people because of their position. As written above Dhumma is not a sikh but again these RSS people thru him want to install Bachittar natak in our Gurdwaras.


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