Young UK Sikh Qualifies As Pilot

Rajandeep Singh – UK Sikh Pilot

BRADFORD, UK—At the age of 20, Rajandeep Singh has fully qualified as an airline pilot and has accepted a job at a major airline company in the UK.

With his interest in planes was triggered during a Gurdwara visit to a local RAF base, where Rajandeep was able to sit in an aircraft during a display.

He joined a local flying club at the age of 15, which is when he flew his first plane. After completing his studies, he went on to join a training school in Oxford, followed by a section of the course in Arizona, USA. This led to a job offer last month to pilot a fully commercial plane with an international airline.

“Being a pilot has always been a dream for me which and it’s one I’ve achieved. Not many Sikhs are in the aviation industry there is only a handful of Sikh pilots across the globe and I’m proud to be one of them.”

In a fashion typical of Sikhs trying to maintain a modest and humble attitude, Rajandeep Singh attributes his guidance and success to the Almighty.

“I am grateful to Guru Jee, who held my arm and helped me. Also parents, friends and Gursikhs for their blessings. Keeping linked to Gurbani keeping amritvela and doing ardas should be a daily routine without any expectations. But that’s how success comes. Guru Jee sorts it all himself.”

With there being only a handful of Sikh pilots worldwide, Rajandeep managed to contact fellow Sikh pilots who also guided and encouraged him to keep going and achieve his goals. Ready to embark on his career, Rajandeep hopes his story of success will encourage other young and budding Sikhs to aim high and stay focused so that they may become great achievers in society, whilst keeping themselves spiritually connected.



  1. Dear Rajdeep very proud of your outstanding achievement. I am touched by your humility and your deovtion to Amrit Bani and Amrit Vela. How lucky that Waheyguru Ji has blessed you with Naam Simran at such a young age.

    Wish you all the very best in the times to come.

    Inder Jeet Singh

  2. Wow. amazing story. Very happy for you!

    I hope someday when I am sitting on a plane I hear ” Hello this the Captain Rajandeep speaking…we are set for take off…”

    Waheguru Bless you

  3. Congratulations Rajandeep. Well done. The proverb says, “Sky is the limit” but in your case, “Your limit is above the sky”. May Wahiguru always guide and protect you.


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