Nabha Jailbreak: Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu Handed To Punjab Police

Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu

PATIALA, Punjab—The District Police of Patiala on December 15 presented Bhai Harminder Singh Mintu in the Court of Magistrate Komalpreet Grewal in relation to the Nabha jailbreak case. The Delhi Police had told the Court on December 12 that it no longer needs Bhai Mintu for interrogation, following which, the Punjab police submitted their application in seeking custody of Bhai Mintu, in relation to the same jailbreak. Bhai Mintu was subsequently handed over to Punjab police on December 14.

Appearing before the Magistrate, the prosecution lawyer sought 14 days of police remand in order, it claims, to unearth an ISI conspiracy behind the jailbreak. Strongly retorting against the request of the prosecution, the defence counsel Advocate Sikandar Partap Singh contended that the Delhi police had already interrogated Bhai Mintu for 14 days so there was no need of further police remand.

Siding with the defence lawyer’s contentions up to certain extent, the Magistrate denied 14 days Police remand but the Police still succeeded in securing 5 days of Police remand. However, the Court has permitted the Defence lawyer to meet Bhai Mintu once in a day during his Police remand besides allowing daily cloth changing for Bhai Mintu.



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