THE GREAT RELIGIOUS CON: Sikh Gurdwaras & Media

SHOCK! HORROR! SUCH a scandalous claim! – they will say… but truth needs to be unveiled!

The Great Teaching

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the illuminating light-soul from God who united mankind into transforming oneself into a self-effacing – yet altruistic, nature-loving and humanistic beings that emanated a universal love for all, through a meditative-oneness with the natural resonance of the universe.

He transformed savages, thieves, lustful and angry animalistic humans into angelic, tender-natured, peaceful inspirers, who came to be known as Sikhs – ‘students’. These Sikhs litter the pages of their own history with such examples of transformation. Think – Kauda Rakash or Bhoomia Chore.

Achieved how?

These students (Sikhs) achieved (and even today continue to reach) miraculous heights of human perfection through daily meditation on ‘The Word’, and reflection on the sublime, soul-stirring words of Gurbani. These daily doses of spiritual boost giving bliss becomes the hook and anchor when moving on with their day-to-day lives within the world.

Whether a doctor, a teacher, a business man or a gardner… these individuals live and breathe this love-filled existence into everything they do. In turn, transforming man’s beastly animalistic urges, greedy, power hungry, war-mongering desires, into calm, deep and thoughtful contributors to society.

The daily or weekly (any frequency) immersing dip into the wider pool (sangat – congregation) of collective mediation, singing or reflection on the resonant frequency of Naam (universal meditative mantra) and Gurbani (the poetic and musical words of the Guru recorded within Guru Granth Sahib Ji) gives shape to what was once coined DHARMSALA (dharmic sanctuary) – now GURDWARA (Guru’s gateway).

This sacred institution provides a daily re-birth when a collection of the above described souls come together for the aforementioned purpose.

These vibrating spiritual centres then reinvigorate and rejuvenate the visitor’s mind and soul to exponential heights. Even a so-called sinner begins to be internally cleansed, even if only sat within such an atmosphere.


Given what has been described above, this recreation of a bliss giving heaven on earth, ought to be accessible on virtually every country on the planet, since Gurdwara Sahibs have been installed in so so many locations.

A profound transformation of the whole planet should, surely, be taking place – since these ‘spiritual recharge centres’ are available now in abundance.

If not, what is going wrong?

Many of you will have more than an inkling as to the answer…

A huge money spinning machine has overtaken us. Run by sometimes innocent, yet spiritually-blind, individuals, who have sometimes become shrewd businessmen. The great con!

ROLL-UP! ROLL-UP! Get your live’s problems solved here! Donate here! All your problems will be solved. Pay your dollars, pounds or rupees here, while we arrange to have your Gurbani read for you. Make your donations and bow. Thank you very much. You’ll soon earn a place in heaven, you wonderful charitable people, you. Book your langars. God will look down and transform your lives. MAKE THOSE “BOOKINGS” FOR SEVA NOW! BOOK NOW!

All of a sudden, poor individuals or families with real-life woes are no longer awakening their souls through collective immersion. No longer contemplating on the inner-light, reflecting on life-changing Gurbani… as long as the cash has come in and some dogmatic practices are complete. Both parties (the giver and the receiver) satisfied that good has been gained.

I am sure there will be some nuggets of good gained in the above transaction. Perhaps some of the money gone towards feeding someone needy via langar or, perhaps some Gurbani or Kirtan heard which provided a uplifting feeling to a few of those involved. But we are being short changed. We should be asking…

Will Guru Nanak’s Miracle of Sikhi Work on Me?

The unequivocal answer to such an over-complicated dogma of a practice is…


The Guru is not just for me. Not just for the saints. Nor just for Amrit-dhari. He is the father of YOU. And everyone other being on the planet. Who lends a loving ear to everyone equally. Each of whom as direct and unabated access to his ever-present attention.

However far we consider God – Vaheguru – to be, is how distant we shall feel. Whereas Gurbani tells us that he “Haath Pai Nere” – closer than our own hand. He is accessible and available. In THIS life. In THIS breath. We can engage with Him LIVE & UNCUT!

Simply sitting with concentration on a few of the magical words of Gurbani (any line or verse that is simple to understand for you) especially when engaged in amogst a gathering of family or friends or love ones, has an exponentially positive and transformational effect. Especially so if regularly practiced. 


Sikhi is not set of dogmatic practices. It is a path of emotion, over-flowing with waves of love. Sikhi needs to be felt. It cannot be bought.

“Booking a program?” is such a contradiction in terms. Suggestion: Simply attend. Sit amongst the sangat and soak in the words and vibrations. Speak to like minded individuals on Gurbani subjects.

Committees worry about income and donations for the maintenance of the Gurdwara and to cover wages. So donate well in the golak. But, more important than that is to immerse your mind and soul. Or else you are short changing yourself. See then, how your life begins to change for the better. Your inner-happiness increases, worries begin to disappear, mental capacity begins to increase, patience and tolerance rise, wisdom develops… and so much more.

THIS is what Sikhi gives.

If there is a committee member amongst you reading this… take heed… start making a change. Engage with sangat so that they may take the most from a divan. Each visit to the Guru’s door ought to be repeated moments of joyous epiphany. Are the sangat taking this away? If not, perhaps those who are leading the “service” need to have their capabilities reassessed. There is so much that a spiritually hungry sangat can take away and gain from these beacon-houses of spiritual life. If we would be allowed to simply connect with Him more… we could then share this with the wider world.

Gurdwara Sahibs are our life line. Let them be returned the invaluable resources they were intended to be.



  1. What written above both in the article and comment are true.We have to get back to basics of our Sikhi and follow as ordered by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Guru Granth Sahib and nothing else. Presently we have reached a stage what someone wrote and I am quoting ” Bhago is sitting in our gurudwaras and Lallo is looking from outside” ( I don’t remember the author’s name).We have totally lost our way and Gurudawars has become only social places to talk about everything but —

  2. True. Agree. Nonetheless, there are overheads, mortgages, bills, property taxes, wages, langar, etc. that come out of the expenses of a guruduara. We will not be able to support a guruduara if dasband is not given. There is updesh in all of gurbani. Lets start being good gursikhs, lets have a mindset of gurmat. Lets Unite as one and practice doing sewa and simran. Guruduareh jai sojee paisee. I am glad that most of us want unity and treat Sri Guru Granth Sahib as our Guru. Lets get our answers from our Guru. Even the discussion posted here has its answer in our Granth Sahib. As Sikhs, let us practice the teachings only as per our Granth Sahib. Guru Maniyo Granth – excellent!! Lets be united in this and we have waheguruji’s kirpa.


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