Simranjit Singh Mann To Contest Punjab Elections In All 117 Constituancies

FATEHGARH SAHIB, Punjab—In a press note shared with Sikh24, the Simranjit Singh Mann led Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) has announced it will contest the upcoming assembly elections for all 117 constituencies of Punjab. The party will announce a list of it’s candidates on December 19 in Chandigarh.

According to the press note, the party leaders held a meeting at Qila Harnam Singh (Sri Fatehgarh Sahib) under the leadership of President Mann on December 15. The party leaders deliberated upon the appropriate candidates for all 117 assembly segments of Punjab and chalked out a strategy to tackle the mainstream parties in upcoming elections.

It is learnt that the party may form an alliance with other Panthik parties, such as the United Akali Dal, to form a Panthik platform to corner mainstream parties.

The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee released a list of it’s first 61 candidates for the assembly polls. The candidates were first cleared by the Central Election Committee (CEC), headed by the party president, Sonia Gandhi.

The Congress has reportedly adopted ‘One family One ticket’ rule this time due to which three sitting MLAs have been dropped.

The party has retained 31 sitting MLAs, while dropping only three, including Preneet Kaur who makes way for her husband Amarinder Singh from the Patiala Urban Assembly seat. The Congress has also chosen seven new faces backed by “strong credibility and winnability criteria”. The list includes five youths, six women, eight former MLAs and one former MP.

Rajya Sabha MP Pratap Singh Bajwa’s wife Charanjit Kaur Bajwa has been replaced with his brother Fateh Jung Singh Bajwa in the Qadian Assembly seat.

Former IAS officer and former Moga Deputy Commissioner Kuldeep Singh Vaid has bagged the party ticket from the reserved constituency of Gill.

List of Candidates is as follow:

S. No.

Assembly Segment



Dina Nagar

Aruna Chaudhary



Fatehjung Singh Bajwa



Ashwani Sekhri


Sri Hargobindpur (SC)

Balwinder Singh Laddi


Fatehgarh Churian

Triptrajinder Singh Bajwa


Dera Baba Nanak

Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa


Raja Sansi

Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria


Jandiala (SC)

Sukhwinder Singh Danny


Amritsar West (SC)

Raj Kumar Verka


Amritsar Central

Om Parkash Soni


Attari (SC)

Tarsem Singh DC


Tarn Taran

Dharamvir Agnihotri



Harminder Singh Gill


Khadoor Sahib

Ramanjit Singh Sikki



Rana Gurjeet Singh


Sultanpur Lodhi

Navtej Singh Cheema


Jalandhar Central

Rajinder Beri



Rajnish Kumar


Tanda Urmar

Sangat Singh Gilzian



Sunder Sham Arora


Chabbewal (SC)

Dr. Raj Kumar



Angad saini


Anandpur Sahib

Rana Kanwarpal Singh


Chamkaur Sahib (SC)

Charanjit Singh Channi


Mohali (SAS Nagar)

Balbir Singh Sidhu


Bassi Pathana (SC)

Gurpreet Singh GP


Fatehgarh Sahib

Kuljeet Singh Nagra



Randeep Singh Nabha



Gurkirat Singh Kotli


Ludhiana Central

Surinder Kumar Dawar


Ludhiana West

Bharat Bhushan Ashu


Gill (SC)

Kuldeep Singh Vaid


Payal (SC)

Lakhvir Singh Lakha


Raikot (SC)

Dr. Amar Singh



Darshan Singh Brar



Sukhjit Singh Kaka Logad



Kulbir Singh Zira


Ferozepur City

Parminder Singh Pinky


Ferozepur Rural (SC)

Satkar Kaur


Guru Har Sahai

Rana Gurmeet Singh Sodhi



Sunil Kumar Jakhar



Kushaldeep Singh Dhillon


Rampura Phul

Gurpreet Singh Kangar


Bathinda Urban

Manpreet Badal


Talwandi Sabo

Khushbaj Singh Jatana



Ajit Inder Singh Mofar


Budhlada (SC)

Ranjit Kaur Bhatti



Rajinder Kaur Bhattal



Ajaib Singh Rataul



Kewal Singh Dhillon


Mehal Kalan (SC)

Harchand Kaur


Maler Kotla

Razia Sultana



Dalvir Singh Goldy



Vijay Inder Singla


Nabha (SC)

Sadhu Singh Dharamkot


Patiala Rural

Brahm Mohindra



Hardiyal Singh Kamboj



Madan Lal Jalalpur



Captain Amarinder Singh


Shutrana (SC)

Nirmal Singh



  1. We need to have a smart ,wise ,intelligent ,informed and security minded CM who will make Punjab into an Utopian state.
    Work for the well being of all its people.

    • A ‘security minded’ CM is just code for someone who will oppress and suppress Sikhs and Sikhi. A good leader should never be in a position to fear his people because he has their respect, trust and best interests above those his own. Maharajah Ranjit SIngh was not ‘security minded’ and reigned for decades in Punjab with the consent and devotion of all Punjabis.

  2. We should not shy away from shouldering responsibilities in life.
    It is not necessary for a Sikh CM to become corrupt .
    He can give good governance based on fundamental principles of love,justice and security of his people.

    • When ‘Sikh’ CM becomes corrupt he is no longer a Sikh because he is going against teachings of Sikhi. He may continue wearing a turban to befool the people but it is no longer a dastaar. That is what has happened to Badal and he has duly been excommunicated from the Sikh panth so can no longer call himself a Sikh. But he remains one of ‘your people’ nonetheless and will look after their interests and security.

  3. Sikhs should not run for elections to become CM, they can run to stop the gov to do injustice to public. If there is sikh CM, he will be corrupted by the corrupt centeral system. A Gursikh should be the ruler of our own homeland or when a central ruler is of Gursikh principals; love, justice & equality for everyone.

  4. Inspiration can come from any great men who have walked on this planet.
    Indian history has produced great leaders like you have mentioned.
    They were all more than two centuries ago.
    We in 2017 need to produce a great leader who will surpass all the ones we have produced till today.
    Each generation has to produce great leaders relevant to his time.
    The kings gave way to democratically elected leaders
    The fighters have been enrolled in today’s armies.

    • Abraham Lincoln was from the 19th Century and Queen Elizabeth from the 16th Century and when Sikhs emulate Nelson Mandela’s path of rebellion against a violent and discriminatory state you condemn them! I say again inspiration for great leadership only needs to be drawn form the eleven Sikh Gurus and great Sikhs heroes such as Banda SIngh Bahadur, Maharajah Ranjit SIngh, Hari Singh Nalwa, Baba Deep Singh Ji et al who have very clearly given blueprint for ethical, moral, spiritual living with all the values of physically standing up for your and others human rights and civil liberties. One only has to emulate them alone.

      • All races ,religions ,nations have produced great leaders including we Sikhs.
        We need to learn the good points of any leader who walked this planet earth.

      • Sikhs do not look to others for inspiration because we had TEN Gurus who walked the earth and took what was best from other peoples as well as formulating their own code of how to live a good life. Tell me which leaders surpass the Sikh Gurus that we need to look to them for inspiration instead? Why should Sikhs settle for second best when we having shining example of our Gurus and men like Baba Deep Singh, Banda Singh Bahadur and Maharajah Ranjit Singh. Even the foremost leaders of Indian Independence struggle who made ultimate sacrifice for India were Sikhs – Kartar Singh Sarabha, Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh (all themselves inspired by Sikhi and Sikh history) so again no lessons to be gleaned from others there either. Stop trying to dilute and adulterate Sikhi and Sikh history as we have all the role models in leadership and heroism we need to emulate.

  5. We need to have a great guy as our CM who can show that we too can produce great leaders like

    1)Abraham Lincoln,
    2) Queen Elizabeth
    3) Nelson Mandela
    4) Indian History famous people .

    High time Punjab produces a great leader


      • If you truly love your country then you should be fighting to rid it of its ‘shortcomings’ of corruption, nepotism, communalism, jingoistic nationalism, religious intolerance, failed judicial system, extra judicial abuses by police and politicians, human rights and civil liberties abuses of its citizens, discrimination and persecution of its citizens based on religion and caste bigotry. That’s the country I want India to be fulfilling the promise its founders gave to the Sikhs.

      • We all need to make India into what we want it to be.
        No single group owns India and it is the responsibility of all Indians to change it to there liking.

    • You betray your true anti-Sikh agenda when you state ‘high time Punjab produces a great leader’. Punjab has produced eleven Sikh Gurus, Banda Singh Bahadur and Maharajah Ranjit Singh who have done more for humanity let alone Punjab than all of the foreign leaders you have listed put together. You want inspiration for great leadership look no further than the Sikhs.

  6. Yes we need choose a man in Punjab whom we can Justifiably be proud of as our CM.
    Whom we can say

    “SADDA CM”

    It need not be from any particular party or religion or group but any one among us.
    Why don’t you try Sir M Singh and Miss Kaur.
    I feel it is better to be a real CM than an online CM or a critique.

    • It seems to me the ordinary citizen of Punjab, being untainted, is in the best position to hold his leaders up to critique and remonstrate with them when they fall short of the stand we expect and deserve. The will of such persons is voiced when they gather in assemblies like the Sarbat Khalsa which is why people like the Badals want to silence such voices. I am not a politician and care nothing for all the trappings of power and the money you can collect by the position of CM as I am an old man who has seen my Punjab brought to ruin in the past thirty years by such men and their avarice. But I will support anyone who truly loves Punjab (so will really fight to keep its water under Punjab’s control), who loves Sikhi (so will punish those who dare to commit beadbi no matter how much political patronage they have) and who loves the principles of human rights and civil liberties and will make war on persecution, want, poverty, drugs, poor education and health rather than seeking to destroy Sikhs. I think I am the voice for the silent majority and that is far more powerful than being the CM because although my clothes may not be as spotlessly clean my soul is pure.

  7. Irrespective of political or religious or any other parties.
    People of Punjab must elect a CM of Punjab in whom they can take an sense of

    • Then allow as a wide a field of candidates as possible. That means allowing rallies and conclaves like the Sarbat Khalsa where hustings can take place and views exchanged and robustly challenged.

  8. We can have a Sikh Think Tank who will deliberate on these issues and will come out with constructive suggestions for the well being of the community.

    • We already had a Sikh think tank – it produced the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions which are even more applicable now then they were in the sixties and seventies.

  9. I feel that we must put our friends ,neighbors , life partners and political leaders through this test if they condemn the Genocide and will fight for its Justice.

  10. Let Akal Takth and Sikh scholars deliberate on this test that should be applied to our friends , leaders , neighbors and life partners

    1) Do you condemn the 1984 Genocide
    2) Will you stand with us to get Justice for the Genocide.

    • The Akal Takht is under the control of the SGPC (itself beholden to the corrupted Akali BaDal party who in turn are obedient to Hinduvta) and Sikh scholars (a very nebulous term as in Sikhi the notion of priesthood having authority over the sangat does not exist and the whole point of Gurbani is that it is does not require an intermediary to translate it for the listener) are stopped form attending the Sarbat Khalsa and even denied visa to enter India. You do not need anybody to ‘deliberate’ on what a genocide is and what to do about it. That is what your individual conscience and moral compass are for. Contrary to what you think Human Beings are not designed by Waheguru to be violent killers – He has not endowed us with fangs, claws or armour and indeed we suffer from guilt and post traumatic stress stress disorder when we commit atrocities or allow them to be done against our fellow human beings. Obviously there are evil people who have their brains wired incorrectly from birth (psychopaths and sociopaths) who sometimes end up being raised in environments where they are not taught the difference between right and wrong, there are those who suffer sickness (mental or psychological – paranoid delusions can lead to acts of violence) and then there are those who simply choose to do evil acts because they do not really believe in Waheguru (so cannot love Him or fear Him like so many of our Punjab polity and police). Repugnance for genocide and for those who commit and condone it is a natural state of mind and you don’t need committees to tell you that.

  11. A simple test needs to be applied to any one who is going to be our leader ,friends ,neighbors and life partners is

    1) Do you condemn 1984- Genocide of Sikhs.
    2) Will you stand with us to obtain Justice for the 1984 Genocide victims.

    • Again your criteria rule out the Badals (as Parkash badal is accused of being involved in the 1984 attack with the Congress Party Govt on Darbar Sahib with the Akali Dal of that period) and your ‘king’ Amarinder (who accepted Kamal Nath as his Congress Party liasion in Punjab before the Sikhs rose up and demanded this genocider be kicked out of Punjab)

  12. Punjab needs to have a dynamic ,smart ,intelligent and wise CM who understands the world politics .
    He needs to be have understanding and advisers on

    World order
    Environment and pollution
    Fate of Earth,stars and Universes
    Science and Engineering

    He should make Punjab into a utopian state like heaven on earth.

    • Well by your own specifications that completely rules out the excommunicated Badals and your King Amarinder (who is facing criminal investigation to try and explain how he went from nearly bankrupt before becoming CM to having Swiss bank accounts afterwards)!

  13. I know badal and the fat clown amrinder are afraid of AAP, maybe they went Mann to run so votes can be divided 4 ways and give them a chance … whatever the case may be, Punjab must vote wisely and definitely not for badal or amrinder

    • GO BACK TO THE INDIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES AND CONTINUE TO BE THEIR OBEDIENT DOG ? Amrinder Singh Andy congress party have too much blood on their hands and you probably love that because you’re an evil vampire who loves to drink the blood of innocent people who were killed by the Indian government

  14. PEOPLE OF PUNJAB DO NOT VOTE FOR PARKASH BADAL OR THE CONGRESS AMRINDER BECAUSE THEY HAVE BLOOD OF SIKHS ON THEIR HANDS SO DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT VOTE for these evil men! Also we cannot trust the aam adami party because they are based in Delhi and might just use Sikhs of
    Punjab! Only option is vote for simranjit Singh Mann!

    • Simranjit Singh Mann is an uninspiring, ineffective politician and he has absolutely no chance of winning. That’s why even the resident RSS genocide promoter “Harinder” is endorsing him.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any good options. The least bad option is AAP, even though their Delhi based.

      I’d rather take my chances with AAP than Badal Dal or Congress as they’ve already *proven* many times that they are anti-Sikh and anti-Punjab.

      • At the end of the day, simranjit Singh Mann is better then congress the Sikh killer party , better then evil besharam badal hindutva aligned party and better then the Delhi based aam Adami future Sikh backstabbing party who hails comedians like ghuggi who likes KPS gill gill the evil murderer

      • I understand where you’re coming from. There’s no way I’d ever support Badal Dal, Congress or BJP.

        Mann has absolutely zero chance of winning because he’s unappealing and uninspiring to the Sikh masses.

        Voting for him is almost equivalent to not voting and is one less vote for the possibility of AAP majority. That’s the only thing that gives Punjab a decent chance of proper rule for the next 5 years. Otherwise, it’ll be some Badal/Congress/BJP coalition and we already know what that will be like.

        I respectfully disagree with your argument that AAP shouldn’t be voted for simply because they are Delhi based (they are still better than all Punjab-based alternatives) and because what they *might possibly* do if they’re elected, which will certainly be *less bad* than what we’ll get with a Badal/Congress/BJP coalition.

        “Harinder” is promoting Mann to drive a wedge between possibility of AAP majority vs Badal/Congress/BJP coalition.

      • The genocide was not done by RSS but by Regime of 1980-1990 .
        Some RSS men only clapped for pseudo Nationalism.

      • They clapped and cheered and their brethren stoked communal unrest in Punjab for decades (they were instrumental in forcing through 1966 referedum in Punjab leading to Hindu self dtermination culminating in cleavage of Punjab to form Haryana) which led to political pressure on Indira Gandhi to try and prove to Hindu electorate she was even more pro-Hindu than the RSS and its political wing the BJP. If even one RSS man clapped and congratulated Indira Gandhi on attacking Darbar Sahib and putting a bullet into the very flesh of our Guru Granth Sahib not to mention the thousands of Sikh pilgrims trapped there that shows your true colours. You do not stand in solidarity with Sikhs because your fundamental beliefs run contrary to and are antithetical to Sikh beliefs of religious tolerance, egalitarianism and that all men / women are equal regardless of birth.

      • The genocide was co-instigated by the RSS and people like you. You’ve been openly and proudly inciting genocide against Sikhs on this forum over and over again.

        In any Western country, your IP address would have been tracked and you would have been put in jail for 25+ years for your crimes but in India you are paid to incite genocide against minorities.

        Enjoy your rule while it lasts because it won’t last forever. Time will change everything.

      • RSS never did the genocide.
        It was done by regime of 1984.
        No genocide should ever happen but the hard fact is human history is full of genocides if you will read on Wikipedia .
        All communities have undergone genocides to it at different points of time from Hindus to Sikhs to Jews to muslims to Christians.

      • The RSS were instrumental in bring about an hysterical atmosphere in which genocide of the Sikhs could happen. They were involved in whipping up communal tensions and made the 1966 referendum for Punjabi Hindu self determination possible and were foremost in rejecting the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions. So they were not just gleeful i clapping and cheering Sikh genocide they also have blood on their hands because their consciences are not clean. As for your casual callous shrug ‘genocides happen’ well I remind other readers that you wish to bless the genociders. Also which state sponsored genocide Hindus suffered?

      • I have already told you not to rely upon wikipedia as a means of educating yourself as its entries are made by and amended by anyone and everyone including the ignorant and the prejudiced. Use peer review academic research. You also do not seem to be able to tell the difference between a massacre and a genocide. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919 was not a genocide. When groups of Hindus (and we should not get into the numbers game as even 1 death of innocent is tragedy) are killed in communal conflict in Kashmir they are not being ethnically cleansed by the state apparatus but by other groups which can be referred to as vigilantes, revenge attackers, religious fanatics and terrorists. No Hindus have had the state in which they live embark upon a state sanctioned killing spree which legitimises an open season on them and then follows up with turning a blind eye to extrajudicial kidnapping, disappearances torture and murder by the police and army whilst the polity enact draconian laws to deny them civil liberties and human rights whilst the media of the country demonises them as deserving their fate. Hindu populations in Afghanistan were always tiny and in East & West Pakistan the majority population had converted to Islam and when partition happened people like you refused to live with others of different faith leading to mass forced migration in both directions – that is not genocide. As for Kashmiri Pandits I would again remind you they only existed in the 20th Century because of the supreme sacrifice made by Guru Tegh Bahadur – a Sikh – in the 17th century. You would do well to keep reminding your RSS brethren of that fact before they change it on wikipedia.

      • If one does not believe Wikipedia then what does one believe.
        No alternate source of truth is available .
        Kashmir people did an ethnic cleansing of Pundits .
        There is no difference between state terrorism and state which allows such terrorist to grow in the state .
        The terrorist of such an state are its illegal children not officially recognized but nurtured by extra constitutional means.
        For the victim he is how does it matter if he is killed by an extremist or killed by an state which sponsors growth of such people since the mother of the killer is same .

      • ‘If one does not believe Wikipedia then what does one believe.No alternate source of truth is available .’ What?!!! That is ignorance my close-minded friend of the highest order. Wikipedia is the least reliable source of knowledge as its entries are made by anyone and everyone and each entry can easily be amended and revised to contain obvious factual errors. It is NOT to be relied upon as font of your factual knowledge – that is why we have peer reviewed literature and universities where hypotheses can be ventured, tested and rejected as not being empirically proveable. As for terororists are the same as state terrorists – again remarkable blindness on your part. Tell which terroist organisation in the world has the resources of the state apparatus. Which terrorist organisation has access to tanks, aircraft, satellite surveillance, the buying power to arm millions of paramilitaries, police, soldiers, the ability to shutdown the media to stop them watching what is going on and change the law to make the unlawful lawful? The state has a moral responsibility not to act in revenge on people ignoring civil liberties, human rights and due process of law otherwise it itself is a terrorist state because it is indulging in terrorism. It is not the same thing at all. As for Kashmir you have to look at the root cause of the problem. Hindus and Muslims have lived as Kashmiris side by side for centuries so why are they unable to do so now? That goes back to how Kashmir was incorporated into Indian territory as it was not part of India when Nehru talked of striking the midnight hour. It is a political issue that needs to be resolved politically and magnanimously just like Punjab for the greater good of all.

      • We need to have CM

        of the people of Punjab ,
        by the people Punjab
        For the people of Punjab

        His politics should be aligned with National and Global forces in such a manner that it benifiets its people.

      • The Badals are not of the people and by the people as the majority of people in Punjab are Sikhs and they have been excommunicated the Badals from the faith. They are certainly not for the people of the Punjab as they presided over the shooting dead of two Sikhs protesting repeated beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib – which again by definition as Sikhs are the majority population in Punjab is the de-facto main religion of Punjab. The only people who want octogenarians in power for life and have them hand power down in nepotism are those who support people like Mugabe, Castro and Kim Il Sung. And of course the national and global Hinduvta taliban who want a puppet to remain in control so they can loot the Punjab of its water and benefit from drug peddling on an ethnic cleansing scale.

      • Drugs no RSS man is putting in mouth of Sikhs.
        It is the Sikhs themselves who are to blame for drug problem in Punjab.

      • ‘It is the Sikhs themselves who are to blame for drug problem in Punjab.’ Wow. Just like the genocide against the Sikhs again you blame the victims rather than the culprits. You have no shame.

      • No body is coming and putting drug in the mouth of drug addict .
        He him self is responsible for his addiction .

      • If you as a Government (Majithia is accused of being drug lord on behalf of the Badal mafia) make drugs widely available and cheap to buy and at the same time create such an atmosphere of total hopelessness and despair amongst the population (no employment prospects, allowing looting of Punjab’s waters so your fields run dry and are unproductive, create monopolies which prevent competition and growth, etc) such that illegal emigration is seen as the only way out you end up with people looking to escape the misery of their lives in Punjab. Once they have touched heroin which is a very physically addictive opiate it is extremely difficult to break that addiction when the State does not provide any detoxifying or drug programmes to come off the drug. Gurbani and adherence to Sikh values could break that vicious circle of despair and hopelessness but the RSS is extremely active in undermining and destroying Sikhi with its infiltration of supposedly panthic parties and the SGPC to stop Sikh jawans getting that lifeline and I have no doubt are also benefiting from drug peddling as black money is very close to the RSS hearts.

      • ‘Any one who pushes and distributes drugs among our people should be dismissed from our faith.’ That excommunication has happened now with the Badals. ‘We need to educate our children from birth that drugs are a SIN’. That is exactly what Sikhi does in relation to giving a Sikh facing despair, anguish and hopelessness (which leads to drug taking in the first place as an escape) the mindset of ‘Chardi Kala’. You have ended up advocating for Sikhi to be taught to all Punjabis and for the Badals to be dismissed.


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