Captain Amarinder Singh Dubs Moga rally as ‘Badal Bachao Rally’

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Reacting to the ‘Paani Bachao, Punjab Bachao’ rally held by ruling Shiromani Akali Dal in Moga on December 8, the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee’s head Captain Amarinder Singh dubbed it as a ‘Badal Bachao Rally’. He said that the rally was just a cry by Badals as they have lost credibility due to their 10 years of misrule in Punjab.

In a press note shared with Sikh24, the PPCC Chief said that the Badals were forcefully ushering in members of the public into their rally.

“Notwithstanding hired workers and crowds, lured or coerced into coming to the rally, it was evident that the SAD was bereft of any issues and were on the defensive in the face of imminent defeat in the polls”, said the press note.

Blaming the Badals for raising the SYL-Canal dispute to such an extent, Captain Amarinder Singh said that the Punjab masses were aware that the Badals were enacting a drama, in view of the Punjab assembly polls, due in 2017.

It has come to fore that the ruling SAD used state’s resources and administration to transport masses into the rally. DTO’s (District Traffic Officers) were reportedly instructed to facilitate Buses who in turn forced the transporters to make their buses available for the rally by threatening to cancel route permits.   

In a separate media addressing, the PPCC’s Vice Chief and its Spokesperson MLA Sunil Jakhar termed the rally as a flop. He said that hundreds of Police contingents in civil dress were made to sit front rows of audience gallery to hide the voice of revolt by the public.

Mocking Sukhbir Badal’s claims of promoting sports in Punjab, Jakhar alleged that the sports stadiums in small towns and villages were completely ignored by the ruling SAD during its 10 years long tenure.



  1. RSS men have been massacred and ethnically cleansed from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Bangladesh for over a thousand years.
    They still harbour no hate toward any one of them.

    • ‘RSS men’? Surely that is an oxymoron! How can RSS adherents ever be described as ‘men’? They are just idiotic boys playing soldiers, telling each other fireside stories of manhood to make up for thousands of years of their forebears being martially impotent against wave after wave of foreign invasion. When RSS men have fought for the subcontinent? There was Godse who assassinated Mahatama Gandhi AFTER Independence. No RSS men were involved in freedom struggle and went to the gallows. No RSS men went to Delhi to oppose the Emperor in the defence of their Kashmiri Pandit brothers. No RSS men freed any Hindu girl abducted by the Afghan or the Moghul. But you are right any hate they harboured towards their oppressors they kept hidden deep inside and openly expressed as they kept their dhotis pressed flat on the ground in complete and abject obessiance as the Khalsa Panth rode to their family’s defence. ‘RSS men’ indeed.

  2. Harinder you have heard it all now not one person here agree with you on anything you are saying- Just go and find another home behind RSS dog kennels – do not want you in their kennels or snake hole somewhere where you can crawl into.

    • No Sikh has a fang.
      They love and pray for the well being of every human being .
      Sikhs also love there Nations where they live and its people.

      • Harish you are not a Sikh anymore than your friends the Badals. Have the courage of convictions and just be honest, we will respect you more when you present your anti-Sikh arguments if you were just open.

  3. Badal is a nice CM till we find a better successor.
    As for the King Amrinder he does not own or run the party he belongs to.
    He is a loyalist standing with the party through its thick and thin.
    He is one among the many CM face. the party has in India.
    We must have a CM who loves its people and is by them,for them and of them.

    • ‘He is a nice CM’. Nice as in pet dog? He has presided over unprecented drug epidemic, unprecedented water pollution and theft of Punjab’s water, human rights violations not seen since the 1990s, highest levels of emigration from Punjab and female infoecide, women even get raped on his buses by their drivers and repeated beadbi of our Guru with culprits unpunished! ‘We must have a CM who loves its people and is by them,for them and of them.’ Did you not hear that he has been ex communicated by the Khalsa Panth? He is no longer recognised as bign a Sikh, we have rejected and repudiated him. He is now yours fully so please dress him up in tilak and saffron robes so he can appeal directly to people like you.

      • Ex-communication from the Panth is well established over centuries. Your Badal friends were not really Sikhs as they did not practise let alone believe in its principles and now it is official. You should give them up but then again your second go-to-guy Mister Amarinder has also been exposed as with criminal investigation against him also. Give up Hinduvta ambition of trying to control the Sikhs – the Moghuls and Britishers never managed it so how can you?

      • I told you Sikhism is a faith and not a gang.
        No Sikh can be ex communicated by any one .
        He can always practise his form of Sikhism.
        Sikhs come in all shapes and sizes. So try to respect the difference of opinion among Sikhs rather than trying to homogenize them into one school of thought.

      • You as a non-Sikh and someone who blesses the murderers and rapists of Sikhs do not get to tell me anything about Sikhi. You cannot practise whatever form of Sikhism you like. That is called Hinduism when you make up whatever principles you wish to follow according to your own personal tastes and convenience. The Hindu faith has a multitude of Gods and Godessesses which permit such flexibility of morality and ethical code of behaviour. In Sikhism our code was set down by Guru Gobind SIngh Ji himself in the presence of thousands of witnesses at Anandpur Sahib on 13th April 1699 which is commemorated every year at Vaiskahi – something you need to ban. He laid down instructions for baptism into the faith with the five kakkars and the moral obligations each signified and then finalised the Adi Granth and inugurated it as final Guru if the SIkhs – Guru Granth Sahib. You do not get to call yourself a Sikh when you violate all of that. It is a like saying a man is still a solider in the army when he refuses to obey the commander in chief. Sikhs who have failed to live up to the standard set down by Guru Gobind Singh Ji have been regularly excommunicated and banished from the Panth over centuries. If though wish it there is no way around this. Let the Badals join Hinduism and then you and they can do whatever they want, I am sure you have a lax deity for them to claim allegiance to. Sikhs do not come in all shapes and sizes and do not get to choose what bits of Sikhi they will practice – that is Hiinduism. Guru Gobind SIngh did precisely homogenize Sikhs into one school of thought by giving them distinct visual identity and code of ethical behaviour to follow at all times. This is unfortunate for you but very lucky for the Sikhs.

    • There is nothing that you can say now that will have the slightest credibility. Your RSS bosses will have to find you another job or let you go as no point in paying you to post propaganda on this website any more. You like the Badals – and not forgetting your ‘King’ Amarinder who is now facing criminal charges – are exposed and revealed for what miserable wretches you truly are.

    • ‘God bless all those who did the Genocide’! You dirty little fascist monster, you are revealed by your stink and now not just an apologist and genocide denier but actually one of the criminals. I will always copy and paste this comment you have posted and request all other readers to do the same whenever you make any further postings on this website so all may now your true anti-Sikh agenda and inhumanity.


  5. How about Sikhs be aware of the dirty Congress party????? Congress partyy what have they done for Sikhs???? Congress is evil and sent tanks and army to kills Sikhs in Punjab in 1984 and in November 1984 they lead mobs to barbarically burn Sikhs on fire, Sikhs gurdwaras and Sikh properties were all burnt and looted and the entire Rajiv Gandhi family was involved in this, all of those men such as kamal nath, amitabh Bachan, sukhman Kumar etc were all very very close to Rajiv Gandhi so we all know congress party and their leaders orchestrated these barbaric massacres of Sikhs so you so called captain amrinder Singh why you shake hands with Sonia Gandhi? Why you shake hands with congress party who protects the killers of Sikh genocide? Do you not have any shame????? Where’s your shame? Why you join people and support people who have so much blood on their hands???

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