EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ramanjit Singh The Congress MLA Who Resigned After The Beadbi Incidents

KHADOOR SAHIB, Punjab—Ex-MLA of the Khadoor Sahib constituency, S.Ramanjit Singh Sikki is renowned for his Sikh spirit. He had quit from the Punjab assembly in October-2015 in protest of the state-wide desecration incidents in Punjab. He was interviewed by Sikh24 to learn about his future plans to reinstate his status in Punjab politics. 

Amritsar, India – May 15 :::  Congress EX MLA from Khadoor Sahib ramanjit Singh Sikki on Sunday, May 15, 2016. (Photo by /Hindustan Times)
File Photo: S. Ramanjit Singh Sikki

Question: Why did you decide to resign from the Khadoor Sahib Constituency when protests were occurring throughout Punjab? No other legislator dared to resign.

Answer: I was at my residence in village Raishiana (on Tarn Taran – Goindwal Sahib Road) when I received information about the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the village of Baath, in my constituency. I asked my aides to get information about the situation in and arrange my visit to the Gurdwara Sahib there. We were about to leave for village Bath when our sources informed us that Sikh devotees there have announced to bar all political personalities from entering the village.

The situation was quite embarrassing for me. I immediately took off my political dress (White Kurta Pajama) and wrote resignation to sent it to the Speaker of Punjab assembly. After resigning, I went to village Bath to appear before Guru Sahib. 

Question: After resignation, you had said that your resignation led to the betterment of your constituency. Can you elaborate on that?

Answer: Like all other constituencies where Congressmen are MLAs, my constituency was also not given a single penny for development by the SAD-led state government. But after few days of the acceptance of my resignation, CM Badal spent a lot of time in ‘Sangat Darshan’ programmes and distributed financial grants of more than Rs. 200 million to my constituency with an eye on the by-poll ahead.

Question: If you are fielded by Congress again and since the nomination period remains limited to the month of January, what would you do… as you spend the entire month of January within Sri Harmandir Sahib premises?

Answer: I would like to make it clear that in the last assembly by-poll of Khadoor Sahib I didn’t submit my nomination papers as the issue on which I had resigned was still unresolved. The President of the All India Congress Committee, Mrs. Sonia Gandh, respected my steps of boycotting the by-poll and permitted me to skip the election scene.

I am of the firm belief that the desecration culprits could be traced and brought to justice if Congress is voted to power in Punjab in 2017 assembly polls. Among 117 assembly constituencies, my constituency also matters. My assessment is that the nomination dates would not fall in the month of January, but if it still happens I will come out for few a hours to submit nomination papers.   

Question: The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is criticized for not acting properly to capture and punish the desecration culprits. What would be the unique steps Congress would take to nab such elements if it forms government in Punjab?

Answer: We have to understand the whole episode first. We have seen that the SAD-BJP government did not deal with the sacrilege cases seriously.  Despite an unprecedented uprising over the issue in Punjab, the state government failed to nab even a single person involved in the conspiracy. This reflects its hands behind the whole conspiracy. Cracking the sacrilege cases is not a big issue, nor does it need any unique step. The Congress would do so within few days if it comes to power. 

Question: You are renowned for your selfless services in Khadoor Sahib Constituency. Suppose if this time you don’t succeed in winning the assembly polls, will you continue your services in same constituency?

Answer: See, I am also Incharge of Congress cadre in Khadoor Sahib Constituency. I joined politics to serve people and the voters of my constituency given me a chance in last general assembly polls. I am sure that this time the voters would also elect me. But if I don’t succeed that doesn’t mean that I will quit serving the public. It’s in hands of the almighty lord how he wants me to serve people either politically or socially.



  1. “Cracking down sacrilege cases is not a big issue” are you for real! You are so disgusting and agree that it should continue…. what can we expect of a RSS agent anyway – showing true colours!!

  2. This desecration is the handiwork of Empire forces out to disturb a peaceful Punjab .
    His statement is certainly interesting.

    ” Cracking the sacrilege cases is not a big issue, nor does it need any unique step. The Congress would do so within few days if it comes to power.”

    He can certainly help the present govt now if he knows how to do it.

    Why does he have to be in Govt to help solve this problem .
    As an ordinary citizen he can help the present Govt.

    • Because the present Govt of Punjab as he has clearly intimated is implicated in the crimes of sacrilege. The Punjab Govt immediately hands over the investigation into the attack on a RSS member (one suspected to have been cynically orchestrated by that member in order to raise his political profile and get him assigned form state funds state security and all the prestige that comes with that) to the CBI but waits over a year to reluctantly do the same with beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib.


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