India Forces Mandatory Playing Of National Anthem In All Cinemas

india-cinemasNEW DELHI, India—The Supreme Court of India on November 30 made it mandatory for cinemas nationwide to play the national anthem of India (Jan Gan Man…) before playing it’s movies. All nationwide cinema owners have been instructed to implement the ruling within 10 days.

The court also said that the hoisting of the tricolour national flag should also be hoisted and that cinemagoers must stand during the 52-seconds playing of the national anthem and doors are to be kept closed during this time.

Strongly condemning the apex Court’s verdict, President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) S. Simranjit Singh Mann has said that the Sikhs would never stand in respect of the Indian national anthem as they have their own national anthem “Deh Siva Bar Mohe Ihai…” given by the Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Prof-freedom Sikh outfit Dal Khalsa has termed it as tantamount to belittling the freedom of holding one’s own independent belief system.

Dal Khalsa President S. Harpal Singh Cheema has said that how would foreigners visiting cinema halls be forced to express their loyalty towards a India, to which they don’t belong. 

Bhai Ranjit Singh Damdami Taksal, who is Vice-President of pro-freedom youth body Sikh Youth Federation Bhindranwala, has also strongly condemned the move. He has termed it as pre-conditioning forceful imposition of ‘Nationalistic Pride’ on civil masses.

“A lot of communities including the Sikh community in this Indian sub-continent don’t willingly adhere to the so called ‘nationalistic pride’ so how can they be forced to stand in respect of national anthem”, he maintained.



  1. Kamal Nath , Jagdish Tytlers ,Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale ,HKL Bhagat are all foot soldiers of EMPIRE .
    They all hurt and Injured Indian citizens .
    Punjab and India will be on the hit list of EMPIRE if we rebel or disagree.

    • Apart from your genocide apologist desire to absolve Indians of culpability let us look at the denial aspect. ‘They all HURT and INJURED INDIAN citizens’. No they orchestrated the brutal MURDER, RAPE, ARSON and LOOTING of SIKHS and were and continue to be protected by the Indian State because they acted in her name. The brutal killing, looting and raping of Sikhs during the “November 1984 Sikh Genocide” took place in Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir, Chattisgarh, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra. As per official records over 3000 Sikhs were killed but the fact is, over 30,000 were killed (mostly burnt alive) throughout India and over 2,00,000 were displaced. Hundreds of Sikh women gang raped throughout India by goons, police officers and civil administrators and told that next generation (after rape) will be loyal to Government. Hundreds of Gurdwaras and thousands of Guru Granth Sahibs were burnt and desecrated. Around 300 Sikh soldiers done to death in uniform by fellow soldiers. 120 Sikhs working at the Bokaro Steel Plant Jharkhand thrown alive into burning furnaces. Children as old as 13 days of age roasted alive on gas stoves in Kanpur and other cities in India. In Agartala, Tripura 40 Sikh families who took refuge in a police station to save their lives were burnt alive in the police station. In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 12 Sikhs were hanged from the ceiling at the railway platform. Small children killed ruthlessly by pulling their legs apart whil their mothers being raped. In Haryana and Madhya Pradesh Sikh women taken into hostage and raped during November 1984, still held in captivity by the goons. Sikh women taken from refugee camps and raped even after November 6, 1984. Sikhs on public roads burnt alive, dragged out from trains and lynched on the railway platforms and set on fire Property of Sikhs worth millions was looted and destroyed. Massacre of Sikhs planned in a meeting organized at 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi on October 31, 1984 attended by members of Parliament and senior members of the Congress party including Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath, Dharam Das Shastri, Vasant Sathe, HKL Bhagat, Lalit Makhen, Arjun Das amongst others. State media showed inflammatory speeches and scenes with slogans “Khoon ka badla khoon” (blood for blood) and “Khoon ke chintey sikhon ke ghar tak pahunchni chahiye” (Splashes of blood should reach the doorsteps of Sikhs). Police commandos from Police headquarters Madhuban, Haryana on the orders of Bhajan Lal, the then Chief Minister of Haryana send to commit the massacre of Sikhs. Expert arsonists and professional goons brought from outside and transported to different areas in Government buses supplied with inflammable materials to burn Sikhs, Sikh houses, businesses and Sikh temples. Police either actively participated in committing the massacre of Sikhs or stood as silent spectators while Sikhs burnt alive. Police even supplied diesel from police jeeps to the arsonists. Police disarmed the Sikhs before mobs attacked them. No curfew imposed or army called while most of the killings took place. When army called, deliberately designed to be ineffective. We know these facts not just form the witness testimony of Sikh victims despite media blackout and massive intimidation but because of SIKh NRIs, outside charities, NGOs and even the leaked cables form the US embassy and from the cabinet papers of Downing Street. After 32 years the organizers and perpetrators of the Genocide roam free and even enjoy positions of power – the Congress Party showing no shame let alone remorse even tried to appoint Kamal Nath as their chief officer in Punjab, homeland and heartland of the Sikhs. None punished for killings of the Sikhs. Ten commissions have failed to bring Justice. Affidavits filed before commissions found lying at the residences of those accused of organizing and committing the massacre. The Public did not react with mix of sponsored and spontaneous anger as you have tried to claim in previous posts – they were proactively instigated and manipulated by the State (led by Indira Gandhi’s son intent upon vengeance – what other democracy in the world would appoint the child of a assassinated leader to head the police and army?!) to commit murder against Sikhs and think afterwards (as you do) that it was okay. What was done to the Sikhs was not okay then and it is not okay now.

  2. Sikh Nation came to end at the end of Anglo -Sikh war.
    Subsequent rulers of Punjab have been all been either Pro Empire or Pro Indian Nation which the British Empire created .
    Jarnail Singh Bhinderwala was not aware of concepts like EMPIRE and world order .
    As for belief there are many belief system in this world including those of we Sikhs.
    Fact is that World has multiple GODS and not one or alternatively One God who is called by different names.

    • Sikh Nation is the people of the Sikh Panth not the land. That is something you completely fail to understand. Sikh identity ensures sovereignty of the Sikh Kaum and as long as one Sikh stands with his five kakkars Sikh nation cannot be brought to an end as he serves as inspiration to others (which of course iss why you wish to destroy anyone wearing a beard and dastaar). As for other religions the main faiths of this world are monotheistic (THEY BELIEVE LIKE SIKHI IN ONE GOD ALONE) – Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Only Hinduism amongst those five religions believes in multiple Gods so one could argue is the odd man out.

  3. Yes it is true that there was a conspiracy between the Empire and Traitors that lead to the fall of Khalsa Raj.

    Punjab how ever still has a King in Maharaja Amrinder Singh and its mass leader Respected Mr Prakash Singh Badal.

    They can easily resurrect the “KHALSA RAJ” which already exists in Punjab today.

    India today also follows the model of Khalsa Raj but calls it a Ram Rajya by the Hindu North Indians and Krishana Raj by the Yadavs of central India and different names of south ,Assam and Bengal etc.
    Indian Subcontient has had Mutiple rulers but King Ram and Lord Krishna are remembered even today fondly.

    • Sikhs do not acknowledge any kings let alone the likes of Amarinder SIngh who has still to account for having huge amounts of money lodged in foreign banks when he was virtually bankrupt before coming to office as CM in Punjab as well as acceptance of notorious Sikh genocider Kamal Nath as his Congress Party’s top man in Punjab before the Sikhs threw him out. It should be noted also that Amarinder Singh’s forebear Maharajah of Patiala refused to to merge his Sikh kingdom with that of Ranjit SIngh’s and instead sought alliance with the East India Company which emboldened the EIC and gave them territory upon which to wage war upon the Khalsa Raj. As for ‘respected’ Prakash Badal I presume you mean he is respected by Central Government as he has been honoured by them presumably for services rendered. I would also refer you to the letter revealed to the public on April 28, 2016 by Khalra Mission Organization (KMO) which exposed Akali leaders for their collaboration with Prime Minister Indra Gandhi during the armed invasion into Sri Darbar Sahib during June, 1984. The Akali leaders, including Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, S. Gurcharan Singh Tohra and Parkash Badal, chalked out the plan for attacking Sri Darbar Sahib in June 1984. “The Akalis did all this in fear of the death of their political career,” said KMO leaders.
      According to a letter sent to R. K Dhawan (Personal Secretary of Indra Gandhi) from Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, Longowal had written that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was out of their control and that they would have to do what was being planned earlier. Upon the arrival of the army at Sri Darbar Sahib, Longowal allegedly asked his supporters to tell Bhindranwala that his guests were at the door. The letter reads, “I feel that now we have to do that which we have already planned for and that which Parkash Badal has already explained to you in detail. Bhindranwale’s men would run away seeing the army and very likely he too would also run away.” This is deeply shocking allegation and if it is genuine it means these three Sikh ‘leaders’ were engaged not only in a pretty much fake encounter collaboration for personal gain but effectively treason against the Sikh nation (along with Indira Gandhi) as their selfish actions led directly to the desecration of Darbar Sahib and the killings of thousands of Sikhs. Badal must be questioned about this allegation as it seems to give credence to suspicions raised about his cryptic allusions as to why he should never write his autobiography because of ‘what he knows’. Certainly of the three men accused his political career has survived the deaths of thousands of Sikhs. Therefore neither Amarinder Singh nor Badal (whose administration and even extended family members are alleged to be involved in the drug trade in Punjab) have any credibility in terms of representing the Sikhs let alone recreating a Khalsa Raj. As for India follows the model of the Khalsa Raj, that really is an insult. When did the Khalsa Raj ever enforce their religious views on others and use violence to maintain their rule in Punjab against their own citizens? The Khalsa is unique elgalitarian conception and has nothing whatsover to do with Hindu mythology – as Sikhs we utterly reject, refute and deny the existence of Ram, Krishna, etc who are in SIkh view nothing more than mythological figures.

  4. Treachery is not the cause of Fall of Sikh Kingdom but the defeat of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Army to the Empires forces in Anglo -Sikh war.
    If you start killing innocent fellow citizens and carry out an armed rebellion against the state then wars and Genocides follow.
    No body likes to have a Killer or a potential Killer as his neighbor.

    • When you try to rewrite history you should at least be acquainted with the historical facts you wish to distort but it is very telling why you want to divert any attention from the crucial role played men who committed high treason against the Khalsa Raj as such men exists today. Let me explain (for the umpteenth time) to you that you have a completely cock-eyed and prejudiced regard for historical facts. (1) The Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit Singh was not dismantled in ‘Anglo-Sikh War’ (sic) (actually there were two of these) but by the treachery of the Dogra brothers Dhian Singh (Vizier) and Gholab Singh (rewarded for his traitorous collaboration by the East India Company by being given the Rajaship of Kashmir which has led to the anomaly of a Hindu Raja overlording a predominantly Muslim state). These two Hindu Dogra traitors may have hastened Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s death (there is a suggestion that he was poisoned) and acted on the behalf of the EIC promising the co-operation of their commanders in the field and all battle plans recruiting two particular ‘Sikh’ generals Tej Singh & Lal Singh to betray the Sikh Empire and working their way through Ranjit’s successors (Kharak Singh was probably also poisoned and Dhian’s Singh hand is bloodstained with the murder of the grandson Nau Nihal Singh in particular). Their treachery was absolutely vital in the loss of the first Anglo Sikh War when EIC’s General Gough was on the point of defeat at the battle of Mudki (and was in the midst of burning all his papers in his tent so convinced was he of defeat) when the Dogras, Tej and Lal Singh withheld supplies and refrained from joining the attack. The lesson to be learned is that the ‘Empire’ did not win by annexation but by the infiltration of traitors and collaborators within the Sikh Empire – sound familiar today? To other Sikh readers I would suggest you listen to the BBC Radio 4 programme on the SIkh Empire available at

  5. Make India the Nation you want it to be .
    The Sikh Kingdom was dismantled by the Empire and in its place a new Nation was created called India.
    Genocide happens when you start killing fellow citizens.
    Burning of Scriptures is a Trap to make Punjab descend into chaos.

    • The Sikh Kingdom was was undermined by traitorous collaborators such as the Dogra Generals Tej and La SIngh and their political masters Dhian and Gulab SIngh. Gulab SIngh’s was given the rajaship of Kashmir for his treachery. Genocide does not happen when you start killing citizens but when you decide there is a difference in the rights of one citizen and another. Stop referring to the beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib as the ‘burning of scriptures’ as it again and again reveals your total ignorance of the gravity of the offence you are orchestrating. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is not our scripture or holy book akin but our living eternal Guru.

  6. Sikhs have always loved there country spilled blood it gained freedom for it. But what have we had in return our sikh kingdom gets taken away genocide, mocked, our scriptures burned. So please tell me hw r we supposed to love this country?!! India has some of worse divde between rich and poor yet spend billions on nuclear arms etc most of the population have no acess to toilets list is endless.

    • Blind obedience to the State which is what you want (my country right or wrong) led to Nazi Germany’s crimes against humanity when its peoples obeyed its criminal laws. That is the broad guiding principle.

      • No, the ordinary German people learned the hard way. When it became apparent to Hitler that he had lost the war he blamed his won people for not being worthy or strong enough to survive and issued a Nero decree to destroy all German infrastructure knowing full well that would throw the German peoples back into the stone age. The German people trust in the State and total subservience to it through the 1930s led to the complete destruction of their country, same thing happened with Imperial Japan where deference was so enshrined in the brainwashed minds of its peoples they saw their Emperor as God – learn the same lesson from history. In civilised democratic countries it is the duty and right of the citizen to hold the government to account and to criticise it when it is doing wrong.

      • Germans created the NAZIS and suffered its consequence.
        Japanese created imperialism and suffered the consequences
        Iraqis created ISIS and are suffering its consequences.
        So when you get into this mode of that you alone have the right to exist and rest all are less than you .
        You are asking for trouble.

      • ‘So when you get into this mode of that you alone have the right to exist and rest all are less than you . You are asking for trouble.’ Don;t you understand that the very same sense of nationalist supremacy that the Nazi’s, Japanese and desire for religious hegemony and domination the Islamists believe is at the very root of Hinduvta? There are none so blind than they who will not see…

      • Hinduvata is not ruling India.India is run by a constitution under which rights of all citizens are protected .
        Only those rebelling against the Indian state are getting into trouble with the Indian Laws and constitution.

      • This most recent example of having to pass a jingoistic law to force Indian citizens to stand up and sing the national anthem as it will be played with the flag at all cinema performances is as clear an example of Hinduvta as you can get. It will lead to extremists like those who follow the RSS to act as vigilantes with the ‘law’ behind them to enforce a nonsensical sense of ‘nationalism’ upon patrons who decide to use their democratic right not to sing the anthem or salute the flag. This is not the same thing as being patriotic. Tell me if the law is further changed so that we have pictures of the two assassinated PMs of India Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi (who have already been honoured by the State with things like having airports named after them) should Sikhs also stand up and salute them even though both are mass murderers of Sikhs? As for ‘India is run by a constitution under which rights of all citizens are protected’ are you serious? The Court in Delhi has rejected Punjab’s rights guaranteed under that exact same constitution to keep all of its water thus usurping democratic rights of the Punjabi people. And you need to stop confusing the word rebellion with dissent – in a democratic country every citizen has the right and duty to say no to the State when the State is doing something morally or legally wrong. A law does not entitle the State to do whatever it wishes let alone commit human rights violations, acts of torture and extra judicial murder – that was well established at the Nuremburg Trials of Nazi Germany’s leaders who contended they were were not doing anything criminal because their actions were legally sanctioned by the German State.

      • nationalism and patriotism should be encouraged in all nations as it protects us against those who want to hurt us and our families.
        Why are you comparing RSS to Nazis is beyond my understanding.
        No one has been massacred in India like the way the Jews were by the Nazis.
        Punjab water belongs to all the people of the three states of Himachal ,Punjab and Haryana. Reunification like Europe and Germany will solve this simple problem of water.
        India will have many more PM in future with whom we can write a new story.
        No point living in misery of Past.

      • Nationalism should NOT be encouraged as it creates a false sense of exceptionalism which then allows political leaders to take advantage and exploit the sentiment of their populations to see people as ‘the others’, less deserving of respect and empathy. That is the lesson that the Nazi’s taught the world. Patriotism in a democracy is holding polity, police and judiciary to account and not being deferential to them. And why you cant understand why the RSS is modelled on the Nazi SS? I have told you enough times. Okay, again I will explain to you. The RSS is deliberately modelled on the SS of Hitler’s Nazi party because Indians don’t comprehend the full horror of subscribing to where ultra nationalism leads. The Nazi’s called themselves National Socialists, prided themselves as being the so called ‘true patriots of their country, real Germanic peoples who loved the fatherland, true Aryans of pure blood, and who were best placed to decide who was and who was not entitled to see themselves as their fellow countrymen’ – swap out the references to Germany and it is the exact same rhetoric the RSS uses to drum up their politics of hate. In the Nazi instance they decided to persecute the Jews. In the instance of the RSS you have decided to persecute other minorities such as the Muslims and the Sikhs for ‘not being true Indians or not being Indian enough’ with that reactionary claptrap about being ‘anti national’ – the same evil reasoning the SS and Nazis used to discriminate and ultimately try to eliminate ‘anti-nationals’ / ‘undesirables’ from their blessed pure Reich / Bharat. In a democracy one has the right and duty to criticise one’s governance and Sikhs certainly cannot be expected to be subservient as their religious psyche and history of resistance to tyranny amply demonstrates so don’t try to tell us to keep quiet and know our place just to save our lives. Sikhs would rather die on their feet rather than live on their knees as you seem to be intimating we should do. The RSS shares not only share the Nazi’s nationalism but also its means of indoctrinating its ideology into the young Indian (revising school text books to rewrite history is a perfect example) with their rallies – hell even their uniforms are modelled on the Hitler Youth. The Nazis only started invading other people’s countries after they had spent a decade brutally persecuting their own people (effectively anybody who didn’t think like them or had the audacity to stand up against their tyranny was disappeared, tortured and put to death – sound familiar when you talk of ‘Punjab is at peace’?). That is why a Sikh cannot be a member of the RSS or keep silent when it persecutes other Indians (whether they be Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or Christian – all are equal in the Sikh’s mind and equally deserving of life, respect, dignity) because Sikhs are taught to be the staunch defenders of both their and others civil and human rights to practise whatever religion they want without fear or favour.
        As for ‘No one has been massacred in India like the way the Jews were by the Nazis.’. How many times I have explained this to you in detail? I would remind you that Hitler orchestrated his Nazi Regime’s Kristallnacht vengeance attacks on the Jews on the pretext that a German (diplomat Ernst vom Rath) had been assassinated by a Jew (Herschel Grynszpan). The Nazi Kristallnacht was a state sponsored and sanctioned pogrom against Jews throughout Nazi Germany that lasted two days and cost hundreds of Jewish lives. The Indian Kristallnacht lasted four days and cost five thousand Sikh lives in the capitol city alone so please keep your genocide denial to yourself. As a known supporter of the RSS I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that you have no problem with extra judicial killings and rapes as the Nazi SS didn’t have any compunction either.
        Punjab’s water belongs to Punjab. It is called ‘Punjab’s water. Punjab is even called Land of five rivers. Under Indian constitution and international riparian law it belongs to Punjab. Very simple to understand but obviously difficult for you to accept as Sikhs benefiting from their rights is not something you can stomach.
        ‘No point living in misery of Past.’ We should just forget about 1984 and the decades of extra judicial murder against Sikhs? ‘Okay tens of thousands of Sikhs were brutalised and murdered but lets forget about that because hey after all they were only Sikhs’, right? A people who forget their past have no future. I wonder if you would be so cynically sanguine if Sikhs forgot their past and moved with the times when it comes to our reservation about proselytising our faith. Imagine if went out actively to seek converts form the Dalits you despise so much? You couldn’t use your foul Ghar Wapsi doctrine then could you as Sikhism was born in Indian soil. Be careful then what you wish for when you tell the Sikhs to forget their past.

  7. Where is RSS Harinder now with his siren calls of beware of hyper religiosity and hyper nationalism? His hypocritical silence is deafening.


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