Basics of Sikhi Founder Jagraj Singh Diagnosed with Cancer

File Photo: Bhai Jagraj Singh

LONDON, UK—Basics of Sikhi founder and CEO Bhai Jagrag Singh has been diagnosed with cancer, the Everythings 13 team announced earlier today. The news was unexpected and has left the Sikh sangat worldwide in a shock.

Tests have revealed that Bhai Jagraj Singh has been diagnosed with stage four advanced cancer which has spread to his liver and is inoperable.

e13-bosThe Everythings 13 team that runs Basics of Sikhi and other Sikh initiatives announced that Bhai Jagraj Singh might only have a few months to live.

Better known for his “Street Parchar” Bhai Jagraj Singh started several initiatives in 2012 to raise awareness of the Sikh faith.  Since then, he has trained dozens of parchariks worldwide. He has spoken at camps and events worldwide.  

sikh-pa-logoAlong with Basics of Sikhi, some of the other initiatives launched by him include the Amritsar Visitor CenterSikh Press Association and the Mightly Khalsa project. The Sikh Press Association is a media facing project providing publicity for the Panth. The project runs positive PR campaigns to raise the profile of Sikhs in the mainstream. Mighty Khalsa is a Sikh kids orientated educational books, games and apps project.

“This news has come as a shock to us all and we’re sure the Sangat will have lots of questions and messages for Jagraj Singh. During this difficult time we request Sangat to respect the privacy of Jagraj Singh and his family. Please leave your comments on this post rather than private messages as he may not be able to answer. Your blessings and Ardaasan are gratefully welcome,” Everythings 13 team stated in a press release.

Bhai Jagraj Singh shared the following message with the Sangat –

bos“Only SatGuru Ji can give or take life away and they are never wrong, only perfect. In all the Seva that Guru Ji allowed me to do of his beautiful Panth, I’ve made many mistakes and I ask forgiveness from the Sangat. If the Guru’s message has touched you and you feel it’s the truth, I urge you to follow that truth and become a GurSikh as none of us knows how long we have left. Please do Ardaas that Guru Ji gives me a place in his Charan and keeps my family and the Panth in Chardi-Kala. May the Panth flourish, even if I am finished, this is pure joy for me.”

A program is being organized at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Park Avenue, in Southall, from 6pm till 8pm to do ardas for Bhai Sahib.  Similarly, Sikh Sangat worldwide is asked to do Chaupai Sahib jaaps and ardas for Bhai Jagraj Singh’s chardi kala.



  1. I have watched a couple of his videos and although I disagree with him theologically, I pray that Allah (swt) grant him a speedy recovery. At the end, it is His Will that will come to pass but I will remember this brother during the remainder of my five daily prayers. May Allah (swt) grant our brother Jagraj a speedy recovery and if it is His Will for our brother to depart from us, I pray that His Mercy engulfs him in the Hereafter.

  2. Brother,
    I just want to hug you tightly close to my heart and never let go. As I tremble to right these few words my soul is mourning to meet you. I was touched by your street parchar about a year ago and you have helped my mental state/balance in many ways.

    Even a bad bad sinner like me has learned a lot and seen the light through your YouTube videos alone.

    For that I thank you greatly.

    I contemplated many times that I will visit you one day at Park Avenue Gurdwara when I have traded my bad ways for the way’s of Guru’s teachings as you always say.

    But yet I am to change and was too shameful to show you my face. Now it seems too late!

    I haven’t been to Gurdwara for many years so disconnected in this illuminati brainwashed life of sin…but
    I came to park avenue Gurdwara 2 weeks ago on Sunday for your 6-8pm programme to see you but I was overwhelmed by sangat and it seemed not right for a half Singh like me to
    Run over to you and cry like a baby infront of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    It seems God wants to take you away from us before I had a chance to experience your darshan.

    I don’t know what else to say now but I wish we could trade places and I was the one who was going instead.

    I’m sick of this life Anyway and yet have failed to overthrow my demons as you did in your past. This world would be better off with you still here.

    I’m selfish and greedy and still hungry for your courageous street parchar. It was enough to plant a seed of God’s light inside of me so I’m in your debt eternally!

    Modern day British born Singh’s like you get through to people like me.

    We need true Singh’s like you to guide us through the darkness!

    I wish I will see you soon in this life or the after life, God willing.

    Thank You for your chronicle street parchar amazing personality, all loving nature and great smile!

    God created you perfect for us.

    I’m immensely Grateful for all ur Seva and guidance.

    I Deeply Love you brother for ever

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    My thoughts are with you daily

    Ajayvir Singh Khaira

  3. Dear Sir,very sad to hear about this,as you have inspired me many a time on your channel basics of sikhi.Please take note of the carotte juice as mentioned by others.My prayers are with you.Vgkf,Manjit Singh

  4. I’m shocked. I have been listening to his kind voice almost constantly since I discovered him a short time ago. Last I saw he was talking about fundraising for a visitor’s center. Now this.

    This man touched my heart deeply. He is at peace with whatever happens, it is clear. However I am sad for myself and the sangat. I am so happy to have him in cyberspace forever, patiently teaching me Punjabi. It is easy to envision him sitting beside me. VGKK VGKF

  5. Im very sad on hearing this news. Finally we have a young Gursikh who knows what he is talking about and such a powerful voice he can change our lives.I have never met Jagraj Singh but had tears in my eyes when I heard this news. I beg Sat Guru Nanak Sahib to cure my Great Brother and Warrior of the Khalsa. We need him for our future!!!

  6. I started listening to Jugraj Ji from 2012 when severe depression got hold of me. I never took medication, fortunately had Jagraj Singh Ji programs to watch on you tube. He held my hand during these tough 3 years and am now 95 percent better. He got me into Sikhi and helped me heal. I love him from the depths of my heart. Guru Nanak Ji loves Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji and will protect him with his own hands.

  7. So sad and shocked to hear this. I only recently started to watch him on basics of sikhi.
    Just feel really upset. What inspirational character! Strength and prayers for you and your family.

  8. Guru ji.. please bless Bhai Sahib ji with a long and healthful life. We all need him, he is a source of immense inspiration and strength for us.

  9. I’ve just read that Jagraj may be able to have a Liver transplant.

    If I’m a match you I would glady donate mine.

    I hope this gets to whoever is in direct contact with Jagraj.

  10. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fathe ,
    Uncle ji, I have learned so much from you.I love to watch your videos .I admire your work .you have changed a lot of peoples live including mines .Thank you for your seva to the Sikh panth .I will do Ardaas for you and may you stay in Chardi-Kala.
    Thank you for everything ,Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fathe

  11. May Waheguru bless him and his family at this unfortunate time and a thank you for waking the sangat up and improving our knowledge. Thank You from all the sangat I wish you peace our prayers are with you.

  12. I learn so much from Veer jugraj Singh ji to do seva in Khalsa school, most important love and sharda for Guru sahib and Guru’s bani.
    I truly believe that you will be healed with Guru’s kirpa, we all need you for the panth. Our prayers are with you. We are doing chaupi sahib for your chardikala.
    Please don’t ever let your will power go down, you can fight, Guru sahib is with you. Guru’s bani will heal you.
    There is a book name (Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson )all about cancer mostly fourth stage. It teaches you which juices and vitamins , minerals are good for this problem . It also helps to know which foods helps cancer to grow more and which foods helps to kill the cancer and how to do natural chemotherapy at home. This is a really good book for cancer patients and it really works with Naam Simran. Please do sarab rog ka auk had Naam shabad jaap.
    May Waheguru bless you good health.

  13. Gur poorai meri rahk lai
    Amrith naam hai ridai hai cheeno
    What ever god wants will happen
    We have to accept it and live with it all together
    I hope you get well very soon and will still be doing parchars and hoping the best for you, doing ardaas and what ever gods wants we have to accept it. Get well soon

  14. Wjkkwjkf,

    Totally taken aback by this news, just found out from a relative.

    Me and my family truly hope and pray that Bhai Jagraj Singh is able with Waheguru’s grace, to overcome this terrible illness. Bhai Jagraj Singh will know better than most about pana mana , to accept his hukum. I wish that Waheguru changes his mind and blesses BJRS with a lambi umar.


  15. Truly unbearable and unbelievable, when I started to admire your works, I hear this? Waheguru bless him health if possible, legacy will live on forever. It’s very sad to hear this.

  16. Waheguru ji. We shall never be able to understand the mysterious ways in which you operate. Veerji, you are blessed soul, so different from a common Gursikh, so pure and so much concerned about the Panth. Our prayers are with you.

  17. Such a amazing person, obviously sent to do one thing and boy haven’t you done a fantastic job. I truly believe Bhai Jagraj Singh has done the best seva he could have possibly done, as Sikh youth we all would benefit so much just by listening to all your work, a true connection.

    I’d like to thank you for everything you have done and IF Waheguru wants you back i would definitely understand why and that is people like yourself don’t deserve to be without him. A BIG well done, WKWF

  18. I am so sad to hear the news of Jagraj Singh. My son started learning about our religion from his videos.
    He one day explained to me what it means to share. We pray for Jagraj Singh and his family. I listened to Chaupi Sahib today and felt assured that Waheguru Ji will give all of us strength and courage to face this with Jagraj Singh and his family. Many blessings and heartfelt gratitude being sent for a miracle. I pray and believe Waheguru will look after Jagraj Singh and his family as he has given to all of us.
    There was so much more to be accomplished and shared, the good are always needed by the Almighty.
    Thank You Jagraj Singh for everything you did for us.

  19. Prayers are going out to Jagraj Singh to be guided to a source who will and can help him. Guru please protect Jagraj from all 4 sides from evil & illness.
    Let’s meditate on the mool mantra and waheguru, sit with the sangat, raise our vibration and send Jagraj healing, protection. We are such powerful beings so lets use our power and immerse our minds to the words of the guru.

    Hamree karo haath dai rachhaa. Pooran hoe chit kee ichhaa. Tav charnan man rehai hamaaraa. Apnaa jaan karo prat paara .

  20. So saddened to hear this terrible news brother Jugraj Singh ji Our ardass is with you and your family I pray waheguru ji gets you fully recovered, you have touched so my hearts around the globe
    Inspired myself so much
    Was watching your videos today as I came across this very sad news.
    It’s touched me very deeply

    My prayers are with you my brother
    Waheguru ji Mahraj will do Kirpa

  21. So Sad To Here This. I have listened to his parchaars and they inspire me!!
    May Waheguru be with him
    Waheguru Ji ka khalsa
    Waherguru Ji ki fateh

  22. You are truly inspiring sir….. I have learned a lot from you……I love you sir …….Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh….

  23. Bhai Jagraj-ji was the voice most young sikhs longed for. Why babaji why? Please don’t take him – this world really needs someone like him. This just isn’t fair! God bless him and his family.

  24. Jagraj Singh and his family are in our prayers to Waheguru…… he will do kirpa! You have touched the lives of many and Waheguru will bless you…..
    Let us learn from Bhai Ji’s teachings.


    As we hear the news of Bhai Jagraj Singh, being diagnosed with grade 4 cancer, we are all deeply saddened. But, we all have complete faith in Guru Sahib Ji that our blessed, loving brother will definitely be ok and come through this difficult period, as millions around the globe are praying for him and most of all, he has a pure father like Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj that sits besides him, with their hand on his head.

    Bhai Sahib ji has touched the lives of many in his revolutionised parchaar of Gurmat and Sikhi. He has inspired many around the globe to walk on this path of love, contentment, compassion and truth.

    Even whilst falling ill with cancer, bhai Sahib ji held the parchaar of sikhi firmly to his heart by setting up the ‘Parchaar Course’ (spreading of faith), in order that the panth creates more parcharaks and doesn’t rely on the few we have. Such was his love for sikhi and the spreading of this universal truth (Sikhi).

    We can speak forever about Bhai Sahib Ji’s gunn (virtues) and seva (selfless service), as he dedicated all his time to seva but what are we going to do about it? We can all feel very sad that Bhai Sahib ji has been diagnosed but again, how are we going to better ourselves to support him? We all need to push ourselves a little further. If we haven’t taken Amrit, we have to do so. If we have taken Amrit, we need to do more kamaaee (earn profit of Naam meditation) and serve the panth and universe unconditionally. These have always been Veer Jagraj Singh’s wishes. This is what he wanted most. Let’s fulfil his beautiful desires. This is the least we can do for our brother, who is suffering through severe illness.

    Bhai Sahib ji has been diagnosed with grade four cancer and a lot of us have lost hope but let us not forget we have the most powerful Guru sat besides us, who can change the face of this earth. We may have lost hope in doctors but the most spiritual doctor ( Vaidh Guru) still holds Bhai Jagraj Singh’s hand today and forever.

    The least we can do for Bhai Sahib ji is, personal Ardassaan (prayers), sangtee (congregational) Ardaasan, read Baani for him, meditate for him. We have full faith our Guru will pull him through! We are not going to let him leave us so soon! We still need him serving by our side! Guru Ji still has plenty more Seva (selfless service) to bless him with.

    Let this be a teaching to us all. Life’s too short. Please take them steps towards sikhi now and let’s not wait until it’s too late. Let’s become that positive change!

    Guru Arjan Dev Ji Says, “Jaa thoo maerai val hai thaa kiaa muhashha(n)dhaa||
    When You are on my side, Lord, what do I need to worry about?

    thudhh sabh kishh maino soupiaa jaa thaeraa ba(n)dhaa||
    You entrusted everything to me, when I became Your slave.”


  26. Learnt alot from jagraj, proud of him for everything he has achieved and done. Will pray he makes it, we need more Jagrajs in our panth,

  27. Feeling so sad upon hearing the news. Bhai Ji’s teachings changed my life. He is a true inspirer. God bless him. My ardaas to Waheguru Ji is to please please take away Bhai Ji’s illness and grant him a long lease of life to enable him continue to spread the love and truth of naam. Man koi beraag Karega, Satguru mera poora.

  28. I met Bhai Jagraj Singh 3 years ago in the Midlands. We shared some rival banter: he attended Oxford University and I had attended Cambridge was a moment of playful mutual teasing but this gave way to joy as we shared spiritual anecdotes and smiles. Wahiguru bless him always. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. VJKKVJKF

  29. He is quite an inspirational character through who I have begun asking some very important questions, I pray he has the strength to complete his journey however that may be.

  30. Bhai Ji we are saddened of this news – Waheguru will always shower his kirpa on. You have given so much to Sikh Panth and we thank you …….
    Waheguru Ji kirpa karo……..

  31. Cannot digest this-just stunned…..
    Jagraj Singh Ji-WKHALSA-WFATEH JI!
    Watched a few videos and you have already cemented your place in the Panth.
    You are a legend and they NEVER die.
    Thank you for all your and the team’s efforts.
    If I truly knew how to recite Chaupai Sahib I would…
    Waheguru Ji please bless you with good health and Chardi Kala.
    Utmost love and regards from this moorakh.

  32. Vaheguru jio, very true said above – SARAB RoG KA AUKHAD NAAM PAAT has healed countless lives worldwide unbelievable miracles have happened. Also I heard from somwhere that evidence show that consuming 2.6kg carrot juice daily even at fourth stage can CURE CANCER. Carrots contain anti-cancerous virus properties pls see the link below.
    May you stay in chardikala.

  33. Vaheguru jio, very true said above – SARAB RoG KA AUKHAD NAAM PAAT has healed countless lives worldwide unbelievable miracles have happened. Also I heard from somwhere that evidence show that consuming 2.6kg carrot juice daily even at fourth stage can CURE CANCER. Carrots contain anti-cancerous virus properties pls see the link below.
    May you stay in chardikala.

  34. Sad.. Jugraj veerji will live forever through his YouTube videos, parchaars, and seva he has started.

    May Waheguru bless him and his family.

  35. May Waheguru Sahib Jio bless Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji so that this medically diagnosed as inoperable cancer is able to be treated and so then Bhai Sahib can make a full recovery. Maharaj! sikhan di ardaas/pukaar na aaj morheyo, aap ji aage hath jorh ke atey man neevan karkhe benti hai. Please patshah, most compassionate, most merciful, anterjaame, please give veerji a long, chardi kalaa valaa jeevan. Fellow sikhs we need to step our game up in all realms of life as Bhai Sahib always inspires us to- improve yourselves with intense fervor- one such of countless examples across all fields of life I’ve thought of would be if we developed health systems in our communities to the point that everyone is getting full health tests regularly enough to catch beginnings of diseases when they are more easily manageable/treatable- we can get there with the technology and medicine we currently have, roadblocks are health policy and economics- but if there is a will there is a way- anything less than the best we know we can currently do is not acceptable for the highest-truthful-life pursuing sikhs!Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji you and your family our in our prayers! Gur mere sang sadaa hai naale- maharaaj aap kalaa varthavo te aap de singh nu cancer da cure bakhsho.

  36. Guru sab da raka hai.sab sitf path kro naki tension duk banjani haji sahib sukmani sahib de path karke asi sab is cancer nu hara asked ha.

  37. This is terrible news. I disagree with a lot of things Jagraj Singh says but I’ve learned so much from him as well.

    He is a rare gem of the Panth and I wish him all the best.

  38. Vaheguru ji, very true and well said – SARAB RoG KA AUKHAD NAAM has healed many lives worldwide.
    Also pls kindly send me your email address as i would like to send you a video about healing cancer through this research on carrots. May waheguru keep you in chardikala bhai Jagraj Singh jio. Our prayers are with you and your family.

  39. This is unbelievable, they say god works in mysterious ways, sometimes in ways that we question, Why? I guess this is all just a play and we are merely puppets.

    I have only recently started to listen to Katha on Jap Ji Sahib, Jagraj has done a phenomenonal job along with his katha bhajees. I will do simran for you and your family. I know many others will also. I’m sure Vaheguru will hear our prayers.

    Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa
    Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

  40. Vahiguroo Jio, Sarab rog ka aukhad NAAM has healed many VERY TERMINAL LIVES WORLDWIDE…SARAB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM…and may Vahiguroo Guru Nanak Dev Jio kirpa Betha Bhai Jagraj Singh Jio, atey give him my very long life, as no one will miss me as all will miss him_/\_


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