UK Sikh Poll Results 2016
UK Sikh Poll Results 2016

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  1. A SMALL PLEA FROM A SIKH BROTHER: Although its great to comment on this site, Sikhs need to have their voice heard by the readers of the BBC, The Guardian, New York TImes, and most importantly the fascist government controlled rags in india they call newspapers. My request is to ignore the obvious rhetoric of RAW and CID agents working out of disinformation call and internet centres; the like of this “Harinder” fellow. Rather focus on the positive and truthful facts about the SIKH NATION in India and around the world. Lets learn our own true history and disseminate it all over the world wide web. Create a list of historical facts and create posters and documented evidence to educate against the negative propaganda of the indian fascist government. Its only a matter of time before india implodes. One only has to see the division that modi has created in the last year. All of the literate, educated members of indian society recognize this rise in fascism, but have been silenced by the RSS and its cronies. The only reason India exists is because Sikhs made 80% of the physical sacrifices. What about the “Green Revolution” when Punjab steeped up its food production to feed the rest of starving india in the 1960’s. Producing 70% of the wheat and rice. The stealing of river waters. The prevention of and industry establishing itself in India. The 1984 GENOCIDE. The systematic distribution of drugs, and alcohol in the Punjab. The list and topics are endless.

    • I totally agree with you, Sikhs are under attack by the evil Indian propaganda machine government that always wants to discredit the Sikh community in Punjab and the Sikh diaspora! The real Sikhs must stay united and fight this force of evil by educating and creating more awareness of how disgusting and evil India really is!!!
      Ignore this Indian spy harinder

    • Drugs and alcohol we Sikhs are ourselves to blame
      Water problem best solved by reunification of Punjab,Haryana and Himachal
      1984 genocide can be avoided if you don’t kill fellow Citizens, be law abiding and respect the constitution of India

      • Nobody on this site is being fooled when you keep using the term ‘We Sikh’. I urge you to find your common humanity and reject your brainwashing as those that you support both in the past and now are the ones guilty of killing fellow citizens.

  2. No thanks I don’t need you money.I can fund myself.
    Earthians are beyond me to turn them into explorers and voyagers.
    Happy utopian life on Earth
    Balle Balle

  3. British Sikhs are the Best amongst us.
    They now need to earn the first Nobel prize,Olympian medal and a Martian colony.
    God Bless Great Britian
    Balle Balle

    • Martian colony? How many times I told you I am willing to contribute to fund to send you to Mars where you and your brethren can start again your society free from the shackles of human rights, civil liberties and monotheistic religions. ‘Balle Balle’ indeed, you always make me laugh pretending to be a Sikh and a Punjabi at that!

  4. Meanwhile in India Sikhs have to keep fighting for justice, basics rights, equality for Punjab etc…. And how does bolllywood films keep portraying the Sikh community?????? They’re do discriminatory
    Sikhs need to boycott Bollywood


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