Christianity’s Growth In Punjab

church-gifts-for-conversionJALANDHAR, Punjab—With the influx of international church funds, thousands of people within Punjab are receiving free household goods and other luxuries, in return for allegiance to Christianity.

Many poor families have taken the plunge and renounced previous names, practices and religious belongings, in order to accept the terms set by such ministries of conversion, who then entice new followers further with a community life of support and fellowship.

One such church is The Church of Signs and Wonders, based in the village of Khambra in Jalandhar, where the name of evangelical preacher Ankur Narula takes stage to wow and wonder his flock.


“The appeal and pull of Sikhi which once automatically caused the common man and his family to engage and open their mind has been both covertly and overtly reduced to a dogmatic and ritualistic ‘religion’ by the Badal-government and their installed priests, management and leaders”, said Doctor Jaswant Singh, a university lecturer in Patiala.

He added, “Disillusioned members of the public become ripe for conversion and man a Christian group have swarmed in to setup attractive centres to pull in such individuals.”



  1. I had a neighbour who was on the last stage of cancer but got cured completely after attending his talks. I don’t know how it was possible but doctor had given him less than 1 month as he was critically ill I had visited and seen himself. I am a hardcore Hindu but this changed my perception of Christianity totally.

  2. kacheh chad jaan ge, satgur ka rasta pakka!!

    Know your roots first, if you don’t, then you will be like a rolling stone that gathers no moss – meaning
    { the proverb is often interpreted as referring to figurative nomads who avoid taking on responsibilities or cultivating or advancing their own knowledge, experience, or culture}

    If you are grounded in your faith, none can convert you. When you are without any faith, (dont blame others), then you are not grounded and are easily gullible. Any other faith that you convert to, is just a fleeting journey with no grounding.

    I love Sikhi, it is the best with the best qualities, Read the Guru Granth Sahib, do sadh sangat, you will be spiritually awakened. However, if Sikhi to you means what others are doing, then you really have not taken the initiative to listen to Guru Gobind Singh Ji who proclaimed that “SABH SIKHAN KO HUKUM HAI, GURU MANEO GRANTH!! So, question day will come for everyone. We all have to depart. Why be a loser!

  3. It happened 100 years back also, but at that time singh sabha lehar did great work & spirit of sikhi again awakened. Without rehat maryada it is not sikhi. If someone wants to go downwards it’s easy, but if you want to reach at a height you have to put force. You have to start from yourself then family & then society. Everybody have to put some effort, be positive Guru & Vaheguru will be with you. May God bless every body with His Naam he or she may be from any religion.

  4. Conversion is a natural phenomenon. Those who became Sikhs initially had also left their religions to become Sikhs. No one converts for love of religion. Most convert if they find peace, solace or find something that one religion gives them but other does not. Today’s Sikhism has become too rigid and ritualistic. Too many rules in name of various rehits and maryadas. Sikh clergy also fight with each other, do not preach properly and Sikhs rarely help each other. So why will people not drift elsewhere if they get clarity, simple rules and lot of help?
    Even in urban areas people are converting to Buddhism, Christianity or going to temples, babas, astrologers, deras.


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