Harminder Mintu Arrested In Delhi Within 24 Hours of Escape

NEW DELHI, India—Harminder Mintu, who had fled from Nabha jail on Sunday morning, was reportedly arrested by the Special Crime Branch of Delhi Police from Nizamudin Railway station of Delhi. Bhai Mintu trimmed his beard and mustaches to change his appearance but got caught by the Police due to Call interception. After being questioned at a special cell office in New Friends Colony, he was sent to seven-day police custody by a Delhi court.


Reports say, the Delhi, Haryana and UP Police was on high alert after Harminder fled from Nabha jail along with five others. The police followed up on information obtained by arrested man Parminder Singh (who is said to be the chief conspirator of the jail break) before the Police. Parminder Singh was arrested yesterday along with an SUV vehicle and an SLR (Self-loading Riffle) by UP police and had told the police that he dropped Bhai Mintu and Bhai Kashmir Singh Galvadi (who had attacked Gurdaspur Shiv Sena Chief last year) at Panipat (Haryana) where the duo changed their appearance before moving to Delhi.

As per reports, Bhai Mintu was in a bid to move to Goa and got separated from Bhai Kashmir Singh Galdvadi few hours before his arrest. The Delhi police has continued its search to trace Bhai Kashmir Singh Galvadi who is expected to be present in the province of New Delhi.  



  1. RSS and Badals strike once again – cannot catch the culprits that committed beadbi to Guru Granthh Sahib Ji and prisoners escaped from Jail gets arrested next day. It just about sums up the Punjab Police and India Police alike under their Modis and Badals – proper chamche……..

  2. This all drama is performed just to please RSS & Sauda saad. All the Sikhs should be Amridhari, free SGPC &TAKHAT Sahib from mentally patit sikhs, give new spirit to Damdami Taksal & dal Khalsa & after that think about a political party, before that unless the sikhs becomes Gursikhs all the political parties will become like Badal Dal, puppets in hands of center.

  3. Look how quickly India arrests an escaped prisoner but how many years has passed since over 50,000 Sikhs killed and not ONE PERSON EVER ARRESTED???? Tell me India how many did you arrest for killing Sikhs????? I can’t hear anything, oh yeah because the answer is ZERO!!!!!


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