Court Order Ignored: Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara Denied Back Treatment

hawaraNEW DELHI, India—A High Court order given over 18 months ago has been ignored by prison authorities who had been ordered to provide treatment to Jathedar Hawara for his injured backbone that is causing severe pain.

Following a cruel and brutal torture by the police since he has been in prison, Jathedar Hawara experiences constant pain in his backbone and his left leg. An MRI scan was due to take place in August. Even though ordered to by the High Court, no action has been taken by the Government, nor the prison authorities.

Jathedar ji had shared that during the cold and winter periods the pain is more intense.

Human rights of this Sikh prisoner, as with countless others, appear to be continually suppressed by the authorities.




  1. As always let the Sikhs suffer – let the culprits go and enjoy freedom. Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara Long Live – always chardi Kala!!

  2. Disgusting India kills Sikhs and tortures Sikhs prisoners then denies them the right time have any medical help, meanwhile India continues to support and protect disgusting mass murderers like kamal nath, kps gill, samedh saini, Jagdish tytler and many more


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