Wife Of Panjab Radio And TV Host Looks At Prison For Illegal Housing

dr-gurdeep-singh-jagbirHAYES, London, UK—Surinder Kaur Sethi, the wife of Gurdeep Singh ‘Jagbir’ Sethi, presenter of Punjab Radio UK, of Frogmore Avenue, is facing a year in prison after illegally converting one of their homes into a multiple tenancy property.
She has raised £142,490 in rent but this money will now be confiscated after she was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Wednesday (November 16). The courts have demanded this money be returned within three months, or face a prison sentence of upto a year.
Surinder Kaur claimed in court that she applied for separate council tax for each division of the property was the required amount of notice for the council regarding the multiple occupancy. The court did not accept this as there is a clear procedure for converting a house which must go through strict assessment and regulation before approval can be granted.



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