Dangerous Driver Who Killed Sikh Philanthropist Convicted

LONDON, UK—Usman Anwar, a convicted drug dealer who struck Parmjit Singh Karir in his hired Mercedes in January, while illegally speeding into a bus lane, has been sentenced to imprisonment for four years and eight months.

Parmjit Singh was pronounced dead on the scene after he was flung in the air when he was struck. The prosecution showed CCTV footage of the fatal collision to the judge, showing Parmjit Singh walking across the road, between cars when Usman careered in to him in the bus lane.

Parmjit Singh KarirParmjit Singh left behind a legacy as a great community leader who organized charity events and raised funds for the needy on a regular basis. 

The family was left broken after the tragic event and are still struggling to piece themselves back together.

The judge barred Anwar from driving for seven years and ordered that he must take an extended test before being granted a license.




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