CALIFORNIA: Union City, Lathrop and Selma Pass Resolutions Recognizing 1984 Sikh Genocide

UNION CITY, California, USA—Three separate cities in California approved a resolution to recognize 1984 anti-Sikh massacres in India as a genocide this week.  Namely, Union City passed the resolution on November 22, while Lathrop and Selma did so on November 21 and 22 respectively.  Large  number of Sikhs gathered in town halls of the three cities to show their support for the resolution.

Lathrop Sikh Community members and City Officials

In Lathrop, Jaswant Singh told Sikh24, “This means a lot of us.  Lathrop has a growing Sikh population and we have seen Sikhs move here from the Bay and the Central Valley.  It makes sense for our City Officials to understand our pains and pass this resolution as the 1984 genocides affected all Sikhs.”

Satnam Singh said, “Thank You Lathrop City Council for your Support. All voted in favor.  Thank you all local Sikh Community members, Stockton Gurdwara Committee and Sikhs for Justice.”

In Union City last night, local Sikh leaders spoke about the genocide.  Kashmir Singh Shahi, a well-respected local Sikh from the Union City spoke about the Widow Colony in New Delhi which houses Sikh widows who were victimized during November 1984.  “Thanks to Union City, California, honorable Mayor Carol Dutra Vernachi, Vice mayor Emily Duncan, Councilman Jim Navarro, Councilwoman Pat Gacoscus, Councilman Lorrin Ellis, City manager Tony Acosta and all other staff for this resolution,” he said.

“Tonight at City Council, we formally recognized the November 1984 Anti-Sikh Violence in India as genocide. Thousands of Sikhs lost their lives and thousands more were displaced after what was believed to be a well organized massacre. For three days, extreme acts of violence against Sikh men and women ensued and Sikh-owned homes, businesses and Gurdwaras were burned down. The Indian Government and the international community have not properly recognized this dark event in our history as a crime against humanity. Thanks to our Sikh community for attending and showing support,” the City stated in a statement.

Bhai Raam Singh,  member of the Fremont Gurdwara Sahib Supreme Council appreciated the council members for recognizing the Sikh Genocide.  The proclamation was accepted by Gary Singh, a Union City council member and Fremont Gurdwara Sahib committee members.

Raj Singh, who was involved in passing of the resolution in Fresno, Fowler and Selma, also spoke at the Union City City Hall about the importance for the Union City to pass the resolution.  He addressed that several cities across California have passed similar resolutions.  “Once we have support from cities across the country, we can push to seek recognition at a state and country wide level,” he said.

In California, similar resolutions have already been passed at Kerman, San Joaquin, Madera, Fresno, Selma, Stockton, Lathrop, Sanger, Fowler and Bakersfield.

Sikh Genocide Resolution Approved by Union City, California
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  1. There are several Empire men still in Nation who will provoke us again. So be careful.
    There is Uranium in Punjab water which will hurt us.
    Indian Punjab is a dangerous place for us to be localized to.
    We run the risk of another genocide and a Indo-Pak conflict with its Nuclear armed status.
    Time for us to be widely distributed in every street ,Village ,,city and Nationon planet Earth.

    • Why don’t you and your RSS brethren abandon and forsake the Punjab and relocate to another land if you are so afraid. The Sikh will stay in his homeland and heartland for a people without a country become vagabonds and lost and then finally a nation of people no more which is what you desire.

  2. Nirankiris do a shoot and scoot operation and were most likely hired by Empire to provoke Sikhs so as to convert peaceful and prosperous Punjab into a chaos and violence, some thing like today’s Iraq or Syria.

    • Wow now you even dispute that Indira Gandhi used and promoted the Nirankari cult to undermine the Akali Dal’s political stranglehold on power in the Punjab during the 1970s and blame it on foreigners. Is there no depth to your shamelessness and dedication to a post truth society? Perhaps I have misjudged you and you have actually read Orwell’s 1984 and are just practising historical revisionism which in the novel rewrites past newspaper articles so that the historical record always supported the party line.

      • Nirankaris were pawns of Empire .
        The regime of 1984. Conspired with Empire to crush the Sikh rebellion against the Empire created India.

      • You refuse to accept that Indians have committed abuses and atrocities against Sikhs except as mere helpless pawns directed by existential foreign Empires and that Indians have formulated draconian and illegal laws of their own (TADA et al) to repress their own population. This means you give a clean chit to any Indian who commits abuses and atrocities against Sikhs particularly if they were in uniform such as self confessed murderer and Punjabi policeman Gurmeet Pinky.

      • Getting localized to Indian Punjab exposes us to 3 major local risks
        1) Genocide-4
        2) Uranium Toxicity
        3) Punjab being a battlefield for Nuclear armed India and Pakistan.

        Protect your children future .

      • The Sikh cannot run away from his homeland / heartland of Punjab nor be forced from it – after all we cannot move our religious and historical sites such as the Takhts and Darbar Sahib anymore than the Jews can shift the wailing wall of their Temple from Jerusalem. Can’t you then understand that the Sikh cannot forsake the Sikh homeland of Punjab and the Gurmuki language of Punjab anymore than the Jew can abandon Jerusalem and Israel no matter how wide spread the Jewish diaspora is? You are being wilfully naive to think Sikhs can follow the example of Punjabi Hindus in 1966 and just forsake Punjab and mother tongue for Haryana and Hindi. The only antidote to injustice is justice; a coward dies many times in his lifetime, a Sikh only dies once.

  3. As for genocide let me tell you in brief the sequence of events.
    1) 1978 Nirankiris kill Sikh’s
    2) Mr Bhinderwala confuses Nirankiris with Hindus.
    3) Targets innocent Hindus for revenge Killing
    4): The Indian govt carries out military operation Op blue star to stop the killings
    5)This triggers Sikh wrath who gun down the PM
    6) The Public reacts with a mix of sponsored and spontaneous anger leading to a genocide.
    That is the story in brief

    • Wow. Despite the historical facts I have given you again and again you still make up your own version of history. Why do you start this story in 1978? What happened to the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions formulated in the 1960s and presented and then rebuffed in the early seventies by Indian Polity? What about the pledges made to the Sikh kaum by both Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi prior to Indpeence in 1947 sebsequently reneged upon in the 1950s? What about the Sikh opposition to Indira Gandhi’s illegally declared state of emergency and ruling by decree between 1975 and 1977 – you don’t think that had a significant impact on her deciding to seek revenge on them and sponsor the Nirankaris as her proxies? Bluestar was not carried out to ‘stop the killings of Hindus’ it was done in election year to prove to the electorate that Indira Gandhi was a ‘strong leader’ who could take on the strongest people in India, the Sikhs. It was political criminal act – this PM even committed high treason asking for the military assistance of a foreign government – the former colonial one at that Britain! – to help plan the killing of Indian citizens on Indian soil! And the public did not react with mix of sponsored and spontaneous anger – they were proactively instigated, manipulated and facilitated with the full power of the state (police, judiciary and military) to go out and murder Sikhs in the street with the full approval of the state analagous to what the Nazis did on their Kristallnacht – a pogrom the German State carried out against its Jewish population throughout Nazi Germany on 9–10 November 1938 by SA paramilitary forces (predecessor to the Nazi SS which the RSS in India is modelled on) and German civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening and the Indian authorities did the same with the justification of collective punishment. RSS Harinder You are nothing more than an apologist for the committing of human rights abuses and atrocities and your attempt to rewrite history is contemptible.

      • Don’t rebel against the constitution of India and there won’t be any violence against us.
        Don’t be provoked by attacks without under standing the hidden hand behind the attack.
        Be wise ,understand world politics and don’t fall in TRAPS.

      • Again and again your wretched mantra to Sikhs is ‘do not say anything when abuses are done against you, just submit, keep quiet otherwise the State will visit rape, murder and genocide upon you’. Arbitrary arrest, fake encounters, rape, torture, kidnapping, extra judicial killing and genocide are not constitutional let alone the proportional, responsible behaviour of a civilised democratic country against its own people. The Internal Court in the Hague convicts those who believe so as being war criminals and those who engage in crimes against humanity and the Sikh religion demands of its adherents to stand against such human rights abuses. it is the moral responsibility of every Sikh to stand up to repression and that is why to a very large extent India became free in 1947 despite Sikhs being a tiny proportion of the populace their contribution and sacrifice for independence is greater than any other peoples of the subcontinent. You enjoy freedom because of us, why the do you wish to deny us the same rights to life and liberty in our own country?

    • Your point 6) ‘the Indian public reacts with a mix of sponsored and spontaneous anger leading to a genocide’ needs to be exposed for the pernicious lie it is which seeks to both downplay / excuse even justify the mass murder and rape of Sikhs. The brutal killing, looting and raping of Sikhs during the “November 1984 Sikh Genocide” took place in Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir, Chattisgarh, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra. As per official records over 3000 Sikhs were killed but the fact is, over 30,000 were killed (mostly burnt alive) throughout India and over 2,00,000 were displaced. Hundreds of Sikh women gang raped throughout India by goons, police officers and civil administrators and told that next generation (after rape) will be loyal to Government. Hundreds of Gurdwaras and thousands of Guru Granth Sahibs were burnt and desecrated. Around 300 Sikh soldiers done to death in uniform by fellow soldiers. 120 Sikhs working at the Bokaro Steel Plant Jharkhand thrown alive into burning furnaces. Children as old as 13 days of age roasted alive on gas stoves in Kanpur and other cities in India. In Agartala, Tripura 40 Sikh families who took refuge in a police station to save their lives were burnt alive in the police station. In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 12 Sikhs were hanged from the ceiling at the railway platform. Small children killed ruthlessly by pulling their legs apart whil their mothers being raped. In Haryana and Madhya Pradesh Sikh women taken into hostage and raped during November 1984, still held in captivity by the goons. Sikh women taken from refugee camps and raped even after November 6, 1984. Sikhs on public roads burnt alive, dragged out from trains and lynched on the railway platforms and set on fire Property of Sikhs worth millions was looted and destroyed. Massacre of Sikhs planned in a meeting organized at 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi on October 31, 1984 attended by members of Parliament and senior members of the Congress party including Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath, Dharam Das Shastri, Vasant Sathe, HKL Bhagat, Lalit Makhen, Arjun Das amongst others. State media showed inflammatory speeches and scenes with slogans “Khoon ka badla khoon” (blood for blood) and “Khoon ke chintey sikhon ke ghar tak pahunchni chahiye” (Splashes of blood should reach the doorsteps of Sikhs). Police commandos from Police headquarters Madhuban, Haryana on the orders of Bhajan Lal, the then Chief Minister of Haryana send to commit the massacre of Sikhs. Expert arsonists and professional goons brought from outside and transported to different areas in Government buses supplied with inflammable materials to burn Sikhs, Sikh houses, businesses and Sikh temples. Police either actively participated in committing the massacre of Sikhs or stood as silent spectators while Sikhs burnt alive. Police even supplied diesel from police jeeps to the arsonists. Police disarmed the Sikhs before mobs attacked them. No curfew imposed or army called while most of the killings took place. When army called, deliberately designed to be ineffective. We know these facts not just form the witness testimony of Sikh victims despite media blackout and massive intimidation but because of SIKh NRIs, outside charities, NGOs and even the leaked cables form the US embassy and from the cabinet papers of Downing Street. After 32 years the organizers and perpetrators of the Genocide roam free and even enjoy positions of power – the Congress Party showing no shame let alone remorse even tried to appoint Kamal Nath as their chief officer in Punjab, homeland and heartland of the Sikhs. None punished for killings of the Sikhs. Ten commissions have failed to bring Justice. Affidavits filed before commissions found lying at the residences of those accused of organizing and committing the massacre. The Public did not react with mix of sponsored and spontaneous anger – they were proactively instigated by the State (led by Indira Gandhi’s son intent upon vengeance – what other democracy in the world would appoint the child of a assassinated leader to head the police and army?!) to commit murder against Sikhs and think afterwards (as you do) that it was okay. What was done to the Sikhs was not okay then and it is not okay now.

  4. Once we have Punjab to in every street,City ,Nation of world we will graduate to a different level of discussion
    RSS is a Indian localized phenomenon of India who worship holy books of Geeta and Ramayana’s.
    Till we reach every areas of Universe our discussion’s will always be In do centric with its RSS, Mughal, and British history.
    Our history still has to be still writtenby us.

    • The RSS is deliberately modelled on the SS of Hitler’s Nazi party because Indians don’t comprehend the full horror of subscribing to where ultra nationalism leads. The Nazi’s called themselves National Socialists, prided themselves as being the so called ‘true patriots of their country, real Germanic peoples who loved the fatherland, true Aryans of pure blood, and who were best placed to decide who was and who was not entitled to see themselves as their fellow countrymen’ – swap out the references to Germany and it is the exact same rhetoric the RSS uses to drum up their politics of hate. In the Nazi instance they decided to persecute the Jews. In the instance of the RSS you have decided to persecute other minorities such as the Muslims and the Sikhs for ‘not being true Indians or not being Indian enough’ with that reactionary claptrap about being ‘anti national’ – the same evil reasoning the SS and Nazis used to discriminate and ultimately try to eliminate ‘anti-nationals’ / ‘undesirables’ from their blessed pure Reich / Bharat. The RSS shares not only share the Nazi’s nationalism but also its means of indoctrinating its ideology into the young Indian (revising school text books to rewrite history is a perfect example) with their rallies – hell even their uniforms are modelled on the Hitler Youth. The Nazis only started invading other people’s countries after they had spent a decade brutally persecuting their own people (effectively anybody who didn’t think like them or had the audacity to stand up against their tyranny was disappeared, tortured and put to death – sound familiar when you talk of ‘Punjab is at peace’?). That is why a Sikh cannot be a member of the RSS or keep silent when it persecutes other Indians (whether they be Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or Christian – all are equal in the Sikh’s mind and equally deserving of life, respect, dignity) because Sikhs are taught to be the staunch defenders of both their and others civil and human rights to practise whatever religion they want without fear or favour.

      • RSS is not modelled on Nazi Germany.
        India has never invaded any Nations.
        It has never carried out any thing like what happened to Jews in Germany.
        Sikhs have become PM of India and Muslims have become President’s of India.
        RSS and Indians are very tolerant people.
        Even Pakistan with whom we have fought three wars.
        India has givenbMFN status.

      • Take a good hard look at what the RSS actually stands for (its murder of the father of the nation clearly demonstrates its intolerant supremiscist doctrine from the start and where the hell was the RSS anyway in India’s fight for independence, Sikhs were at the forefront with the formation of the Ghadr party and the NLA as well as avenging the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre). The RSS is financially and politically supported by the current BJP Government, its political wing (think Sein Fein and the IRA such is their intimate relationship) so how can you so disingenously claim they are not major player in Indian politics?! They are actively involved in trying to undermine Sikh religion and have infiltrated the Akali Badal and SGPC to such an extent we now have murals of Hindu deities being painted on the walls of Durbar Sahib! You yourself are regularly posting on Sikh websites and news stories about Sikhs claiming to be a Sikh yet admitting your support for the RSS (which is antithetical in its beliefs and practices to the Khalsa) and claiming Sikhs believe in Hindu deities and mythologies like the Ramayana which is part of the RSS narrative to try and falsely claim SIkhi is some offshoot branch of Hinduism. As for RSS people are very tolerant tell that blatant falsehood to the Christians whose churches you burn down, or to the Dalit who you will murder for transporting cows, or the Muslims in Ayodha. The RSS very reindoctrination programme called Ghar Wapsi shows how backward and intolerant they are and the clear and present danger they represent to India. As for India never carried out genocide pogrom against Sikhs?! You are now a holocaust denier as well as apologist it seems.

      • ‘India has never invaded any nations’? Our countryman Balaji Viswanathan rather contradicts this RSS inspired assertion. ‘It depends on what your definition of India is (just the present political boundary or the broader region of subcontinent of India that existed before 1947?), what invasion means (is it just political, or also includes cultural, religious – Hinduism and Buddhism was spread beyond borders to Nepal, Java, and South east Asia) and what you mean by foreign country – Nagaland & Andamans that currently belongs to Indian Union were foreign countries to Bharat 300 years ago. Anyway, why didn’t we covet other’s lands? India is typically more inward looking and it is surrounded on 3 sides by large bodies of water and on last side by the world’s tallest mountain ranges – Himalayas and Karakoram.
        In the past, we were ourselves quite big and rich and thus invading other regions was less promising. Indian kings were too busy fighting among themselves to bother about others. That said. Indians did conquer overseas whenever we could:
        South Indian kings have frequently invaded Sri Lanka and Chola dynasty of south India did invade south-east Asia. Punjab king Ranjit Singh defeated and captured parts of Afghan territory in early 19th century. Emperor Ashoka sent emissaries to the rest of Asia and converted them India’s path of Buddhism. India fought Nepal and took over some of their territories such as Shimla and Darjeeling. Many Nepalis still resent that and hate Indians for that. One of the greatest Indian kings – Raja raja chola invaded and ruled vast parts of South East Asia. Post Independence, India took over Goa from Portuguese in a big war and took over Sikkim. The first was in 1961 when all 3 wings of the Indian armed forces invaded Goa, then a Portugese colony, and annexed it to the Indian State. At that time, Portugal had ruled over Goa for over 450 years. The Indians may look at it as ‘liberation’ but it can also be viewed as an invasion. The second was in 1971, when the Indian army entered what was then East Pakistan to ‘liberate’ it from West Pakistan leading to the formation of Bangladesh. Once again – liberation or invasion, depends on who you are talking to. Indian Army Operation Polo saw the annexation of Hyderabad State and Operation Vijay saw the annexation of Daman and Diu and Goa then there is the issue of the Andman Islands and Nagaland.

    • You want to live in a world which is run by despots belonging to dark ages. To your surprise the world is waking up to the ideals of human rights etc as professed by our Guru’s. We have to be vigilant and keep fighting and not give up as you profess.

    • You are pleased you are provoking a response but you are actually doing more damage to your cause. Only a fool pulls at a lion’s mane whilst it slumbers.

    • He is an RSS troll posing as a Sikh paid to post negative and historical untruths on this Sikh news website in order to distort, pervert, undermine and ultimately Sikh psyche and doctrine so as to strangle the Sikh religion and all its egalitarian teachings which are an anathema to the Hinduvta Taliban who want people to remain in caste system hierarchy. He is totally impotent when his views are challenged with facts and ironically is doing more harm to the insidious aspiration of the organisation he is fronting with his espousal of hypocritical and ignorant views but useful to Sikhs when his agenda is exposed to scrutiny.

  5. India is controlled by Empire through its constitution.
    Any breach of constitution constitutes rebellion against EMPIRE.
    So the regime of 1984 conspired with Empire for the Genocide-3.
    The Throne of India is sought by many for cornering its wealth.
    Genocides take away competitors.

    • sant jarnail singh khalsa was not after any thrown or any money or power, he wanted JUSTICE AND EQUALITY for sikhs who were being killed by the indian government!!!!!!!!!

      the reason why the evil indian regime sent an army was the fact that sant jarnail singh was a pure sikh who’s only desires were equality and justice, he did not want people to suffer in corrupt india… the indian government could never buy sant jarnail singh like how they made longowal and badal and captain amrinder their little toy puppets and obedient dogs!! sant jarnail singh would NEVER ever turn is back against the TRUTH and against his sikh kaum which is why the evil indian government wanted him DEAD!

      • Indian state is controlled by Empire through a constitution written under its watchful eyes.
        When any one challenges the constitution by picking up arms.
        The Empire in league with Nations security apparatus crushes the rebellion.
        1) If it is an individual he is vaporized
        2) If it is a group then a control genocide is done
        3) If it is a nation then it is either dismantled or bombed into stone age or made into a vassal state.
        Empire is all around us maintaining world order where it decides and chaos where it decides.
        The big brother is watching all of us .

      • You would not even have a land with a constitution if Sikh Shaheeds Kartar Singh Sarabha, Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh had not broken the laws of the land. Justice is what a law is supposed to ensure and when it fails that basic test it is democratic duty to oppose it and draw attention to that law’s abuses. You hide behind letter of the law and not the spirit of law because you are content to abuse, torture and kill Sikhs if they do not submit to injustice which favours your particular Hinuduvta agenda to Brahminise the country religiously, culturally and historically. It is you and that pernicious thinking which threatens the integrity of my country. You really need to read your history properly when you talk of constitution. As reported in Young India, 19th March 1931, Mahatma Gandhi addressed the Sikhs in Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib Delhi and said “I ask you to accept my word and the resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual Sikh much less the Sikh community. If it ever thought of doing so, it would only hasten its own doom… I pray you to unbossom yourself of all doubt and apprehensions. Let God be witness to the bond that binds me and the Congress to you. I venture to suggest that the non-violence creed of the Congress is the surest guarantee of good faith and our Sikh friends have no reason to fear that it would betray them. For the moment it did so the Congress would not only thereby seals its own doom but that of the country also. Moreover the Sikhs are a brave people. They know how to safeguard their rights by the exercise of arms, if it ever come to that”. That same Gurdwara was attacked by Congress led mobs in 1984. At a press conference in 1946 as reported in the Statemans newspaper July 7th 1946, Nehru said “the brave SIkhs of Punjab are entitled to special consideration, I see nothing wrong in an area set up in the north wherein the SIkhs can also experience the glow of freedom”. Then in 9th December 1946 he presented a resolution in the session of constituent assembly “Adequate safeguards would be provided for minorities in India. It was a declaration, a pledge, and an undertaking before the world’ a contract with millions of Indians and therefore in the nature of a oath which we must keep”. He then passed a resolution in the Congress committee on 5th January 1947 “The rights of the Sikhs in Punjab should not be jeopardized”. In July 1947 they passed resolution “In the divided Indian PUnjab special constitutional measures are imperative to meet the just aspirations and rights of the Sikhs”. Now talk of Sikhs breaking the Constitution when bad faith has been given to them after 1947 despite these assurances. We are the most loyal people of India because we keep our word. Never mind Big Brother watching you be more mindful that Waheguru is watching you and knows your very heart and soul.

      • Mr Bhinderwala was born in Punjab.
        He was not aware of facts like Empire,World order .
        He was used by forces for there narrow political gains.

      • Indira Gandhi was born in 1917 in Allahabad to Nehru. Was she also not aware of your ‘facts’ or world order conspiracy because if you are trying to paint her as some just some hapless pawn you are insulting your own intelligence (such as it is) as much as the Sikhs.

      • All Indians think that with the departure of British Empire we became free.
        The present day Empire controls the whole planet earth which includes India.
        We must get over this illusion of Freedom and sovergnity.
        We are all ruled by EMPIRE.

      • This constant need of yours RSS Harinder to try and absolve the Indian State and its peoples of guilt by saying its all the fault of repressive laws we happened to inherit from previous foreign (this is the critical point you keeping trying to make in a Pontius Pilate way) regimes just isn’t factually correct – do you remember the TADA law or its equally unconstitutional and draconian replacement Prevention of Terrorist Activities law – both created by the Indian State within the last 25 years, enforced by Indians and perpetrated at Indians without the help of any ‘bad’ Westerners. Really you are like a drunk blaming the bar for serving you alcohol when the alcoholism comes from your own weak will and lack of restraint.

    • I have again posted my response for other readers to this ridiculous assertion you keep posting / are paid to post that the Indian State was NOT responsible for the genocidal pogroms against the Sikhs from 1984 onwards so they can see that you have an agenda to try and blame phantom existential foreign forces rather than accept that it is the Indians who are responsible for these acts of religious intolerance towards minorities and need to mend their ways. Why do you keep persisting on blaming foreign governments and even dead empires for the crimes committed by and in the name of the Indian State? What has the dead Roman and British Empires got to do with the genocidal pogroms against the Sikhs instigated, carried out, sponsored, approved, sanctioned, covered up and to this day defended by the Indian State (its politicians from all parties, its police and judiciary are all guilty of failing their sacred duty as much as the mobs encouraged, armed and given free reign to murder Sikhs with impugnity). As for the American Empire we wouldn’t even know some of the facts of these atrocities if we didn’t have the Snowden leaks about what American intelligence was picking up from its embassy in Delhi in 1984 about how much of the violence was orchestrated by Rajiv Ghandi’s party. And again for the British Empire you wish to pass the buck onto – it is thanks to their 30 year release policy of cabinet papers that we know that Indira Gandhi traitorously asked a foreign and former imperial power for military assistance in attacking Darbar Sahib more than six months before it happened (contradicting Indian army who said they had to do Operation Bluestar because time was so pressing). Where is the Indian Empire’s policy towards releasing governmental papers? They burn them and lose them and march into the museum and library of Darbar Sahib to loot its relics to try and rewrite Sikh history.
      Harinder November 14, 2016 at 6:16 pm
      The Empire along with the Indian Regime of 1984 conspired to carry out the Genocide -3 of the Sikh people.
      India is created as a Empire administered unit.
      The Empire realm now extends over the whole planet Earth .
      1984 was a mini genocide like the Jallian wala bagh by Empires standard.
      Just be careful of Empire and its friends who are capable of Mega Genocides .
      M Singh November 15, 2016 at 4:16 pm
      In your desperation to try and disassociate Indian guilt over abuses and atrocities committed by Indians upon fellow Indians in the name of India you are portraying the Indian as being nothing more than a child; a simpleton who cannot be held responsible for anything as they are too unsophisticated to know the difference between right and wrong. Are you proud of that? Just to dodge (and so avoid any thought of making amends and expressing remorse) culpability you are ready to abrogate all sense of Indian honour. India is a country of a billion souls – as much as America and Europe put together and has a subcontinental patchwork quilt of civilisation going back thousands of years but in your estimation it is feeble minded and weak from morals. Bhagat Singh would be so proud he made the ultimate sacrifice for you. Is it any wonder you had to wait for the Khalsa to emerge to save you from such pitiful thinking. Please definitely name this all mighty, all knowing phantamasgorical all seeing EMPIRE you wish to pass the buck onto? I will name Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Ghandi to give you an idea of specific criminal and moral culpability.
      Harinder November 16, 2016 at 5:42 am
      IThey are all Empires men . India is a Vassal State run by the Empire through its constitution. Any rebellion in the Realm of Empire is dealt harshly by the Empire .
      The Realm of Empire now extends over the whole planet Earth.
      M Singh November 16, 2016 at 4:08 pm
      Your delusional EMPIRE of course exists only in your imagination (which is very active as you believe in fanciful notions of gods, demons and fantastical beasts) no matter how many times you try to foist such an immature idea on Sikhs. If you really truly believe India is no more than a vassal state under the watchful eyes of your delusional Empire then you are ironically making the case for Sikhs to strike out on their own rather than be part of a slave mind state. I don’t think your RSS paymasters would approve of that.

    • ‘India is controlled by Empire through its constitution which was written under the watchful eyes of Empire.’ This is your mantra you keep posting depsite the facts I have given you again and again. Where is your empirical evidence? Is it the same line of reasoning you use to say the Ramayana is a historical fact also? There is a difference my friend between facts and fantasy and in this instance wishful thinking to try and absolve Indian guilt over genocide committed in her name by and on behalf of Indians . I ask you again are you saying Indians are so simple minded, weak, morally and mentally feeble they are unable to think for themselves and are nothing more than pawns because if you saying that then your RSS cadre and Hinduvta mafia are marching about like little children with your banners of pseudo nationalism. Be a man and own up to your sins and atone for them instead of flailing around trying to make up excuses. Goethe said “a good man apologises for the mistakes of the past. A great man corrects them.” That is even more true for a civilised democratic country. The 1984 genocide of Sikhs had nothing to do with phantom Empire but purely Indian Brahmanical thinking and politicking. Indira Gandhi (whose personal antipathy to Sikhs can be traced as early as 1974 when she complained to Ashwani Kumar, doyen of the Indian Hockey Association, that in her estimation there were far too many Sikh hockey players in the national team and regardless of their merit they should be dropped see article on and her Congress Party (going back to the treachery of her father Nehru whose own lack of integrity is further revealed that when he as PM lost the war to China he did NOT even resign whilst my family members lost limbs and eyes fighting the Chinese army!) are solely responsible for the betrayal of promises made to Sikhs to induce them to throw in their lot with India rather than re-create their own Sikh sovereign state. Indira, opposed by the Sikhs when she illegally declared a national emergency and ruled by decree from 1975 to 1977, instigated terror in the Punjab to in a divide and conquer policy to undermine the Akali Dal’s political power in Punjab (In 1978 Sikhs were being murdered with police and political collusion by Nirankari proxys of Indira Gandhi) and then cynically used it as an excuse to attack the Sikhs directly with Operation Bluestar (planned and carried out by the Indian Army against the wishes of two of its top generals who were subsequently removed by Indira Gandhi). The genocide of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 were not carried out by the British Empire or American Empire (which you can see in the leaked diplomatic cables from the American Embassy in 1984) but by Hindu mobs orchestrated by Congress Party Officials with the full consent of the Indian army, police and judiciary as well as cheered on by Hinduvta elements like the BJP. Everyone knows this but you are still acting as an apologist which disgusts me – no matter how much you keep peddling lies ‘RSS Harinder’ they will NOT be accepted as the truth and you are making the case for Sikh self-determination ever stronger with your criminal amnesia and denial.

  6. The Genocide-3 was done with a purpose

    1) Control the rebellion against the Indian state.
    2) For the Throne of India
    3) To deny Sikhs the right to be ruled by set of rules they cherish like Justice ,equality and Secularism
    4) To rob them of their resources ,land,women and pride.

  7. Capitalizing the font brings more attention and more ppl read the comment so I will continue to capitalize whenever I feel like, thanks for your opinion, have a great day.

  8. ms kaur jio, use small print jio, because caps means you are yelling or raising your voice, which I do not think you are right? bhul chuk muaf




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