WATCH: First Hand Account of Sikh Bravery in WWI

Eye Witness Account of Sikh Bravery in WWI
Watch this video on YouTube.

An inspiring first hand account of a British officer describing the bravery of  Sikh soldiers under his command in WWI.



  1. sikhs have sacrificed so much and what did they get in return? tyrant rulers like indira gandhi who sent an entire army to kills sikhs, their culture, to destroy their historical gurdwaras, to loot and shoot innocent people, they were so evil and entered with many tanks and killed anyone in their site…. sikhs never got any justice in india prior to 1984 and everything sant jarnail singh said was true, sikhs were treated like second class citizens, lesser human beings and thats not what sikh values represent but of course the evil indira gandhi wanted to always favour her own brahmin hindus…. she ordered tanks to face sant janaril singh and too shoot at him, what a coward, you so afraid of one brave man speaking the truth about your dirty atrocities and injustices committed against sikhs that you sent TANKS TO KILL HIM wow, what a loser, what a pathetic evil woman.


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