SYL-Canal Issue: United Akali Dal Demands Resignation of Chief Minister Badal

Dilapidated Satluj Yamuna Link Canal at Ropar. -Image: Express - Swadesh Talwar
Dilapidated Satluj Yamuna Link Canal at Ropar. -Image: Express – Swadesh Talwar

BATHINDA, Punjab—Holding the Chief Minister Parkash Badal, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal and Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal responsible for anti-Punjab verdict of Supreme Court on SYL-Canal issue, leaders of United Akali Dal have sought their resignations.

In a press note shared with Sikh24, Bhai Mohkam Singh (President of UAD) and Bhai Gurdeep Singh Bathinda (General Secretary, UAD) have said that Parkash Badal had received Rs. 20 million from Haryana for completing the SYL-canal when he was Chief Minister of Punjab. They said that 90% construction of SYL-canal was also completed when the Akalis were ruling in Punjab.

They have held the Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal responsible for sending the dispute over SYL-canal to Supreme Court of India.

Terming the politics being played by the Akalis and Congress over SYL-canal issue as a mere drama, the duo UAD leaders have asked AAP’s national convener Sri Arvind Kejriwal to clarify his stance over the SYL-canal issue.

‘A seminar on River waters of Punjab will be held on November 15 in which Intellectuals will address the issue’ reads press note.

It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court of India had given its verdict in favour of Haryana on November 10 annulling the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act-2004 which was passed in 2004 by the Punjab assembly. The Apex Court had said that the Punjab state assembly doesn’t possess any right to annul a two sided agreement. 

In a quick response to SC verdict, Head of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Captain Amarinder Singh had resigned from MP post from Amritsar Sahib Constituency from where he was elected in May 2014. Also, all the 42 Congress legislators of Punjab assembly had resigned in protest of the SC verdict against Punjab.

After thoroughly deliberating upon the verdict of Supreme Court, the Punjab government has called a special assembly on November 16 in which it is likely to come up with a new resolution.



  1. Yes the Riparian laws are for Nations and not states.
    The soverignity of a Nation allows it to decide.on States disputes.
    As for China it will not touch Barhamputra because Chinese are a mature civilzation and knows it limits.

    • Riparian laws are like Human Rights – they are universally accepted laws for decent acceptable behaviour designed to eliminate any wriggle room for unscrupulous governments thinking they can trample on the rights of their peoples. The Punjab is an agrarian state and has always been so even in the time of the Khalsa Raj. You don’t have the right to pull the rug out from under the feet of the Punjabi people. If you think so then hold a referendum in Punjab and ask the Punjabi people are they willing to have their precious water stripped from them. Even your puppet Badal is pretending to stand up for the Punjab water as he knows he could not possibly publicly go against the will of the Punjabi people on this vital issue. If you go into someones house and take whatever you want without permission it is called theft and is a crime.

  2. You are right when China will divert water from Brahmaputra then you can unite India with china. I am pretty sure you haven’t heard of Riparian laws which are recognized all over the world on how to distribute river waters ?

  3. The right answer is to re unite Punjab, Haryana and Himachal to solve this simple problem.
    Just follow the Germany and EU model .

    • How does that help Punjab? All it would mean is that her objections would be completely overruled by saying the majority population are now no longer Sikh – oh, I see the point you are actually making. A woman who is forsaken by her husband for more than fifty years has little self respect or intelligence if she takes back her husband into the home she has fashioned for herself only when he comes back to her as a last resort, having abandoned her, rejected her, abused her when he is now homeless.


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