Sir Mota Singh UK’s First Sikh & Ethnic Minority Judge Passes Away

Sir Mota Singh UK
Sir Mota Singh UK

LONDON, UK—Sir Mota Singh QC, the United Kingdom’s first Sikh and ethnic minority judge passed away today at the ripe age of 86.

Sir Mota Singh was the first person from a minority ethnic group and first Judge to sit on the English Bench wearing a turban instead of a horse-hair wig.

He joined the English bar in 1967 and made headlines with his appointment to the bench in 1982. In 2010, Sir Mota Singh received knighthood from the Queen, for his services to the Judiciary and for charitable works.

mota-singhSir Mota Singh was known to be a devout Sikh. He has venerably served the Guru Granth Sahib at his home. Even when serving on the Bench, he would get up at 2am and after bathing, would recite Japji Sahib.
With his advanced years now, he still performs the same task albeit somewhat later than 2 am. At night he recites Kirtan Sohela before retiring to bed.


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