Sikh Beheaded By Indian Soldier For Views on Kashmir & Khalistan Misreported

sikhs-armymen-in-kashmirKUPWARA, Kashmir—The stress among Indian soldiers deployed in forward locations on the Line of Control, has intensified so much that it has started resulting in increase in the number of cases of suicide and fratricide committed by Indian armed forces’ personnel on the front. 

The situation is being deemed quite alarming in the senior command of Indian Army which has expressed “concern over the traumatic situation faced by the soldiers”.  According to a report compiled by reliable quarters monitoring the situation on LoC, the uprising in Occupied Kashmir has unnerved the rank and file of Indian Army whose personnel are nowadays facing enormous mental stress and are totally demoralized. 

A case of this mental stress came to the limelight  during the last month, on October 28, 2016 in Machil sector, District Kupwara. As per details, an Indian soldier whose name could not be ascertained yet, while arguing with a Sikh soldier Mandeep Singh over Khalistan issue, killed and later beheaded him. The matter was reported to DG Border Security Force, who directed the commanding officer to cover up the issue and claim that “Mujahedeen” from across the LoC had carried out the attack. Obeying the wrong and false command of the DG, the local commander spread this disinformation on different platforms in such a manner that it should appear as a Pakistani-sponsored act of fratricide although, in fact, it was a completely local matter i.e a conflict between Indian soldiers that led to this beheading.

The sources have also observed that the pressure felt by Indian troops in Occupied Kashmir and the LoC is resulting in the surfacing of ethnic and religious fault lines. Reportedly the Sikh soldiers often argue and scuffle over the Khalistan and Independence of Kashmir issues and the incidents are later covered up and painted as an activity sponsored from across the border.



  1. Sikhs will never have the respect they deserve in the so called worlds biggest democracy, more like the worlds biggest corrupt country. In a country were a genocide can just be dismissed and not a single person brought to justice. As heart breaking as it is honestly What hope do we have from our so called brothers that have not helped bring justice in india for sikhs. Badal is no sikh may be rss but not sikh.

  2. Surinder Kaur get over you obsession with India and RSS.
    They are small players in the world politics.
    India is a Empire created unit.
    RSS has a limited role in Indian Politics .
    NDA or BJP is a reaction to the misrule of Congress.
    Indian politics is dominated by small parties like TMC,SP,BSP, Janta Dal, BJD , NC ,Akali Dal ,INLD ,TDP ,MNS , kerala congress and AAP etc etc.

    • The RSS has a limited role in Indian politics? The RSS is the militant wing of the present ruling political party which gives them access to things like rewriting school history text books, influence and financial resources of the State. The Congress Party was in a similar position in 1984 with its deployment of flash mobs and control of police and we know where such absolute power led. It should be a (and has been in the past several times) a prescribed and banned organisation but enjoys full patronage of PM Modi (the relationship is like joined at the hip relationship of the Irish Sein Fein and the IRA). Former Maharastraa Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif termed the BJP’s ideological mentor RSS as India’s top terrorist organisation in November 2015. He claims that RSS activists have been indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India. “RSS activists have been charge sheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX explosives has been used. IF organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into account then the number of such cases goes up to 17””, said Mushrif.“The RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on this” said Mushrif, referring to the 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among others. “The RSS as a terror organisation has nopthing to do with political power. IT is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that is working, it’s the Brahminical system. And when I say Brahmanical, it doesn’t mean the Brahmin, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate and oppress” he said.

  3. This is so typical of the RSS Hinduvata to hide behind something else and of course the corrupt RSS Government are going to hide this – it says all about India’s hypocracy………

  4. Please aware of hindu psychy which prevails in violence for people does not have same thinking they are always aggressive and violent for the people who are different in language religion culture and faith .this is not first incident which has happened .sikhs have no leader that’s why it’s happening here .please do not trust any Hindu .hindu are very dangerous species on this planet .we need Khalistan to teach lesson to Hindus for all these acts and I strongly support khalistaan khalistaan zindabaad hindu murdabaad

    • We cannot tar all Hindus with the same brush. After all we don’t think of the Badals as proper Sikhs and there are just as many who behave badly on the Hindu side also. Hindus are our brothers not because they are Hindus but because they are our fellow human beings. Some are ignorant, some are misled, some have their feelings taken advantage of by unscruplulous people wrapped in the flag of nationalism and Hinduvta but in many ways they are too are having their trust abused and exploited. Think of the Dalit. And also remember even in Delhi 1984 one Hindu was murdered by the mobs for daring to protect Sikhs so goodness can be found in all and even our Guru Granth Sahib contains the words of Hindu bhagats so Hindus too are capable of realising the divine and being inately good. A person of whatever religion is taught to hate, one is not born that way. We would be making the same mistake by looking at Hindus as simply being the ‘other’, not then worthy of our consideration and compassion. We need to educate them just as our own Hindu forebears came to realise the better egalitarian values of Sikhi and rejected notions of caste, superstition and polytheism which tend to allow a sense of superiority and exceptionalism.

  5. Sikhs still think hindus are our brothers, but you never know when they will attack you, your religion & your history and will never accept. They are attacking every other religion & covering with the words “it is misinformation.”

      • Wow oh wow. There is no other source of this story except one website. And guess where it is, yes, a Pakistani news source – and only one source. You guys are hellbent on reporting & believing the most bizarre stories to justify your bigoted hatred. My friend, I know what happened 30 yrs ago has tainted your thought, there is no justification for what happened, but why believe & spread propaganda? – The same propoganda which was involved in starting the cross-border militancy that spilled out into 1984…

  6. It is too much to expect from a government which doesn’t believe in human rights and where killing of Sikhs under any circumstances is justified. If my memory isn’t failing me in Nov 1984 some 300 soldiers( of what we know off including a person of rank of captain) were killed in their barracks by the fellow soldiers.No one was ever arrested or convicted of the crime.So what difference it makes to these people if one more is killed.


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