Indian Media Needs To Call What The 1984 Massacre Of Sikhs Was – A Genocide!

sikh-genocide-1984Thirty-two years ago, the ruling Congress Govt. led by Rajeev Gandhi committed 1984 Sikh Genocide killing thousands of innocent Sikhs. But Indian Govts, Media etc. have failed to admit that it was Genocide. They still continue to call innocent killings as the result of Hindu-Sikh Pogroms. But don’t they know that riots are when two sides are fighting against each other and people from both sides get killed. And Genocide is  when innocent persons belonging to one religion are killed by mobs belonging to other religion with full support of ruling Govt. And that is what happened in 1984 when Congress led Hindu mobs with full support of police killed thousands of innocent Sikhs. And that is why we call it very sad unfortunate 1984 Sikh Genocide when thousands of innocent lives were lost, women raped and properties burnt in capital city Delhi and other parts of India.

All these years the Govts, Congress and Media etc. have denied that ruling Govt. and Congress leaders had supported and led the mobs. But I’ll try to prove that the ruling Govt. and Police played big role in supporting the mobs. Normally the police is supposed to act against mobs by Lathi charging, tear gas and shoot to control them, scare them away to prevent them from attacking persons and burning properties etc. But in 1984 there isn’t a single case where police Lathi charged, tear gassed or fired shots at mobs to save innocent lives. And such actions of police always depends upon the ruling leadership and senior officers. We’ll look at couple of examples that will show the actions of Delhi police in 1984.

1)  There were large number of Sikhs in Delhi police. But the Govt. issued orders to remove Sikh policemen from their jobs and ordered not to go out. Because the Govt. knew that Sikh policemen will certainly act against mobs killings and will make every effort to save lives. Therefore Govt. issued them orders not to go out and stay off their jobs.

2) In localities like Tarlokpuri, Kalyanuri, Janakpuri etc. when Sikh families came to know about the mobs attacking and killing Sikhs. Then Sikhs got together to defend themselves and their families. Whatever swords, Lathis etc. they had to fight against mobs and protect themselves and families. But when the Congress leaders saw that Sikhs were prepared to defend themselves. Those Congress leaders went to the nearest police station and asked the police to disperse and disarm Sikhs. The police force right away showed up and told Sikhs they were violating the law because there were curfew or Sec. 144 orders meaning that they can’t get together in groups. Police took the swords and Lathis etc. away from Sikhs and ordered them to go back into their houses. When Sikhs talked about Hindu mobs attacking the Sikhs. The police officers said don’t worry we’ll take action against mobs and protect you. But when the Sikhs spread and went to their homes then the police went away from there. And afterwards mobs showed up and the worst type of innocent killings, rapes of women, burning  of properties took place in those localities. Can anybody explain how this won’t be called Govt, police supported Genocide ?

3)  Mobs were attacking Sikhs in their homes. There was a Sikh family that fired gun and scared away mob attacking it. Again the Congress leader went to the police. Right away police force led by DCP showed up and arrested that Sikh family for firing the gun. And the DCP got a police medal for his action. But nobody questioned him why he showed up right away to act against Sikh family defending themselves but didn’t act against Hindu mobs killing Sikhs. Delhi police could arrest Sikh family trying to protect themselves from the mobs. But same Delhi police couldn’t arrest the guilty persons killing thousands of innocent Sikhs.

There were many such other cases where police supported mobs, even provided Petrol to burn alive Sikhs and their houses. All this role and support of police clearly proves that ruling Congress Govt. had issued such orders to police to act Dumb, Deaf and Blind to let mobs kill Sikhs or better yet support the mobs in killings.

I don’t know how despite all such facts about role of Congress leaders and police, the Indian Govts, Justice system, Media can’t accept that it was a Genocide totally planned, organized and executed by the ruling Congress Govt. ? And for 32 years the ruling Govts, Justice system etc. have failed to provide Justice to the victim families and punish the guilty Congress leaders and police officers involved in innocent killings.

But the Sikh community will always remember and pay homage to the innocent lives lost. As a gesture of paying homage the Sikh Nation has started a Blood Donation drive to save innocent lives. This Blood donation drive is getting stronger and spreading to many countries where Sikhs donate blood to save lives. It is a way to let bad Govts. know that whereas you kill innocents, but we try to save lives.



  1. There are political parties and the Govt to look after the poor.
    I some how feel more useful to educate citizens of this site.

    • Are we talking about the same political parties and Government which can orchestrate a genocidal pogrom against Sikhs in broad daylight in its capitol city over four days and then deny justice to its victims for the next 32 years? I prefer to put my faith in Waheguru and educate you on this site.


  2. You are a regional RSS obsessed person.
    There is a big world of Empire beyond RSS which also rules India.
    India is a vassal state of Empire that is why it is not a permanent member of Security council.

    • I don’t have an obsession with the RSS just repugnance and disdain for their comedic display of valour and honour. I oppose them because they are antithetical to the Khalsa in their desire for forcing their religious prejudices on others. As for India not being member of security council maybe she should address human rights abuses and injustices such as SIkh genocide to prove her leadership credentials.

    • harinder you fake Sikh, you’re an Indian spy go get a life and do something meaningful, perhaps do something for the over 500 million Indians living in severe poverty rather then being a stupid troll?

      Go help feed the poor in your dirty discriminatory nation

  3. I wanna tell you the planet earth is controlled by the two Empire’s.
    1) individual rebelling will be vaporized
    2) A Group rebelling. will be subjected to a controlled genocide
    3) A Nation rebeling will undergo a regime change or bombed into a stone age or made into a vassal state or even dismantled.

    Don’t live under illusion that you can wish away EMPIRES.
    EMPIRE the big brother never goes and is always watching all of us..

    • The only Empire that controls you are not the dead Empires of yesteryear (Roman, Byzantine, British et al that you continually evoke to try and take the blame for Indian injustices) but the slave mentality you still labour under. It may be enough for you to cower and cringe as your forebears did before you but the Singhs were transformed from sparrows into hawks in 1699 so we cannot go back to scrabbling around gratefully in the dirt eeking out a miserable subsistence on bugs and worms. Don’t worry though we will dutifully stand up for you even though you don’t have the necessary backbone to do so yourself. You just keep on with your little parades and speeches in your khaki short pants – you and the hopelessly deluded RSS can be the entertainment division.

  4. The Indian regime of 1984 was much smarter than the simpleton Sikhs of 1984.
    They laid a trap for us using Nirankaris to kill us.
    In return the revenge on which we embarked got us a Blue star and Genocide 3.
    Be careful of Empire and the traps it lays for us.
    All attacks on us should be well understood to see the lurking hand behind.

      • He is this website’s resident RSS Hinduvta troll who poses as a Sikh to try and both demoralise Sikhs and pervert Sikh religious teachings. He is quite entertaining when you understand this underlying agenda as reason and logic elude him when you challenge his statements.

    • You are looking at the wrong causality, Bhindranwale died in 1984 but the injustices against Sikhs started decades before that when promises and assurances given to Sikhs to join India (and reject the setting up of their own Sikh state) by Nehru and the Congress Party were reneged upon. The sharing of state capital (Chandigarh) between two states, the redistribution of river water(the Punjab means 5 rivers and water is essential to Punjab’s history and agricultural base), the denial of a Sikh marriage act recognising the Anand Karaj (which effectively meant that Sikhs were being counted as Hindus), the rejection of Punjabi as the language of Punjab, the cleaving off of Punjab’s land to form another state territory with Haryana, etc – the grievances are well documented in the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions formulated in the sixties and seventies. The truth of what I am telling about communal causality is further demonstrated in the 1992 Bombay and 2002 anti Muslim ‘riots’ – these events would not have occurred had the apparent acceptibility of collective punishment of a religious minority been set in precedent with the anti Sikh pogroms of 1984. That communal intolerance to religious minorities is how India and Pakistan were born and it is an underlying problem that Hindus (as they form a majority in the Indian subcontinent and it is always incumbent on the ruling people whether they be white South African or Hindu Indian) have to be big enough to recognise and be magnanimous enough to resolve for the sake of the greater good. The integrity (not to mention honour and morality) of the Nation would be guaranteed by this carrot approach rather than the stick which always fails in the end and only leads to bloodshed and suffering of innocents.
      The Nirankaris are a heretical sect which were first supported by the British in their divide and rule policy to try and neuter the Sikhs pre-independence. Indira Gandhi resurrected this policy for exactly the same nefarious reason during the 1970s as her Congress Party could not overhaul the Sikh political party at that time the Akali Dal through the ballot box. The Sikhs had been peacefully demanding their rights from Independence in 1947 as it became clearer that Nehru having wooed / bamboozled Master Tara ISngh and SIkh leadership into siding with India (instead of Pakistan or re-establishing their own sovereign Sikh state such as the Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit Singh which encompassed territory from Kashmir, Punjab (north of the Sutlej) and lands up to the Khyber) had no intention of honouring promises made. This lack of faith from Nehru led to the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions to address Sikh grievances over two decades before Bhindranwale even came on the scene although you are correct to note that the murders of innocent SIkhs by the state sponsored and protected Nirankaris led to Sikh backlash. You are incorrect however to continually raise spectre of Empire’s armies – the British Empire was and is dead and had no involvement whatsover in oppressing Sikhs in Punjab during the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s. As for the American EMpire, the worst you can say is that they remained quite when they knew the extent of human righst violations by both Indira and Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress Governments (as revealed in Snowden’s leaks of US Embassy cables during those times). The fact that the State and PUnjab Government made Punjab into a police state is not excusable by saying that the human rights and civil rights abuses that then then subsequently ensued against the SIkhs was inevitable (as whenever governments create police states such abuses occur) as those politicians, those police officers, those army personnel, those judges et al were all fellow Indian citizens and should have treated Sikhs as their brothers. The sadistic and illegal treatment the SIkhs were subjected to (the legacy of which continues to this very day) is not excusable and those who engaged in it should be brought to book not because of the Geneva conventions (which apply to war combatants) but because of human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

  5. The Indian regime of 1984 was much smarter than the simpleton Sikhs of 1984.
    They laid a trap for us using Nirankaris to kill us.
    In return the revenge on which we embarked got us a Blue star and Genocide 3.
    Be careful of Empire and the traps it lays for us.
    All attacks on us should be well understood before any response is taken.

    • The only simpleton is you. Tell me do you still maintain your absurd belief in Ramayana – demons, demigods and flying talking monkey kings? People in glasshouses should not throw stones.

  6. The Indian Government is very evil and they had a well planned attack against the Sikhs in 1984, they burnt and looted Siri Darbar Sahib complex and they killed people viscously, they spread lies and propaganda against Sikhs throughout India and the world. The culprits, evil soldiers, evil police officers and evil politicians were rewarded for their atrocities and crimes against Sikhs, the more Sikhs they killed, the higher positions they got, the higher their reward.

    • The world order is maintained by Empire along with local security forces.
      Any rebellion in relam of Empire is first checked by police then paramilitary ,then Nation Armies and finally the Empires Armiy.
      So my advise is that to escape wrath of Empire’s always be a law abiding citizen in which ever country you decide to live in.

      • Banda Bahadur SIngh should have been a law abiding citizen in the country he was living in. Mahatama Gandhi should have been a law abiding citizen in the country he was living in. Bhagat Singh should have been a law abiding citizen in the country he was living in. Udham Singh should have been a law abiding citizen in the country he was living in. Oh no, wait, if they did that there would be no India now…

      • No where in world are law breakers welcomed.
        There was no law during great Banda Bahadur time except for Sharia laws which were not keeping pace with time.
        Mahatma Gandhi was a law abiding citizen and only asked Britisher’s to leave India which all enpires do.
        As for Bhagat Singh he did take up arms against Britishers. But Britain leaving India was due to the fact that Empire was fading and handing over to American Empire.
        Udham Singh revenge had no impact on British Empire as I have said that sun was setting on the Empire.
        A law abiding citizen is welcomed in all societies in the world.
        My advise to you is be law abiding citizens.

      • You don’t even know history and yet you try to pervert it. Banda Singh Bahadur was in open rebellion to the accepted rulers of India in that period which were the Mughal empire. The Mughals had international treaties with other countries and with Rajas within the Indian subcontinent which accepted and legally acknowledged them as the ‘rightful’ givernment of the country. Even Guru Nanak accepted Babur legitimacy when he up[braided him for not being a moral minded ruler of India. Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru were convicted criminals guilty of sedition and imprisoned by again the rightful, lawful rulers of India during the early 20th century. Sikh shaheeds Kartar SIngh Sarabha, Bhagat Singh and Udham were all convicted and hanged by the same lawful, internationally acknowledge rulers of India. Britain was certainly not leaving India when Bhagat was put to death for his sedition in 1931, that inevitability only happened after and as a direct consequence of the Second World War which bankrupted Britain so she could no longer afford to maintain her empire and also put her moral hypocrisy in the limelight – she could hardly insist upon keeping her empire having just defeated the expansionist Nazis and Japanese. And for you to dismiss Shaheed Udham Singh’s supreme sacrifice – let’s face it you are doing so because he was a Sikh avenging the massacre in Amritsar which was the lynchpin of Indian independence as Punjab and her Sikhs were disproportionately at the forefront of that struggle – is quite disgusting. Banda Singh Bahdur – first General of the Khalsa Raj – , Shaheeds Kartar SIngh Sarabha, Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh and the likes of Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi all broke the laws of their societies and were not law abiding citizens as they were either imprisoned for their ‘crimes’ or executed for them.

    • The Indian regime of 1984 was an Empire friendly regime.
      It was merciful on us in that when we rebelled in 1984 against the Indian State,.
      It only carried out a mini genocide when few thousands of us were killed .
      When the EMPIRES gets angry it does mega genocides where million loose life.
      So don’t rebel in the Realm of Empire which now extends over the whole planet Earth.
      We are all essentially EXPLORERS in this Universe on a Voyage to distant planets ,Galaxies ,Universes into infinity.
      This Planet Earth with Punjab and Golden Temple on it is not our Home as this Planet Earth is going to burn up in 4 billion years from now due to the Expanding SUN.
      We need to morph our selves into Space faring People as we don’t have much time with us.
      The SUN is coming to devour the planet EARTH.

      • You are supposed to keep up the pretence that you are a Sikh and yet you use tourist word ‘Golden Temple’ to describe Harminder Sahib. Oops back to RSS 101 propaganda / proper goonda training for you I fear. Sikhism demands that Sikhs engage with the world not run away from it when things get tough. We are not an an aesthetic ‘hide in a cave’ religion but a moral force for good that demands active engagement and confrontation to ritualism and injustice. Your idea seems to be that SIkhs should keep a low profile – exact opposite to what Guru Gobind Singh Ji intended with his creation of Khalsa with its striking visual identity that is designed to make Sikhs stand out and stand up – and run away to save their lives. That is totally wrong. And why do you fear so much the world? YOu can stop the proliferation of WMDs, genocide and epidemics by proaction not running away and letting others suffer. As for worrying about meteors and earth blowing in 4 BILLION YEARS time – really you are concerned with that when SIkhs are being imprisoned illegally and injustice visited upon them daily. Scientists think that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old. Coincidentally, this is the same age as the rest of the planets in the Solar System, as well as the Sun. Of course, it’s not a coincidence; the Sun and the planets all formed together from a diffuse cloud of hydrogen billions of years ago. There is evidence that living things existed on Earth at least 3,500 million years ago – we are not even talking about dinosaurs at this stage but primitive micro-cellular life, certainly NOT Human beings! Homo sapiens (the only extant species of its genus) appeared on the earth in basic form approximately 150 to 260 THOUSAND (NOT BILLION!) years ago and has evolved in this time to create you. Well maybe ‘evolve’ is stretching it a bit considering the primitive views and beliefs you still cling to. Anyway stop worrying about what happens in 4 billion years time and concern yourself with what you are going to do by the end of your own lifetime when you have to account to Waheguru for your behaviour in the three score years and ten he has afforded you on this planet.

      • I would like to be part of mankind story 4 billion years from now.
        I must not allow wars,genocides to stop me from taking this journey.

      • You cannot be part of Mankind’s story in 4 billion years time as mankind would have physically evolved beyond all recognition even if you managed to preserve your life (which you cannot). Concern yourself with the here and now and being a decent moral human being instead of fantasizing about taking your prejudices into the far future.

  7. The rulers are greedy and selfish and they are fooling public with different techniques. Judiciary, administration, and media is working under their guidance with dead sprit. Fox with a face of lion is ruler of jungle raj, lions are being killed by dogs and the fox is denying everything. Sikhs under the darkness of materialism lost the path of Guru and started living with “Bipran ki Reet, and Guru is not taking their Parteet”
    If the sikh leaders and Sikhs start living with the teaching of Guru, the enemy will think twice to attack them.

  8. Our position is always clear, Gursikhs stand with justice, truth, & weaker without thinking about anyone’s religion or nationality, they may be Kashmiri pandits or Kashmiri muslims. We don’t believe in predictions, we believe in One Vaheguru. The people talking about genocide-4, should never forget what was the end of their mission & life, He maybe Ahmed Shah Abdali, Hitler, Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. So think something good for humanity.,…….

    • Like the Indian history textbooks put into the schools you should not believe everything you read on the internet. Use your critical faculty, reason and belief in Sikh teachings to tell you right from wrong.

      • You need to read about

        World Order
        World war -3
        Military Industrial complex
        Fate of earth
        Fate of Galaxies
        Fate of Universe.
        Technological Singularity

        to expand your vision of world and the Universe.
        Look at the big world beyond Mughals,Britishers, RSS and genocide 3.

      • I think you need to stop reading so much fantasy fiction. Stick with history which has been empirically researched and validated by numerous sources. That will sharpen your critical faculties and with spiritual enlightenment of Sikhi you won’t be so afraid of your own shadow but like us Sikhs walk tall and proud in this world without fear and ignorance.

  9. If there will be 3rd world war, there will be only sikh nation who will serve food to everyone, & other services to mankind without thinking of their religion, even to RSS, BJP & Congress members who are our murderers & Shri Guru Granth Sahib will guide the whole world, even your planets & galaxies.

  10. Yes I am telling you just wait for world war -3. to begin and see the devil in man in its truest form.

    You must read Nostradamus prophecy on world war -3 and the Armageddon battle which may begin in our life time.

    Our Genocide -3 wiil look like a love story.

    • Nostradamus?! Sikhs do not believe in superstitions, astrology or prophecies predicting the future and have been told explicitly by our Gurus that such things are entirely false and antithetical to Sikh teaching. Even people in the west dismiss Nosdramamus as his multitude of predictions have been been proven to be false, inaccurate and prone to ‘believers’ reading what they want into his ravings.

      • These are not actually prophesies.
        This. Is just to give a divine cover to what the Empire plans to do next to maintain world order .
        It will be starting a world war-3 where many of us will cease to exist.

      • No such thing as Empire and Nostradamus is only famous because he made prophecies – his best known book is even called Les Propheties – although his seer like quatrains are misinterpretations, mistranslations (sometimes deliberate) or utterly tenuous. Sikhs don’t believe in your Empire or Nostradamus.

      • You should not be like an Ostrich.
        Their is an world order which is maintained by Empires.
        Empires exists even today under new name and shall for ever exist.

      • I am not an ostrich nor a donkey but a lion my friend. You are disingenuously insulting Indians by suggesting that after more than sixty years of Independence and several generations being born and living without Colonial rule they are still like children unable to think for themselves and know the difference between right and wrong and controlled by foreign others. I know that certainly does not apply to the Sikhs and you only make the case for the Sikhs to be even more proud and protective of their own history, identity and sense of sovereignty.

    • Also as Sikhs we do not believe in the Devil or malevolent external forces (so reject your delusion pass the buck Empire) but in personal responsibility and choice. You are alone responsible for your actions and inactions in life so dont try blaming it on the devil or Empire or foreigners. You, yourself and Waheguru watches and judges.

  11. The ones that needs to be careful is the RSS and hindus who have lot answer for – as for mega genocides you are admitting that this has happened and will happen again – you of course have no concern or respect for protecting human rights – that has been shown in your comments through and through…..

  12. The Empire along with the Indian Regime of 1984 conspired to carry out the Genocide -3 of the Sikh people.
    India is created as a Empire administered unit.
    The Empire realm now extends over the whole planet Earth .
    1984 was a mini genocide like the Jallian wala bagh by Empires standard.
    Just be careful of Empire and its friends who are capable of Mega Genocides .

    • In your desperation to try and disassociate Indian guilt over abuses and atrocities committed by Indians upon fellow Indians in the name of India you are portraying the Indian as being nothing more than a child; a simpleton who cannot be held responsible for anything as they are too unsophisticated to know the difference between right and wrong. Are you proud of that? Just to dodge (and so avoid any thought of making amends and expressing remorse) culpability you are ready to abrogate all sense of Indian honour. India is a country of a billion souls – as much as America and Europe put together and has a subcontinental patchwork quilt of civilisation going back thousands of years but in your estimation it is feeble minded and weak from morals. Bhagat Singh would be so proud he made the ultimate sacrifice for you. Is it any wonder you had to wait for the Khalsa to emerge to save you from such pitiful thinking. Please definitely name this all mighty, all knowing phantamasgorical all seeing EMPIRE you wish to pass the buck onto? I will name Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Ghandi to give you an idea of specific criminal and moral culpability.

      • IThey are all Empires men . India is a Vassal State run by the Empire through its constitution. Any rebellion in the Realm of Empire is dealt harshly by the Empire .
        The Realm of Empire now extends over the whole planet Earth.

      • Your delusional EMPIRE of course exists only in your imagination (which is very active as you believe in fanciful notions of gods, demons and fantastical beasts) no matter how many times you try to foist such an immature idea on Sikhs. If you really truly believe India is no more than a vassal state under the watchful eyes of your delusional Empire then you are ironically making the case for Sikhs to strike out on their own rather than be part of a slave mind state. I don’t think your RSS paymasters would approve of that.

      • It is a fact that India is controlled by Empire through its constitution which was written under the watchful eyes of Empire.
        Any rebellion in the realm of Empire will be put down by the Empire in collation with Empire friendly or created forces.

      • ‘It is a fact that India is controlled by Empire through its constitution which was written under the watchful eyes of Empire.’ It is a ‘FACT’? On what empirical evidence? Is it the same line of reasoning you use to say the Ramayana is a historical fact also? There is a difference my friend between facts and fantasy and in this instance wishful thinking to try and absolve Indian guilt over genocide committed in her name by and on behalf of Indians . I ask you again are you saying Indians are so simple minded, weak, morally and mentally feeble they are unable to think for themselves and are nothing more than pawns because if you saying that then your RSS cadre and Hinduvta mafia are marching about like little children with your banners of pseudo nationalism. Be a man and own up to your sins and atone for them instead of flailing around trying to make up excuses. Goethe said “a good man apologises for the mistakes of the past. A great man corrects them.” That is even more true for a civilised democratic country.

      • India is not one monolith country.
        The genocide-3 was a conspiracy between the Empire friendly regime of 1980-90 and Empire for the Throne of India and its wealth and to keep it as an vassal state.

      • The 1984 genocide of Sikhs had nothing to do with phantom Empire but purely Indian Brahmanical thinking and politicking. Indira Gandhi (whose personal antipathy to Sikhs can be traced as early as 1974 when she complained to Ashwani Kumar, doyen of the Indian Hockey Association, that in her estimation there were far too many Sikh hockey players in the national team and regardless of their merit they should be dropped see article on and her Congress Party (going back to the treachery of her father Nehru whose own lack of integrity is further revealed that when he as PM lost the war to China he did NOT even resign whilst my family members lost limbs and eyes fighting the Chinese army!) are solely responsible for the betrayal of promises made to Sikhs to induce them to throw in their lot with India rather than re-create their own Sikh sovereign state. Indira, opposed by the Sikhs when she illegally declared a national emergency and ruled by decree from 1975 to 1977, instigated terror in the Punjab to in a divide and conquer policy to undermine the Akali Dal’s political power in Punjab (In 1978 Sikhs were being murdered with police and political collusion by Nirankari proxys of Indira Gandhi) and then cynically used it as an excuse to attack the Sikhs directly with Operation Bluestar (planned and carried out by the Indian Army against the wishes of two of its top generals who were subsequently removed by Indira Gandhi). The genocide of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 were not carried out by the British Empire or American Empire (which you can see in the leaked diplomatic cables from the American Embassy in 1984) but by Hindu mobs orchestrated by Congress Party Officials with the full consent of the Indian army, police and judiciary as well as cheered on by Hinduvta elements like the BJP. Everyone knows this but you are still acting as an apologist which disgusts me – no matter how much you keep peddling lies ‘RSS Harinder’ they will NOT be accepted as the truth and you are making the case for Sikh self-determination ever stronger with your criminal amnesia and denial.

  13. India is an British Empire created unit .
    It is administered by an constitution.
    Any rebellion in the realm of Empire is dealt like this

    1) Individual are vaporized
    2) Groups of people are subjected to a controlled genocide.
    3) If the Indian Nation rebels then a regime change will take place or it will be made into a vassal state or even may be broken down.

    The realm of Empire now exisists over the whole planet Earth .

    • I have again posted my response for other readers to your previous equally ridiculous assertions that the Indian State was NOT responsible for the genocidal pogroms against the Sikhs from 1984 onwards so they can see that you have an agenda to try and blame phantom existential foreign forces rather than accept that it is the Indians who are responsible for these acts of religious intolerance towards minorities and need to mend their ways. Why do you keep persisting on blaming foreign governments and even dead empires for the crimes committed by and in the name of the Indian State? What has the dead Roman and British Empires got to do with the genocidal pogroms against the Sikhs instigated, carried out, sponsored, approved, sanctioned, covered up and to this day defended by the Indian State (its politicians from all parties, its police and judiciary are all guilty of failing their sacred duty as much as the mobs encouraged, armed and given free reign to murder Sikhs with impugnity). As for the American Empire we wouldn’t even know some of the facts of these atrocities if we didn’t have the Snowden leaks about what American intelligence was picking up from its embassy in Delhi in 1984 about how much of the violence was orchestrated by Rajiv Ghandi’s party. And again for the British Empire you wish to pass the buck onto – it is thanks to their 30 year release policy of cabinet papers that we know that Indira Gandhi traitorously asked a foreign and former imperial power for military assistance in attacking Darbar Sahib more than six months before it happened (contradicting Indian army who said they had to do Operation Bluestar because time was so pressing). Where is the Indian Empire’s policy towards releasing governmental papers? They burn them and lose them and march into the museum and library of Darbar Sahib to loot its relics to try and rewrite Sikh history

  14. Not to worry.
    It will call it a Genocide in 50 years from now.
    It is hard to accept your mistakes and presume a high moral ground.

    • Justice delayed is justice denied. Recognising that the anti SIkh pogrom was a state sanctioned genocide should not take 50 YEARS to be recognised in a civilised democratic country when both Rwanda and Bosnia were able to recognise genocides committed in their countries within a decade.

      • One will most likely not be getting a Justice or at the maximum a Perfunctory one.
        An apology may come through in 50 years .
        The only option is RESURRECTION in every street ,village , City ,Nation , Planet ,Galaxies and Parallel Universes of the world.
        For prevention of a repeat Genocide -4 become law abiding citizens in which ever country you decide to live in.

      • An apology in fifty years is meaningless gesture as all the culprits and their victims will long be dead – which I suspect is what you are intending as that will also entail little publicity and soul searching of the nation’s conscience for the crimes committed in her name. If we put aside that you have no compassion or desire to see justice given to those victims now try to think about the victims of other communal genocides and massacres that have been (Gujrat, Bombay etc) committed since 1984 and will be committed in the future. These were all avoidable if the precedent had been set in the wake of 1984 that India will not tolerate murder against its religious minorities but instead the mixed message of collective punishment was given to the Indian people and that somehow there are circumstances where ‘Kristallnacht’ orgies of violence and mayhem (rape, murder, looting, scalping, burning etc) against minorities will be both tolerated and brushed over. Resurrection is not a Sikh concept but a Christian one so is again nonsensical for you to raise although I understand you do so to try and muddy the waters.

      • 1984. was a conspiracy between the Indian Regime. Of 1984 and the Empire to De- Sikhify India for the throne of India.
        India is a vassal state run by the Empire by an constution written under its watchful eyes.
        Resurrection is not only a christian concept but a Universal concept.
        Sikhs have great respect for Lord Jesus Christ .

      • Lord Jesus Christ? I am afraid you are mixing up the appelation Lord with what you call your Lord Ram. The Christians don;t call their saviour Lord Jesus Christ but refer to him as either Lord or Jesus. Either way Sikhs only respect Jesus (and Muhammed and any other religious prophet) in that we do not wish to injure the feelings of believers and followers of that faith. We don;t respect Jesus as I think you are trying to allude to because we believe in Jesus as we certainly do not believe in his virgin birth, the holy trinity which states that Jesus was God immanent in human form or indeed his resurrection or notions of the Devil or genesis anymore than we believe in your Lord Ram and his Hindu pantheon of deities. WE can and do respect Christian, Muslim and Hindu sentiment and will protect your right to believe in anything you want to (so long as it does not interfere with the human rights of others) but we don;t accept those faiths doctrinal precepts and very often find them antithetical to Sikh teaching (e.g. in Jesus case the idea that he is God in human form on the earth). Sikhs do not believe in the christian concept of resurrection as we do not believe in afterlife but rather in karma and a circle of endless birth, death and rebirth form which we are trying to escape to merge back into Waheguru’s grace. Also Sikhs are perfectly law abiding and I take grave exception to try and paint us otherwise as if to somehow trump up a justification for committing abuses and persecution against us. Your delusional EMPIRE of course exists only in your imagination (which is very active as you believe in fanciful notions of gods, demons and fantastical beasts) no matter how many times you try to foist such an immature idea on Sikhs. If you really truly believe India is no more than a vassal state under the watchful eyes of your delusional Empire then you are ironically making the case for Sikhs to strike out on their own rather than be part of a slave mind state. I don’t think your RSS paymasters would approve of that.
        Resurrection is not only a christian concept but a Universal concept.
        Sikhs have great respect for Lord Jesus Christ .

      • ‘Resurrection is not only a christian concept but a Universal concept.
        Sikhs have great respect for Lord Jesus Christ’ – this last bit form my previous response was from copying and pasting your comment. Just to clarify Sikhs respect Christians who want to believe in Jesus but we as Sikhs don’t believe He was God in human form, virgin birth, holy trinity or resurrection. He is not our ‘Lord’ anymore than your ‘Lord Ram’ as we don’t subscribe to either Christian or Hindu theology which have concepts contrary to Sikh teaching about Waheguru. You can believe what you wish and there is no fault in that but you can’t mishmash different religions to somehow try to give them all muddy watered equal legitimacy. Christians example could never accept the pagan theology of Hinduism so ‘Lord’ Jesus Christ is not comparable with your ‘Lord’ Ram.

    • RSS Haridner / Harish Sharma hypocritically and cynically writes justification and denail for the genocide of SIkhs but his true anti-Sikh prejudice is revealed in his posting on December 9, 2016 to a story called ‘Captain Amarinder Singh Dubs Moga rally as ‘Badal Bachao Rally’ ( where he wrote Harinder December 10, 2016 at 7:02 am: ‘Sikhs have moved on from the Genocide -3. God bless all those who did the Genocide.’ GOD BLESS ALL THOSE WHO DID THE GENOCIDE. He blesses the likes of Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath.

  15. It’s just not Congress who was spearheading the roots but it was also partnered by BJP and RSS, other wise why no action during BJP government of Vajpayee and even now it’s an eye wash SIT appointed by Modi government, which we all know nothing is going to come out of this SIT. Even the judiciary is hopeless, when rights of sikhs and Muslims are concerned. Media and police, of course is a heavily biased against sikhs. It’s worst than living in British ruled India.


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