Supreme Court issues verdict against Punjab on SYL-Canal issue

NEW DELHI—In a major setback to Punjab, the Supreme Court of India today gave its verdict in favour of Haryana on Satluj-Yamuna Canal issue. Quashing the Punjab Termination of Agreement Act-2004 (passed by Punjab assembly in 2004), Constitution bench of Justice Anil R. Dave said that the Punjab state doesn’t possess the rights to pass just judgement on its own.


The court answered in negative all the questions raised before it through presidential reference under Article 143 of the Constitution, stating that the Punjab water Law is unconstitutional. Following the court order, the Centre will take over the canal and continue the construction work on it.

Resignation tendered by PPCC head Captain Amarinder Singh
Resignation tendered by PPCC head Captain Amarinder Singh

In a quick response to SC verdict, Head of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Captain Amarinder Singh resigned from MP post from Amritsar Sahib Constituency from where he was elected in May 2014. Also, all the Congress legislators of Punjab assembly have resigned in protest of the SC verdict against Punjab.

Captain Amarinder Singh has alleged that the Badal government did not make a strong case in court, which led to the Supreme Court order that is against the interests of Punjab.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Badal has called an emergency meeting of Cabinet Ministers at Chandigarh to deliberate upon the future course of action. Interacting with media, Sukhbir Badal ensured that the Punjab government won’t let go even a single drop of water to Haryana.  “We will announce our next step after thoroughly discussing the SC verdict,” he added.  

Rubbishing the allegations leveled by PPCC head Captain Amarinder Singh, Sukhbir Badal termed the resignations tendered by Congress leaders as a drama. He said that the foundation laying ceremony of the SYL-Canal was carried out by Indira Gandhi and Punjab’s State Congress Chief Amarinder Singh had gone to receive her.

Co-Incharge of AAP affairs in Punjab MLA Jarnail Singh has said that the AAP was ready to make any sacrifice to defend the state interests.

Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar has warmly welcomed the SC verdict. He termed it as a belated but an absolute correct decision.

It may be recalled here that a five-judge constitution bench headed by Justice AR Dave, who is leaving office on November 18, had reserved the verdict on 12 May after the Centre maintained its earlier stand of 2004, that the states concerned should settle their disputes on the matter by themselves.


  1. Just reunite Haryana , Punjab , Himachal pardesh to over come this issue.
    Learn from Europe and Germany how to co exist peacefully.

    • Sikhs already co-exist peacefully with everybody as it is the foundation of their faith. You need to learn how to coexists peacefully with others – you can start with the Dalit.

    • Your points a) to e) are the entire description of of the Hinduvta taliban and its various arms, the RSS, BJP, Shiv Sena et al. You will lose your job exposing them so openly.

  2. Empire Forces in Nation are working systematically to put peaceful Punjab on fire again by
    1) Desecration of Guru Granth Sahib ji.
    2) Targeted killing of people in Punjab
    3) Holding of Sarbatt Khalsa inspite presence of SGPC and Akali dal
    4) Punjab and Haryana water confrontations
    5) Giving people into hyper religious mode
    Be care ful don’t turn Punjab into another Iraq ,Syria or Kashmir.
    Be careful of hyer religious or hyper Statist or hyper Nationalistic peoples..
    Don’t get provoked and live peacefully all over the Globe in which ever Nation you live in .
    Never forget that we have to leave this Earth and go to Space as in 4 billion year this earth is going to burn up.
    Transform the community into space faring people going to different planets ,Galaxies and parallel Universes.

    • Mad ramblings again from an apologist. As for SGPC and Akali Dal – they are man made parties from the 20th century, they have zero religious authority compared to the sarbat khalsa. The SGPC was itself formed as a consequence of a sarbat khalsa when Sikhs came together to condemn the mahants that had taken over the gurdwaras under Britishers auspices and turned them into personal money banks. the same has happened again with the SGPC being totally corrupt. The Akali Dal was once a panthic party but has itself openly stated it is no longer a Sikh panthic party. Both are heavily infiltrated by the RSS and no longer have any credibility – the fact that the Hinduvta taliban want them to continue is so you can try and control the Sikhs.

      • You need to understand how this world is run and who are its rulers .
        You also need to understand. the genesis of how genocides ,wars and civil wars are engineered.

      • You need to understand that every empire in human history has fallen and will fall. You need to understand as Martin Luther King said ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’ You need to understand as Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation said ‘First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’. You need to understand that as a Sikh I answer to Waheguru alone and have zero fear of anybody else because when my I wear the crown of a dastaar I am a king and there are no other rulers.

      • You are suffering from a obsession with RSS.
        RSS is hardly a major player in Indian politics.
        India is run by a conglomeration of smaller parties like SP, BSP,Janta dal, TDP, Akali Dal, National conference INLD ,AAP ,CPI and MNS.
        NDA is the reactionary out come of misrule of congress party..

      • The RSS is financially and politically supported by the current BJP Government, its political wing (think Sein Fein and the IRA such is their intimate relationship) so how can you so disingenously claim they are not major player in Indian politics?! They are actively involved in trying to undermine Sikh religion and have infiltrated the Akali Badal and SGPC to such an extent we now have murals of Hindu deities being painted on the walls of Durbar Sahib! You yourself are regularly posting on Sikh websites and news stories about Sikhs claiming to be a Sikh yet admitting your support for the RSS (which is antithetical in its beliefs and practices to the Khalsa) and claiming Sikhs believe in Hindu dieties and mythologies like the Ramayana which is part of the RSS narrative to try and falsely claim SIkhi is some offshoot branch of Hinduism. I have an obsession with justice and equality and will oppose who those who seek to abuse their positions of power to discriminate and persecute others.

      • RSS is hardly a organization running India.
        If it was so then Ramayan and Mahabharata would be its constitution.
        India is run and controlled by an constitution written under the guidance of British Empire.

  3. Just send the Brahmanical soch to other planets & galaxies, no jaat paat in India, every person is equally treated, justice for everyone, all people will love India. Politicians with Brahmanical soch will never do, they just devide & rule.

  4. I can say we need to have many Punjabs all over the world rather in every street ,village,city ,Nation ,planets ,galaxies and universes so that we can help Indian Punjab when ever it is in distress.

    • Yet when Punjabi Sikh NRIs come to attend Sarbat Khalsa in Indian Punjab to help when it is in distress you arrest and harass them with cooked up charges of sedition!

  5. It’s not Guru Sahib’s democracy where everyone is equal, it’s politics of majority. They will please only those people whom the brahman is fooling that you are Hindus & in majority & ruler is with them. Sikhs always fight for their rights & the brahman always remain with the rulers from centuries. If the farmer will suffer, business man will also suffer & India will also suffer. The rulers are trying to weaken sikhs, they are weakening India.

  6. Just on a experimental basis start as a semi union of three States.
    If all goes well merge the three states else one can go back to the existing position.
    Punjabi’s speak many languages these days from French ,German, Italian.
    So if few more languages get added to Punjab why do you feel so threatened.
    As for message of Guru Granth Sahib it ought to reach every nook and corner of world in the language they speak.
    So don’t get paranoid about re unification as no sky is gonna fall down.

    • ‘Reunification’? So you are prepared for the other states to go back to the way things were with them subject to Sikh egalitarian dominance – the Punjab in all its thousands of years of history never prospered more than under the Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit SIngh. No, of course not. You want only to dilute Sikh rights and to destroy our very language which is an integral part of Gurbani. Also only a wife who has no self respect would ever take back a husband who walked out on her and comes back into the former marital home only when he is homeless and in need. The Punjab is the SIKH HOMELAND and was previously a sovereign SIkh state and is OURS. The Punjabi Hindus have already walked away form Punjab taking land form it to form their own state of Haryana (in 1966 referendum) and the Punjabi Muslim has done the same in 1947 partition to form Pakistan. If you insist that the Sikhs in Punjab are not going to get their rights (and who are you to say that we are not – the white south african also were saying the blacks are being treated fairly and do not deserve any special recognition) then give them also democratic referendum that you already gave to Punjabi Hindus. You dont want to do that becuase you Sikhs will voice their grievances and then you cannot just keep ignoring them and saying there are no grievances. You are threatening the integrity of my country by disciminating against and persecuting my people. IN both cases of South Africa and Burma the unjust governance had to yield to the sustained pressure of justice for all its people and not just those favoured by the ruling elite.

    • The majority population in PUnjab are Sikhs. The Majority language of Punjab – hint, clue is in title of the state – is Punjabi. But don’t let those historical and present day FACTS get in the way if it means Sikhs assert their democratic rights. This reunification ploy to circumvent riparian convention and dilute Sikhs politically in their own homeland isn’t fooling anyone and you’d quickly withdraw such a suggestion when it would lead the Sikhs of Punjab being given a vote / referendum on self determination. After all the Hindus of Punjab set the precedent in 1966 when they had the same referendum on self determination and voted to secede from Punjab to create Haryana and forsake Punjabi language for Hindi language in the first place. Also within this suddenly proposed ‘reunification’ what is going to be the language of PUnjab – is it still going to be Punjabi (which Punjabi Hindus abandoned to make Haryana in 1966) or will you make Hindi the language? The Punjabi language is also totally linked with the Gurmukhi that the Bani contained within Guru Granth Sahib is written in. Perhaps you will change the name of Punjab as well – after all by the time you are done with it won’t be land of five rivers but rather land of a couple of canals. Only one state in European union does all the big decisions and that happens to be Germany (so they got their way even without Hitler) clearly demonstrating what happens to the smaller partners in such unions and which would happen to Sikh homeland of Punjab if it were wrestled into submission by neighbouring Hindu majority States. As for killing our language well it is well known that for you to take away a people’s identity you need to get rid of the indigenous language – ask the Scots, the Welsh and Irish about what happened to their native tongues of Gaelic. Also you have the very real issue of giving referendum to Punjabis about ‘reunification’ which centres around self-determination or are you simply proposing that the Punjabis be subject to a shotgun wedding now and have no choice other than to take back Haryana 50 years after it seceded voluntarily by vote? Hardly democratic or equitable to the Punjab.

    • It is not beyond your understanding, you know perfectly well your suggestion is a deeply cynical plan to dilute power of Sikhs by then saying Sikhs in Punjab are no longer the majority even within their own homeland. Plus of course you create a legal technicality to get around the abuse of riparian law by saying ‘hey, look we are no longer diverting water from Punjab it is just being relocated within greater Punjab’. The Sikh homeland of Punjab would still be bereft of its water leading to further degradation of Sikh farmers lands. Also within this suddenly proposed ‘reunification’ what is going to be the language of PUnjab – is it still going to be Punjabi (which Punjabi Hindus abandoned to make Haryana in 1966) or will you make Hindi the language? Perhaps you will change the name of Punjab as well – after all by the time you are done with it won’t be land of five rivers but rather land of a couple of canals. You are not sharing water when you are diverting it away from Punjab’s farmlands rendering them useless after thousands of years to lands which do not naturally have rich farmland. The Punjab was breadbasket of India for decades and we can continue to feed the rest of India only if we keep our own resources which are essential to health and economy of our land. You think Modi would allow Gujrat to give up its precious natural resources to anyone?

  7. Do you think Kashmir will unite with Punjab.,HP and Haryana.
    You are an optimist.
    If Sikhs can stay in different parts of world .
    Then surely they can stay in United states of Punjab ,Hsrysna and Himachal

    • As you are not a Sikh ironically you may not be aware that when you say ‘Answer is Reunification of all Punjab, HP and Harayana and may be even Kashmir you are going a long way to reconstitute the territories of Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s ‘Khalsa Raj’. Reviving memories and public awareness of his Sikh Empire will make it harder for the Hinduvta agenda to dilute and adulterate Sikh identity which draws a lot of its strength from its history as well as spiritual faith. So let’s reunify as you want and therefore reconstitute the Khalsa Raj with the Sikhs ruling as they did when they last owned all these lands under the Sikh Empire when both Hindus and Muslims were very content to live under Sikh auspices as we have a clear historical precedent set by Maharajah Ranjit SIngh who was both a pious Sikh and a secular minded Sovereign as the two characteristics go together. Sikhs are not going to be ruled in their own homeland by non Sikhs and that includes the likes of Badal and anyone else who wears a turban and beard but abandons Sikh principles. Also the constituent parts of Great Britain are separate countries – Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England – which have their own national assemblies as well as a UK Parliament. Those assemblies have the power to set their own laws as can clearly be seen in Scotland which even has a Scottish Pound and education system and recently enjoyed a referendum to stay or leave the union. Still want the Sikhs in Punjab to enjoy such liberalism and freedom to express their identity? Didn’t think so. . BY riparian convention acknowledged the world over the Punjab is perfectly within its rights to hang onto to its own water as that is essential to the well being of its centuries old agrarian society. The people of Haryana were separated by the democratic will of the Punjabi Hindus who did not want to be a part of Punjab anymore either geographically, religion or language and seceded by referendum in 1966. But now FIFTY YEARS later they want our water. We can share but NOT to the extremes that have been taken thus far with canals literally bleeding us dry. Without Punjabi people’s express consent that kind of misappropriation is akin to theft.

  8. Another attempt to wipe out the Sikh community. It doesn’t matter to them in doing this if they kill few of their own. as long as Sikhs are wiped out. What a mind set. Harinder before you start preaching which model to follow. see what have you written . Why only Jammu and not Kashmir. Because Muslims are not your brothers.

  9. The best answer to this problem is re unification of Punjab ,Haryana,Himachal and may be Jammu.
    Division of people makes brother fight brothers.
    It has no benifiet except fulfilling egos.
    We need to follow EU or Germany or USA model of reunification.

    • There is a misconception that Punjab has abundant river water which is totally false. ‘The rivers of Punjab have a total of 28.5 M. A. F. water. Rajasthan takes away 11.2 M.A.F. of the Punjab river waters (8.6 M.A.F. through the Rajasthan Canal, 1.5 M.A.F. through the Bhakra Canal and 1.1 M.A.F. through the Bikaner Canal). And, Haryana has been allotted 7.83 M.A.F. (4.33 M.A.F. goes from the Satluj through the Bhakra Canal. Besides this, 1.62 M.A.F. out of 3.5 M.A.F. alloted from the Ravi-Beas system also runs through the Bhakra canal. The remaining 1.88 M.A.F. is a bone of contention. (Over and above this, Haryana takes 5.6 M.A.F. from the Yamuna and also uses the entire 1.1 M.A.F. water of the Ghaggar.) Punjab is left with 9.47 M.A.F. Most people do not know that Haryana gets more water than Punjab, although it has less area than Punjab. (Punjab has 50362 sq. kilo metres of area while Haryana has 44212 sq.kilo metres.) It may also be pointed out that according to Helsinky Rules 1966 and the Indian Constitution (Entry 17 of List ii under Seventh Schedule), Punjab, as the riparian state, is entitled to the entire water of its rivers.’ ‘European Unification’ were ideals held by Napoleon and Hitler. If you are talking about ‘ever closer political union’ that is not agreed to by everyone in Europe (The UK has just recently made it clear that they will NEVER accept this and held a Brexit referendum where their people voted to leave the European Union because it badly needed reform because it was bypassing the democratic sovereignty of member states) and you can see the strain with both the Euro (Greek bailouts which would lead to domino effect of Italy and Portugal falling out of monetary union) and the asylum seeker migration issue which has led to the closed borders and a serious suggestion that the Schengen Agreement (which abolished the EU’s internal borders other than for countries which opted out such as the UK) will have to be abandoned. In truth only one state in European union does all the big decisions and that happens to be Germany (so they got their way even without Hitler) clearly demonstrating what happens to the smaller partners in such unions and which would happen to Sikh homeland of Punjab if it were wrestled into submission by neighbouring Hindu majority States. As for killing our language well it is well known that for you to take away a people’s identity you need to get rid of the indigenous language – ask the Scots, the Welsh and Irish about what happened to their native tongues of Gaelic. There is nothing ‘extremist’ about wanting to protect your own language and I resent you stating that such an aspiration is somehow extremist as it is essential to one’s identity and in the case of Sikhs you are talking about a religious language with Gurmukhi in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji is written. No doubt you would prefer all the Saroops to be only in Hindi then you could slip ‘truth’ of ramayana into them too. Under NO circumstances are you going to divide Sikh homeland of Punjab any further or renaming it nor are you going to emasculate it by conjoining it with peoples of other States to give them a veto over Sikh affairs. As for German reunification you do know that was between East Germany and West Germany reuniting Germanic peoples? The analogue now would be to reunite Punjabis from Pakistani East Punjab and Indian West PUnjab. Do you want to do that? Didn’t think so. The best thing to do then is to leave the Sikhs alone and stop pernicious and cynical interference in their internal affairs. Only an idiot pulls at the mane of a sleeping lion.


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